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  1. Anyone having issues logging in with your credentials with the Product REgistration? I an log into the website but the client doesnt allow me to...
  2. Hi all! I was about ready to place an order for the Obutto R3volution and some HOTAS accessories, but after looking at the forums, Reddit, sending an email to them to customer support to ask about a few things, I didn't know if they were still selling items- all of the posts are really old, so maybe its just a slow site. Anyhow, while I wait for a reply from them, can anyone recommend a comparable flightsim chair rig that supports the same items such as multiple monitors, an adjustable chair, speaker mounts, etc? If you have one can you recommend one? Thanks for any guidance you can provide! Trying to keep the budget under $2000...
  3. Where is the hotfix file located? My store account still has the previous version...
  4. Hi all! I picked up the Cessna 414 today and am really liking it! Anyone else see an issue where the Autopilot button wont activate? The FD, HDG, NAV, BC, ant ALT ones work but not AP- Anyone able to assist?
  5. P3D 5.1 has been out for some time now and I was wondering when there might be an update to make it fully functional?
  6. Having an issue with v1.4. When I run setup I get an error, "Application download did not succeed." Anyone else get this? I am running it as admin so it should work...
  7. no problem! I actually got in touch with Zach at RealSimGear and he was very helpful! We got it figured out and everything is working great! Thank you all for your input.
  8. BTW, I just noticed you are with RealityXP, not Realsimgear. I was referring to thier website not yours. Sorry about that.
  9. Sorry about that- thought this was the correct forum. The reason i even asked about phone support is that it was on your website...I;m just going to forget the whole thing as it seems I've struck a nerve apparently. Sorry to have bothered you and wasted your time...
  10. Hi there! sorry, i meant the GNS 530! The issue I am having is that the bezel buttons do not work. I think it may be the RealityXP configuration of not recognizing the RealsimGear interface. What I have working is the the RealityXP GNS in the Addons as well as the RealSimGear device interface which sees the bezel and knob inputs. I can slide the GNS display with the bezel turned off but since I cant operate the bezel buttons it doesnt work properly. I'm running P3D v4.5. Hopefully this can get me started in some troubleshooting discussion with you all! thanks!
  11. I purchased both the GNS 450 and GNS 550 to work with my RealityXP product. I'm having issues with getting the bezel keys to work. I would be happy to pay for support- all I want is a person to talk to and help me if possible. The 'World Class Support' link on your website only takes you to a sales page...
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