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    Airplanes and cars and our 2 dogs.

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    RW flying experience: ASEL and AMEL, Commercial pilot instrument rated.
    CFII. 950 hours ASEL and 50 hours AMEL. Stopped flying in 1994 but have enjoyed flightsimming since 1996.

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  1. Good choice. I bought this monitor 2 months ago and it is really good. Quality build and I love the 2560X1440 resolution. I came from a 1080p 40 inch TV to this and I don't miss the 8 inch but love the sharpness of this one. PS: Just saw Jimmy RFR respond this also - touche.
  2. Yes. type in the dep/arr airport again on the route page. That clears all route planning.
  3. I just experienced the exact same thing as you describe after having the NGX running 1 year without a glitch. I was mildly shocked and wondering what has happened: I just installed new controls from Saitek and had it working in the default planes using FSUIPC to set it all up. After setling down i restarted my PC and it worked again and I could start setting up controls in the NGX with FSUIPC. I think too that maybe activation has failed and then the plane does not lod the gauges and nothing work.
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