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  1. James Bennett

    The Case for Remaining in the Loop

    Eh, people can use it however they want. I know i for one don't have much time at all to sim, maybe once a month, and i'm not going to use that time to plan my own route out! Far from feeling like i had to have as much realism in the planning and execution as possible, i now realise that it's more about just having fun with the sim regardless of how that's achieved.
  2. James Bennett

    Farewell to Flight Sim

    I'm also curious what you mean by problems with the area. I'm from Newcastle also and it isn't a huge distance away in terms of a global hobby and I can't derive the meaning from your post.
  3. James Bennett

    Words I need to share with our Community

    This is terrible news. May your days be peaceful, numbered or not.
  4. James Bennett

    Starting GE engines simultaneously

    I can't. Did it by accident ages ago ando got loads of EICAS alerts.
  5. James Bennett

    Problem with Localizer

    I might be missing something here but how do you confirm modes on the FMA? What even is the FMA? Wouldn't that be on the primary flight display?
  6. James Bennett

    How get rid of flaps warning sound?

    Operate them correctly and it won't happen?
  7. James Bennett

    Problem with Localizer

    Can't see this going well.
  8. James Bennett

    APU ON but engines OFF!

    Oh god please make it stop...
  9. James Bennett

    APU ON but engines OFF!

    What starter?
  10. James Bennett

    APU ON but engines OFF!

    None of this makes sense. The APU is started electrically from ground source, it then provides it's own bleed air and electrical power to other components in the aircraft. What's difficult about this?
  11. It works for me and has since day one. Not sure what you guys are doing wrong.
  12. James Bennett

    787 Development possibly?

    That's your opinion, it's not a definite statement, much like mine was.
  13. James Bennett

    787 Development possibly?

    Why should that matter? As a consumer, my viewpoint is that it is taking forever. I'm not a developer, so why would I look at it from their perspective?
  14. GFX card issue, check connections, clean dust, see if this helps.