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    Airplanes and cars and our 2 dogs.

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    RW flying experience: ASEL and AMEL, Commercial pilot instrument rated.
    CFII. 950 hours ASEL and 50 hours AMEL. Stopped flying in 1994 but have enjoyed flightsimming since 1996.
  1. Good choice. I bought this monitor 2 months ago and it is really good. Quality build and I love the 2560X1440 resolution. I came from a 1080p 40 inch TV to this and I don't miss the 8 inch but love the sharpness of this one. PS: Just saw Jimmy RFR respond this also - touche.
  2. Michael63

    My First Post: Joystick Versus Yoke

    Have had the Saitek Cessna Yoke and rudder pedals for 2 years and would never go back to a Yoke not even to fly the Airbus. Still works solid after 2 years wear and tear daily.
  3. Michael63

    Black smoke effects

    Do you have the latest FSUIPC installed? I had the same issue and found a thread mentioning that the Immersion package requires FSUIPC to work. I installed the latest version which fixed the black smoke.
  4. Michael63

    I Want I Want I Want

    Agree right there. And that is with overhead and TQ also.
  5. Michael63

    RTWR 2015 Recruitment

    Fellow racers. I am sorry to announce that I am not able to attend this years RTWR. RW commitments means that I'm not available the coming weekends and the 21st and 22nd of next month. I hope you have enough racers and will be able to continue the winning streak from the last to years. I hope to join in on teamspeak on Monday and Tuesday to see your progress. . Best of luck to you all.
  6. Michael63

    Saitek Throttle, PMDG, and FSUIPC Axis Delta

    I found this to be the best setting also. All other options caused issues with both NGX and 777. Also using reversers with throttle switch control causes issues.
  7. Michael63

    Just Purchased NGX - Latest Version?

    Happy New Year Glenn. Latest version is SP1c. You can DL it from the website and install on top of your base installer. Good luck with your new plane. It is one of the best planes ever made for FSX. It won't let You down. Remember to get the latest Navigraph airac cycle for the FMC.
  8. Michael63

    What is Steam.

    Another LOL. Steam has no benefit for any serious flight simmers. I actually thought it was spyware and removed it from my PC years ago.
  9. It is never a good idea to upgrade your RAM by adding new sticks. Will often give instability and BSOD. RAM is very sensitive and must be from the same batch to work together. If You want to upgrade to 16 GB buy new sticks and less is best. 2x8 work better than 4x4.
  10. Michael63

    01DEC14 - Welcome to the PMDG Team...

    Congratulation with the appointment Kyle. You were the first name that came to my mind when Robert announced the position this fall. I love your straight forward approach and sometimes long explanations here.
  11. Michael63

    Only Engine 2 won't start

    All above is correct. N2 % between 20-25 will work and the engines can be started with ISOL valve in AUTO Position. One thing missing in Kyle's list as no. 3 is APU Bleed ON.
  12. Michael63

    Any one have FTX Globel Base?

    FTX Global is a must but FTX Vector still creates all kinds of texture anomolies and elevation issues with 3rd party add on airports. If you get some LC for the world like Scenery Tech together with FTX Global the world looks much better in my opinion. I don't own UTX but I believe it includes LC and can be configured to work with FTX Global.
  13. Michael63

    rex texture direct worthy ?

    I have REX Essential OD and paid $3,99 for the P3D upgrade. Fast and painless install into P3D. The cloud, sky, sun, taxiways, runways and water enhancements after installation just blew me away. Default P3D didn't look right to me but REX and FTX Global really made it a gamechanger.
  14. Michael63

    PMDG 777 Reverse thrust bug

    +1. I can chime in here with the same behavior noticed. The real plane can activate the reversers after speedbrakes have been deployed before the nosewheel touches the ground.
  15. I am sure You can have both installed and fly around the City in a default Cessna without having an OOM. But flying into KLGA from FlyTampa KBOS in the NGX is a gamble.