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  1. Thanks Dave, I will stick to v2.4.0.3 until the next release. Happy new year, Rob
  2. I tried v2.4.0.4 this afternoon. I select EHAM as departure and EBBR as arrival. Then I wanted to select the SID but it is just showing the wait cursor and nothing happens. I restarted P2A and tried again. EHAM/EBBR and now I choose STAR, this dialog comes up ok. I also tried loading a flight plan created with PFPX but same result. It seems to be EHAM related because when I slect EHRD as my departure airport the SID selection dialog shows ok. I did change my taxi routes in EHAM. Update: I deinstalled the v2.4.0.4 completely and reinstalled, still no luck. So I deinstalled again and went back to v2.4.0.3 and it worked again! Regards, Rob
  3. Hello Dave, But the assigned joystick button/key for the PTT function does work in my situation. Wouldn't it be possible for the SayIt button/key as well? The reason I ask this is because I want to have P2A minimized. Because I'm flying a cockpit setup, so I don't want other windows on top. In regards to this issue I have an other request but I will make a different thread for that because it has nothing to do with SayIt. Regards, Rob
  4. Hello Dave, I setup the SayIt Joystick button, but when I minimize the application during flight the joystick button doesn't trigger SayIt. The PTT Joystick button works correct. P2A running in a networked configuration and the joystick is attached to the pc where P2A is running. I encounter this problem on the latest version as well on version Regards, Rob
  5. Everything looks ok Dave. All runways can be reached by P2A. But there are no departure routes for rwy 36R, so it wouldn't have been a problem. Regards, Rob
  6. Hello Dave, I tried what you explained, but moving the end of the runway didn't help. I also connected the hold short taxi point to the end of the runway but still no luck. I ended up with the situation in the image below and then it works ok, so moving the end of the runway line didn't had the expected result. So now the last taxi point on the correct route is the closest to the start of the runway. Regards, Rob
  7. Thanks, I will give it a try. Regards, Rob
  8. Hello Dave, I'm trying to change a taxi route I'm given after taxi clearance because this route is incorrect. But I'm struggling for some time now, I just can't figure out how to make this work. I read the chapter in the manual and looked at your tutorial about Taxiway Maintenance - KEGE on the web site. But I only create a complete mess when I'm trying to change the route. The taxi route I want to change is at EHAM, I'm parked at gate D52 and want to taxi to runway 24, the program gives me a route which is not allowed. I want to follow the taxiways I draw (orange line). The Jeppesen chart shows clearly that taxiway A is the one to follow and then A8 to S7. The program gives me taxiway B and then E1. Could you please explain how I can get this accomplished? Regards, Rob
  9. Thanks for the explanation Dave. Makes sense. Regards, Rob
  10. Hello, I have generated a flight plan with PFPX, it contains the following route: EHAM -> EBBR Takeoff: runway 24, SID: KUDA1S Landing: runway 25R, STAR: WODY7A I tried it in version and in version, using AIRAC cycle 1713. When I import the flightplan with the 'Impt' button and file the flightplan, no SID and STAR is loaded. Is this correct? The options 'ATC Assigns SIDs' and 'ATC Assigns STARs' are unchecked. The option 'Force Pilot Runway Selection' is checked. I was expecting that the SID and STAR would be loaded as well. Or should I manually specify those after I import the flightplan? I hope somebody can tell me what the correct procedure is. Thanks, Rob
  11. Hello Dave, Looking forward to the update. So this could also be fixed by editing the taxi paths? Regards, Rob
  12. Hello, Plane is parked at gate D52 but after pushback and engine start clearance I can't get taxi clearance. Regards, Rob
  13. Hello jd,After our emails, I did some more testing lately. I still encounter this problem. But a side effect is when I use rc4 on the client pc and the repositioning occures and I reposition the plane again where it was before and then continue the flight without stopping rc, FSX always crashes after a while with an error (in module: unknown). I first moved all the programs I use on the client pc to the fs pc to see if it would still happen. But when all programs are running on the same pc everything is working ok, without CTD's. I'm running ASX with a combination of AGX/FEX, some programs I have written myself like ShowText for the rc output, a pushback utility etc. Normally I use Project Magenta or Sim Avionics software on a client but for these tests I did not use them. I did about 20 flight without any problem when running rc4 on the FSX pc and when I run rc4 on the client pc, repositioning and CTD again. For now I will run rc4 on the FSX pc and all the other programs on a client, so I still can enjoy rc4.I also updated to the latest drivers for the mobo chipset, Forceware for the 8800GTX card, bios etc.Rob Boeing Cockpit Project
  14. Hi Jim,Yes they are, I double checked. But I must say I tried it the last few evenings and it worked ok. But I must say that the weather is completely different. When I encountered these problems it was really cloudy but with the latest tests it was mostly clear and visibility was ok as well with calm to moderate winds.RobBoeing Cockpit Project
  15. Hello Adrian,That would make sence but I installed rc4 on the FSX pc now as well and when I load the same flightplan there the plane isn't repositioned. And when I run rc4 from the client and stop rc4 after it has repositioned the plane, reload the situation in FSX with 'ctrl ;', restart rc4 (let wideclient running), load the same flightplan again, click the run button again, the plane stays where it is. But when I stop and restart wideclient as well it is repositioned again. So it is really weird.RobBoeing Cockpit Project