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  1. I actually found when I turn off the avionics the stutters stop. Do you think that might cause the problem?
  2. I'm using Carenado XL560 and I'm suffering weird stuttering.Frame rate is good but the simulation stops for a short time and move again. I'll post a video link. Also I found it happens when the avionics are on. Video starts after 36 seconds
  3. This is video, please watch after 36s
  4. Hi, I purchased XL560 today and I’m having very tiny stuttering. It freezes for very short amount of time and then move again. It seems very minor issue but very annoying. Does anyone have same issue or know any way to fix it? Thanks
  5. I tried to use on FS2020, it works but whenever I open LNM, FS2020 Stuttering.
  6. Hi, I am playing P3D v5 and I suddenly get 18fps. I did removed P3D.CFG and all other stuff that I can find on internet. Specs
  7. Thanks for respond. I found the problem. I set P3D to excluded one sorry.
  8. Scenery database is not loading https://ibb.co/LZRgSPm
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