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  1. paj

    Pauses Finally Cured?

    Is this the Flight1 or RealityXP GTN?
  2. paj

    Microsoft voices in P2A

    FYI - I had been wondering why the Neuber voices mentioned above sounded familiar... It turns out their installer ( is just a simple (but elegant) front end that downloads and installs the Microsoft Speech Platform version 11 languages, which can also be done manually from here Neuber voices are Microsoft voices. Cheers Peter
  3. ? If you don't manually supply PF3 with sid/star information for each airport/runway (i.e. procedure names, runways, MAp altitudes, airport specific transition altitudes and minimum FAF altitudes) then PF3 simply announces "cleared as filed, Delta-Papa departure" and "cleared to final for Sierra-Tango approach". (It may not be obvious but delta-papa is PF3s abbreviation for "departure procedure" and by sierra-tango it means "standard terminal"). I mostly fly IFR and I find this non-standard phraseology particularly jarring and it ruins my sense of immersion. I didn't say you "had to use Randomiser for departures, arrivals or departures (sic)". I said you will need Randomiser to "implement dynamic arrivals, departures and parking". The SimRandomiser freeware utility allows PF3 to vary the chance of: vectoring vs procedures, selection of SIDs/STARs and changing airline-based selection of gates.
  4. Yes and no. Pilot2ATC reacts to any AI traffic that is visible to FSUIPC, which includes UTL traffic. It will provide you with traffic advisory alerts when airborne and on runway crossings etc. But it won't speak to AI or control it. Instead Pilot2ATC recommends use of generic prerecorded ATC "chatter" files or turning on P3Ds ATC solely for its AI chatter capability.
  5. A few points: PF3 is the only current ATC program that lacks support for Navigraph/NavDataPro AIRAC data. PF3 therefore doesn't have predefined support for SIDs/STARs and requires the user to manually enter details for each airport/runway and use a freeware 3rd party randomiser tool to implement dynamic arrivals, departures and parking. The use of prerecorded voices means that when you supply the name of a charted procedure it can't be spoken by PF3 but must be spelt letter by letter. Whilst I see the abstracted nature of SIDS/STARs in PF3 as a significant limitation of the program, others find it in fact provides some flexibility and avoids version conflicts between P3D, add-on scenery and airacs. For people who like voice recognition, PF3 can be used with the product Multi Crew Experience (MCE) to allow voice interaction with ATC. Conversely, if you struggle with voice recognition, Pilot2ATC now has a context sensitive menu interface which allows you to avoid voice commands. Uniquely, Pilot2ATC will work not only with P3D/FSX but with XPlane too. Pilot2ATC is updated much more frequently than any other ATC program - at least monthly. PF3 also receives regular updates - roughly quarterly. ProATC/X now seems to only get one update a year but it's moderately substantial. VoxATC looks to me to be nearly as dead as RC4 with its only update in the past year being quite minor with long standing bugs left unfixed. Cheers Peter J
  6. I recall NickN posting extensively on SimForums about the importance of RAM. His “FSX Bible” had a chapter devoted to memory, it’s selection and configuration.
  7. paj

    Adding voices: SAPI5 only? Sources?

    Hi Bill, I thought Speech2Go was merely an application for loading text content and it in turn required 3rd party SAPI voices (such as Ivona and Nuance which, like Speech2Go, are also sold by Harpo)? Cheers, Peter
  8. paj

    PC keeps restarting mid flight

    I agree with previous posters who have suggested the cause might be an unstable CPU overclock or PSU. Have you tried taking P3D out of the equation and confirmed your cpu can pass a stress test (Prime95, LinX, RealBench etc) without faulting?
  9. paj

    Black patches 4.2

    Slait... I too had night textures appearing during the day in the mountains north of LOWI. I found my options for LOWI were incorrectly set to “Orbx Global is installed” rather than “Orbx Germany South is installedl”. Changing this one setting in the Orbx LOWI control panel fixed the black textures for me.
  10. Many thanks for the confirmation Pete. I love FSUIPC and use it to manage the functionality of my Saitek x52 joystick.
  11. Ahh thanks Rossco. That’s good to know. And that’s with P3D4 right? I wonder why the Logitech SetPoint software which may mouse uses isn’t working? Maybe I need to buy a Logitech gaming mouse. But it’s also worrying the standard Microsoft mouse driver combined with XButtonControl didn’t work for me in P3D either.
  12. No, the mouse isn’t listed as a controller within FSUIPC and you can’t press a mouse button and assign a key press to it. FSUIPC doesn’t do much with mice. It’s instead focused on joysticks. It has a mouselook function (mapped only to the middle wheel button). You can also use LUA scripts with FSUIPC to generate virtual mouse clicks and movements within the cockpit.
  13. Thanks for that suggestion. I do have the paid version of fsuipc. But i thought it only allowed functions to be assigned to joystick buttons: not mouse buttons?
  14. Thanks for the response Adrian. So the buttons to which you have assigned key-presses in the Logitech software definitely work in P3Dv4? My mouse is a 7 button Logitech business mouse. So whilst I can’t use the Logitech gaming mouse software it’s Logitech SetPoint mouse software also allows assigning key presses to buttons. This works fine for me in every program... except P3D!
  15. Has anyone been able to successfully assign P3D functions (such as mouse-look [space], flaps [F6 F7] and zoom/increment [ - + ] etc) to mouse buttons, particularly buttons 4, 5 or above? It is easy to assign key presses to mouse buttons using, say, the Logitech mouse driver or with the default Windows mouse driver if using utilities like XMouseButtonControl. I can confirm that all such custom mouse keys mappings are working by pressing the mouse buttons in other programs (such as Word, Chrome etc) and observing characters being "typed". But in P3D (4.x) these key-mapped mouse buttons stop working. It appears P3D is overriding and ignoring all externally defined mouse button functionality. I didn’t have this problem with FSX. Many thanks Peter. (Win 10, P3D4.1)