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  1. loge

    Prepar3D v2.5 Development Update

    Great! Any idea why this is an option? Are there any downsides to enabling it?
  2. loge


    Yes, in summary, you want to set it to the lowest setting that doesn't give you excessive blurries or delayed autogen loading. The actual value will depend on your system.
  3. loge

    How do I get soft fog transitions?

    Which version of P3D are you running? 2.3 had a bug where clouds could be twice the size they're supposed to be, which could cause this kind of effect when they intersect with the ground. This bug was fixed in 2.4 though.
  4. I'm not sure if LM have done anything to AA in 2.4 per se. What they have done, is to significantly optimize shadows, which frees up more GPU power for SGSS AA. It really is a big improvement: I can now use 4xSGSS with cloud shadows in ASN overcast conditions, with most other settings maxed, and still get 30-40fps with very few stutters. Note that this is with a Titan Black at 1980x1200: if you have a weaker GPU or higher resolution you may have lower results. I don't know what half refresh vsync has to do with this, but am confident that LM would have fixed it if straightforward. Some people say it requires full screen exclusive mode, others say a Nvidia profile... Not sure myself.
  5. loge

    PMDG for P3D - When?

    They've made it very clear that they will produce P3D versions of their recent products, but they take their time to do things properly. As you suggest, it's not simply a matter of updating an installer. Why not use FSX for PMDG, but P3D for everything else?
  6. Well, it depends on what Orbx products you use. Maybe only 50% (or less) of their airports are migrated, but all their regions and global products have already been done. They've actually converted a lot more than most other developers. I'm very happy flying Orbx in P3D.
  7. 1: a solid minor release. No big changes, but several smaller improvements, and no regressions discovered so far.
  8. I don't think many people use pro ATC/x: I considered getting it, but the forums suggest that it has quite a few bugs, and much more seriously, a significant lack of updates/communication from the developer. It's a shame, as there are not many ATC addons out there. I think the chances of finding someone who a) uses both pro ATC/x and P3Dv2, b ) had the same issue as you, and c ) was able to fix it, are slim. But you never know.
  9. Nice shots. Which weather addon are you using?
  10. loge

    LOD_RADIUS Hack Patch

    Out of interest, what would be the advantage of such a high LOD? With max LOD I see detail as far out as the haze, in almost all weather conditions. I'm using ASN and Orbx sceneries. Is this something that's more noticeable with photo scenery, or the unrealistic visibility of the default fair weather theme? Or just something that bothers some people but not others? Just curious, as it's a frequently mentioned topic, but not something that's ever bothered me.
  11. loge

    Vsynch Issues and P3d

    I think what Beau is saying in his post is that they tried to provide some additional vsync options (perhaps half refresh rate or adaptive) in an early beta version of v2 (i.e. before the 2.0 release), but they didn't work. So yes, there are limitations in the vsync settings that an app can control through DX11, but I don't think he means there were options in an earlier publicly-released version of P3Dv2 that they then removed.
  12. Has anyone upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 8/8.1 (without installing new hardware at the same time), and run the same version of P3Dv2 on both OS versions? If so, did you notice any improvement? I've heard a bit of anecdotal evidence that P3D performs more smoothly under Windows 8. The only hard info I've seen on this is the following comment from Beau at LM about gauges, which sounds significant, but I have no idea how much it affects things in practice: http://www.prepar3d.com/forum-5/?mingleforumaction=viewtopic&t=6777.1 I'm not really interested in other pros and cons of Windows 8 - there are plenty of other places on the net to read all about that - just its impact on P3D. I realize this might be a bit of a long shot, since most people probably upgrade their hardware at the same time as the OS, but if you have done this, I'd really appreciate your comments. Thanks, Jacob
  13. For those that don't read all the P3D forum posts, two LM developers recently posted interesting comments explaining how two often-discussed topics, volumetric fog and core affinity, work: Firstly, a clear description from Beau of the difference between volumetric fog and the old FSX method: http://www.prepar3d.com/forum-5/?mingleforumaction=viewtopic&t=8207 Secondly, an explanation from Zach as to why it's not a good idea to modify the affinity mask at runtime. Although this "spreads the load" across all cores, it is likely to reduce performance. There is really no problem with one core being maxed out at 100%: any real-time application needs a main coordinating thread, which will tend to be the bottleneck, so you want that to be at 100% (unless limited by GPU load or a frame limiter): http://www.prepar3d.com/forum-5/?mingleforumaction=viewtopic&t=8225.1 Hope this is of interest, Jacob
  14. loge

    Jets in P3D v2.3?

    The QualityWings BAe 146 works well in 2.3. A slightly more unusual regional airliner, with fairly in-depth systems modelling.
  15. loge

    Where is P3DV2.3 better than FSX Dx 10

    With any software as flexible and open-ended (in terms of addons, hardware, etc.) as P3D, some people will always run into problems with any upgrade. But remember that such people are much more likely to post topics than the majority who don't have any problems at all: most of us prefer to fly than post topics just saying how great the new sim is. With each release of P3D 2.x, I see fewer problem reports, and given that the number of P3D users is growing (obviously I don't have numbers, but I'd guess that there are several times more users now than when 2.1 was released), this means that a vastly smaller percentage of users are having problems now. Version 2.0 was full of bugs, 2.1 fixed most of them but had memory management and addon compatibility problems, 2.2 was a major step forward in terms of reliability and memory usage, and now 2.3 has improved smoothness and visuals, and fixed many more bugs. So there is a clear track record of improvement here. In my experience, the last two releases have only broken a few addons, those that use undocumented "hooks" into the P3D code, such as FSUIPC and Active Sky Next. But these are usually quickly upgraded to work with the new version, often in a matter of days. It can be worthwhile to wait a couple of weeks after each release before upgrading: if you do that, most addons should work. I haven't seen any addons advertised as P3Dv2-compatible remain broken more than a few weeks after a P3D upgrade. Addons not advertised as P3Dv2-ready are of course a different story, but even there, more of them seem to work now than with 2.0/2.1.