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  1. I was worried that the icon for EF would appear in the notification area of the taskbar before it had fully loaded. But having just tried this option this appears not to be the case
  2. I haven't tried that option. Do you mean EFs "mini-UI" menu (which normally appears once you've started a flight) or the full Environment Force configuration window? If it's the latter, and you choose not to dispay the main EF window, how do you verify that EF is fully loaded before launching P3D?
  3. Yes! This order is really important. When EF was first released I was attempting to launch it via FSUIPC and this caused lots of shader and CTD issues for me. So the execution order is: 1) run EF (and ensure it fully loads with it's UI window displayed) 2) run P3D. Fly! 3) exit P3D (I always ensure P3D.exe is no longer running in memory as it takes many seconds to fully terminate after all its UI elements have closed) 4) only once P3D is fully closed should you exit EF using the “red cross” to close its UI window (using ALT-F4 wasn't adequate in my experience as EF responded to generated SIGINTs by only closing the UI but not actually gracefully terminating it’s resident process in memory which required a SIGKILL to clear).
  4. Hi Oliver, I've encountered a number of problems with b13. The issue with scenery.cfg entries not activating is partially resolved (it works in some groups and not others) and new userinterface issues have appeared that cause groups to expand even though their "+" button was not clicked. I'll try and describe these issues in more detail in a followup post to this one.
  5. Thanks for b13.... I’ll be able to give it a test tomorrow. Cheers, Peter
  6. Yes - strict package law is On
  7. Hi Oliver, I seem to have solved my problem with layers not auto-renumbering. I believe the trick was to first ensure all scenery entries were active. I think trying to reorder my library whilst some areas were deactivated confused the renumbering algorithm? Some other observations from 1.43 b12: If I use "Activate all groups" then all the selected XML entries activate, but NOT the selected scenery.cfg entries. I have to manually activate the scenery.cfg entries in the Scenery tab The Export Scenery function is producing an html listing which incorrectly shows deactivated/red addon.xml scenery layers as green/active. (Deactivated scenery.cfg layers are listed correctly.) I've also occasionally experienced weird behavior when trying to move an entry in the Scenery Library using the up/down buttons. Instead of moving the node one position at a time it may instead jump to a totally different part of the Scenery Library: expanding the node reveals its layer number is far out of range of its new adjacent scenery entries. If I click Save then P4AO seems to perform a visual refresh of the library which will then display the rogue layer correctly positioned within the Library. Initially I thought this behaviour was due to my duplicate layer numbers but I’ve seen it occur since I’ve managed to resequence my Library. Cheers, Peter.
  8. Hi, I'm using 1.43 b12 with auto layer numbering and strict package law enabled. After Orbx Central 4 messed up my scenery library I now have it mostly back in order thanks to P4AO. There are only a few sceneries still out of place. But I can't reliably move them to precisely where I want as they jostle other sceneries drastically out of position. I believe this is due to numerous duplicate layer numbers in my scenery library (despite auto numbering being enabled). I noted your advice to another user in a previous thread where you suggested moving a duplicate scenery layer up/down so that the auto numbering should correct itself. Unfortunately, the layer numbers are not resequencing when I try this. This problem is most prevalent at the bottom of my scenery library. Scenery Export: https://www.dropbox.com/s/fntf8idaaea008v/SceneryExport.html?dl=0 Config Backup: https://www.dropbox.com/s/s5vc74bhtec131m/Addon_Configuration_Backup_P3DV4_20190817174648.zip?dl=0
  9. This is precisely my experience too
  10. Yes! Sadly 😢 I encountered the problems noted above whilst I was using P4AO to clean up the... "disorder"... Orbx Central 4 had created in my scenery library. One of the three "FTX EU ENG 05 Scenery" entries (the add-on.xml's for Scotland, Wales and England all have one) was apparently causing an inability to activate/deactivate all scenery entries below itself. This entry also stubbornly refused to be moved by the up/down buttons on the P4AO scenery tab I discovered I could move it by manually editing its scenery layer number... and doing so simultaneously resolved the problem with activating/deactivating lower scenery entries. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  11. Hmmm. I just repositioned the FTX EU ENG 05 Scenery entry in position #51 of the treelist by editing its properties and typing in a new layer number (I had to do this because using the Up/Down buttons had no effect on this entry!) And now everything seems to be working fine! I can again double click any item in the treelist to activate/deactivate it! Yay!
  12. Ok.... My description of the problem on the Scenery tab is incomplete... ... I CAN in fact successfully double-click to activate/deactivate entries in the Addon Organiser treelist from the top down to entry #51 which happens to be an FTX EU ENG 05 Scenery add-on xml component (Orbx have three of these entries with the same name!). For the several hundred entries below item #51 I cannot double-click to activate/deactivate!
  13. Hi, I just installed 1.43b11 and I'm finding that double-clicking on entries in the Scenery tab no longer activates/deactivates entries (both scenery.cfg and add-on.xml) On the Groups tab I can only activate/deactive by clicking in a group's box and selecting "Activate/Disable all groups"... but I can't double-click on a group as I could previously.
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