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  1. I might be missing something here but how do you confirm modes on the FMA? What even is the FMA? Wouldn't that be on the primary flight display?
  2. I've also always wondered about this. Every time i've had it explained to me i've missed the point entirely.
  3. Aren't RNAV approaches done in VNAV mode, not APP?
  4. Sometimes mine does this, the first time it did it I made sure I was using a route created with the right AIRAC to match the one I had installed in the plane, the second time It happened I updated my Microsoft visual basic runtime installations and it seemed to kill that odd behaviour. I think they were corrupted.
  5. For reference I have the saitek cessna yoke and get the issues you guys get.
  6. That's not how I interpreted it at all.
  7. I've been playing flight simulators for a decade now, I know what trimming is about and what it feels like/ how it works from a technical point of view. I have also flown real cessna aircraft several times and know what trim feels like on a real plane. Despite this flying the 777 it just doesn't feel right. Like I've said, if I trim on final approach, I have to maintain back pressure on the yoke and cannot feel the effect of trim until I release it. This is nothing like trimming in other FSX aircraft where you can feel trim feedback while you're applying pressure on the yoke. I feel like I'm guessing with this airplane, FBW trim ref indicator on or not. You're saying you don't see how I can have am issue, have you ever considered that certain hardware might be specific to the issue such as certain yokes or drivers etc? You may not be experiencing what we are. I don't mind at all, that's effectively what I've said in my support ticket. It's easy for people to see everyone who brings an issue up as a serial complainer due to one or two individuals making the same claim. I can assure everyone I'm not and I love the product, I'm just seeking to see whether this is behaviour I should be expecting or not. I actually had a very civilised and adult discussion via support ticket with Ryan who was very helpful and forthcoming.
  8. I seem to remember Kyle suggesting early on that you should fly the plane exactly like a cessna. Regardless of whether the 777 is programmed correctly or not, I cannot fly it like this.
  9. I actually submitted a support ticket before posting in here.
  10. Interesting topic here. I'm having trouble hand flying this bird. I too seem to have the issue of no trim being applied until controls are neutral input wise. This means when you trim you can't feel when you're in trim until you release the column to neutral, meaning you're guessing effectively. I have severe difficulty on approach and landing, it seems I can't get her in trim for landing even when I'm at a constant speed, I have to maintain back pressure on the yoke otherwise the nose drops, and trim isn't applied until a few seconds after neutralising the controls and therefore I've dipped out of the glideslope by miles. None of it feels intuitive like it should.
  11. I've seen reports of the Flight1 software wrapper coming up as a false positive.
  12. They're both fine for short haul flights but seriously lacking if you want to do intercontinental stuff.
  13. If it's still in warranty why don't you send it back? It's not performing as it should.
  14. Just had an 11 minute freeze today on my first ever flight in this bird. Fuel seems to burn even during the freeze. It's just as well I packed too much fuel in. Very annoying but I have had it with the NGX a few times too.
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