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  1. All my FSX and ORBX stuff is on SSD and i also still get the 6% upon loading and a long wait time. I do have Simstarter NG, does disabling scenery that i don't use worth doing? Wondering if SSD use is really that more beneficial.
  2. Not so much need for tweaking these days. I'm sure most of us have decent rigs now. I don't run any now compared to some years ago with my old PC. Though it could be frustrating it was sort of a hobby in itself then.
  3. I'm sure once Chaseplane is released we will see some EZCA action. Competition and all that ; )
  4. Ok then i've installed airport along with Photoreal with FTX active too. Photoreal blends ok, not brilliant, some roads, fields etc out of alignment but on the whole, as a package using these three add-ons it looks pretty darn good on my system. Good work by all. Love the Aussie stuff! : ) Once extracted, You should create a Gold Coast YBCG folder with the Scenery & Texture folders within, then add it too your Add-On folder. Start FSX and go to scenery library. Click add a scenery. Add it to the list. Place it in an appropiate position in your library. Then go fly. Thats what i do anyway. Seems to work ok.
  5. Not tryed it yet but does it still work ok with FTX as well? The photoreal i mean.
  6. Thanks for the HU. Downloading now. Great to see some Aussie stuff : )
  7. Now the FSX version is out this is just a reminder :P Really enjoying this aircraft at the moment and would be pleased to see this one done.
  8. Hello All Being a paid up user now of MCE i'm in early stages of testing things whilst using and i am still getting the issue of F/O not telling me his name when asked and giving me the 'My name is i'm pleased to be flying with you today' sort of answer. Think i read that it should have been solved in later updates. I'm running Thanks.
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