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  1. Aren't RNAV approaches done in VNAV mode, not APP?
  2. I've seen reports of the Flight1 software wrapper coming up as a false positive.
  3. They're both fine for short haul flights but seriously lacking if you want to do intercontinental stuff.
  4. If it's still in warranty why don't you send it back? It's not performing as it should.
  5. Why is the speed at cruising/climb speed while the aircraft is on approach?

  6. Where are you based? I'll be geting mine later this week and would possibly consider swapping you the blue knob on mine for a black throttle knob?
  7. I had that and the uiautomationcore.dll fix seems to have solved it.
  8. The APPR button will follow the glideslope - you need to press it before you reach the glideslope. But it sounds to me like you are flying above the glideslope then trying to intercept it, you need to fly in below.
  9. Commercial Bombardier Dash 8 Boeing 737-400, 747-400 Airbus A319, A320 Private/Military Grob Tutor, G109
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