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  1. I figured out the cause - the squeaks weren't an engine noise but the brake sound! My pedals were giving a continuous tiny brake input which was triggering the sound repeatedly. Setting a dead zone fixed it.
  2. Just bought this. Flies nicely, but I'm getting this very annoying squeaky sound repeated every second or so - even if the engine is off. I don't hear that sound in the review video. Anyone else get this, or know how to fix it?
  3. FYI, you can improve framerates in the FBW A320 by switching off the first officer PFD and MFD (just turn the brightness dials down to zero).
  4. I'm pretty sure in the latest Q&A they said they'd made one particular optimization - I remember them talking about it in some detail, something to do with the point at which the main thread blocks for other threads. But they did say it would only result in an improvement on some systems.
  5. I am seeing a noticeable improvement. For example, in the Airbus I used to see 'limited by main thread' all the time, but now it only occurs rarely, eg at airports or over big cities. It will depend on your hardware setup though - I have an old CPU (i7-4770k) but a decent GPU (1080Ti). In the Q&A they pointed out that the optimization wouldn't result in an improvement for everyone.
  6. I have seen up- and downdraughts over terrain. There is a big one on the Sedona landing challenge over the hill on final, for example, but I have seen them with live weather outside landing challenges too. While the effect of wind on the default planes may not be 100% accurate, I think the effect of terrain on wind seems reasonably well done. I've also seen increased turbulence between skyscrapers in windy conditions.
  7. Thanks for the patch; AP works much better now. Still a little sluggish finishing turns, but was able to capture an ILS approach with minimal overshoot. Let's hope the next FS release has a proper fix for the issue.
  8. Just bought this addon - a nice change from modern planes. Good for low and (very) slow sightseeing. This seems to have been fixed in the latest version: the Gnome version is definitely the fastest and easiest to fly of the three. However, I think the Anzani and "Anzani RIP" versions may be mixed up. I find the former impossible to fly, but the "RIP" version is flyable provided you're careful and there isn't much wind (still harder than the Gnome version, as it should be). Anyone else notice that?
  9. In the last Q&A they mentioned they plan to set up a beta process for all releases, not just VR. I think they said they were aiming for Q1 to introduce it, but it might slip into Q2.
  10. For MS Store installations, the control config files are in a very obscure location, but they are readable and editable once you've found them. 1. Go to your main user folder (typically C:\Users\username) 2. Under that folder you should find AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_xxxxxxxx 3. Under that folder you should find SystemAppData\wgs, which should then contain a folder with some random numbers/letters as the name. 4. Inside that folder you should find several folders with random numbers/letters as the name. Some (but not all) of these folders will represent a particular controller profile. These will contain a file - again, with a name consisting of random numbers/letters - which is actually an XML file describing the settings for that controller. It's a question of going through each folder until you find the one you need. 5. Once you've found the right file, the format is thankfully easy to understand. For example, on my system my keyboard mappings are in C:\Users\Jacob\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\SystemAppData\wgs\000901F30E4D7E22_00000000000000000000000069F80140\F3D5E2AA966C4F55878F849EF7F3973A\D2680217D98F4CCEBB3C0CDB752DA544
  11. Thanks. I had the same problem with a custom controller I just made (using a Leo Bodnar board). I just bought FSUIPC7, mapped the on/off switch using FSUIPC rather than MSFS, and the problem went away. It seems to be fine to have other switches (rotary encoders for hdg etc. and pushbuttons) mapped in MSFS. Confident now that if I buy a Honeycomb yoke I won't have the problem. Now just need to find one...
  12. This plane looks like a nice alternative to all the modern GA planes in the sim. Does anyone know if it works well with the latest MSFS patch? At least the AP bug won't be a problem here!
  13. Yes, it has an fps hit, especially if you are CPU-limited. You can reduce it by turning off the F/O PFD and MFD. They said there would be some optimizations coming at some point.
  14. The latest version seems more memory-hungry than the earlier ones. Check your windows system log in Event Viewer for 'out of virtual memory' errors and increase your pagefile size if needed. Most of my CTDs were due to that until I realised what the issue was. I have 16GB ram and found that a 16GB pagefile was insufficient in some cases, at least if I had a few other apps running.
  15. Well, ignoring all the improvements that are primarily visual (including scenery, lighting, weather that varies realistically over distance, etc.), even if they do affect flight (VFR navigation etc.), I would say the main thing MSFS has given us is a bright future for the hobby. The combination of the development resources that MS/Asobo has, together with a much larger market for addons, can only be a good thing for the community. Just look at how many addons (FW and payware) have been made in the space of a few months. Also, we have a developer who is very engaged and communicative - in-depth Q&A sessions where they are open and honest, frequent updates, etc. We never saw that with P3D. If it were the case that MS/Asobo had no interest in developing a realistic simulator then I would have mixed feelings, but I've heard nothing to suggest that is the case. Most of the issues so far - and there have indeed been quite a few! - seem to stem from inadequate testing, which is something they have said several times they are working to address. With a beta process for each patch, there is no way they would have missed the AP slow turn rate bug in the latest release, for example. In the latest Q&A, they said they expect to have a beta process up and running in Q1/Q2 2021 - while that may seem quite a long time, I imagine it takes some thought to put together an efficient process when you're releasing every month and the set of potential testers/cases is so broad (given the huge variety of addons etc.)
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