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  1. All my FSX and ORBX stuff is on SSD and i also still get the 6% upon loading and a long wait time. I do have Simstarter NG, does disabling scenery that i don't use worth doing? Wondering if SSD use is really that more beneficial.
  2. Not so much need for tweaking these days. I'm sure most of us have decent rigs now. I don't run any now compared to some years ago with my old PC. Though it could be frustrating it was sort of a hobby in itself then.
  3. I'm sure once Chaseplane is released we will see some EZCA action. Competition and all that ; )
  4. When this happened to me some time back i deleted my Shader/Shader10 files in AppData/Local/Microsoft/FSX. Start up FSX let it rebuild those files and it was back to normal.
  5. I don't fly the choppers but the local circuit issue is where i have had problems with this fault. Thanks for the info. Good to know its being looked at. I do think it would be a good idea if Tegwyn would respond to us on this Forum. It would be more reassuring. VoxATC is a good product but update & dev news would be welcome at times pinned in this section.
  6. I've not heard anything about a fix. Needs it though. I'm not using VoxATC at the moment. Dev doesn't respond here. Maybe an email to him might get it fixed. Might be worth a reinstall i suppose when i get round to it. I never had this problem with previous version. All that fails i will have to revert back to 6.05 if i still have it.
  7. Hmmm, i use Opus real weather too and i've yet to test these settings in heavy clouds. If it hits hard i will try using just 4XSSAA. As you say its a shame we don't have 2XSSAA with enabled Edge Detect giving us 6XSSAA : ( That could possibly be my sweet spot on this card HD6570. I did quite alot of testing yesterday using different settings and yes, SSAA is the way to go for a crisper, non shimmer environment. Always keeping the the balance between performance and IQ in mind though : ) Agree on Morphological setting. Tryed that once before and it does not suit FSX one bit. Flush Shader cache is good advice. i once had terrible performance overlooking ocean areas with FPS dipping. Deleted shader folder. Let FSX rebuild again on start up and issue gone. Reading your link makes sense. Thanks. : )
  8. Charles Like most of us i am interested in getting rid of the annoying shimmers that appear too often in FSX, So any setting suggested i will try it out, being mindful of any FPS impact and interference to my carefully balanced FSX settings ; ) I switched SFO to OFF and whilst using SSAA i find that it does the job. I find that keeping SSAA with Edge Detect12X is ok. Whats the opinion on using Edge Detect? Impact on performance seems negligible to me. I used to have MSAA active in CCC but really the FPS difference does not seem to change much using SSAA, surprisingly, perhaps a couple of FPS less. I recently reverted to using AF via FSX ( still not sure which is best method here as does not seem to do much difference for me either way. I'm using HD6570, probably less power than most on here. Anyhow, interesting settings you mention. Thanks for the info : )
  9. Nice to see some ATI interest here. My settings are similar too. I find it a good balance. I do have Surface Format Optimisation ON so will try with it off. Does it make that much difference then? ATI cards are not that bad for FSX. Not as bad as some would suggest anyway.
  10. Hmmmm, i'm getting this issue too. Tried all the usual options but ATC just ignores me. I can hear other traffic communicating with ATC and i also get 'last aircraft say again' if i only say part of the message. Wording also goes blue after i speak which usually suggest's its been transmitted but a deafly silence from the tower after. Something wrong here. I hope the Dev is aware of this.
  11. The Albatross D.III from A2A looks quite favorable to me. Seems to have good reviews and such a cheap price too. Seems like an update is due soon as well. Worth a look i'd say. Im interested. Any owners out there?
  12. Thanks for the links and info everyone. Some interesting stuff there. I forgot about the A2A factory line. Might look at that one. Mixed with abit of Accu-Feel might be quite good? It certainly fits the bill as being very old : )
  13. Thanks for that. i just popped over there myself earlier and saw that it was on sale. It would be good to hear of anyone who's used this aircraft. Looks abit cheap from the pics. Not as nice as those lovely Alabeo aircraft that are similar in price. But this must be one of the earliest aircraft out there & did it set any records? Cheers.
  14. Hmmm, there does not seem to be much available in the way of vintage aircraft from the very early years of flight. How about anything from 1910 - 1930 then? You know, the sort of aircraft that make the Piper Cub look advanced : )
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