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  1. Hello, Is it possible to download a complete new installer for the new version? Regards, Rob van der Wiele
  2. Hello Dave, Issue solved. I uninstalled all my Cereproc voices (5.0.1) then I cleaned the registry from all the entries that contained 'Cereproc'. Rebooted installed one Cereproc voice for testing. Went to the Windows Speech Recognition Text to Speech option dialog and tried the Cereproc voice: ERROR again. So I started checking all the options in the Speech Recognition screens. In the Speech Recognition option screen the language was on English US but there was also the option English UK, so I tried changing that and voila now it works in the voice selection screen! I can switch between Ivona and Cereproc voices again. Don't ask me why because my region setting is on English US. Then I tried it in P2A and there it also works. Maybe a Windows update changed the setting? I don't know, but such thing cost too much time. Best, Rob
  3. I only have 5.0.1 voices installed but the old tts engine 4.0.4 is still there. I can try to remove that one as well as all the entries in the registry. Rob
  4. Hello Dave, Thanks for your response, but they are working in windows speech recognition. I can switch between ivona and cereproc voices without a problem. In the past that wasn't possible either. I'll check the installation. Best, Rob
  5. Hello, I'm getting the error below when I try to play a Cereproc voice in P2A. In the past I could play them but I could not mix them with Ivona voices. I updated my Cereproc voices to version 5.01 and in the Speech Recognition Text to Speech dialog I can play Cereproc and Ivona just fine. Rob
  6. Never mind, found the files. Was looking on the old web site. Rob
  7. Hello, I can't find the updated AFD file for Corfu, I only see the GSX file for download. Regards, Rob
  8. Hello, I had pauses with v4.5 so I went back to v4.4 (Client). I just installed the v4.5 hotfix Client and the pauses are gone! I don't see any changes in FPS in my first test flight. Best, Rob
  9. For your information: I just downloaded the cereproc voices again from cereproc.com and now they work together with the Ivona voices I have.The cereproc voices I had were version 4.0.4. The new ones are version 5.0.1. Best, Rob
  10. Hello Gerard, Which preset should be used now? Since only march is up for p3d v4.4. Regards, Rob
  11. Hello, I got exactly the same problem. I used a number of IVONA voices next to the Microsoft ones without any problem. I bought a number of Cereproc voices recently and the problems started. I found out that when I start P2A or the Speech Properties dialog and play a Ivona voice first and then try to play a Cereproc voice, the error occurs. Ivona voices play ok then. This happens also the other way around, when playing a Cereproc voice first and then a Ivona voice. I haven't found a solutions yet. Now one of the sets is useless. Rob
  12. Hello Pawel, Look at this link http://www.leobodnar.com/shop/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=94&products_id=204 And select the product download tab. You can download software to rename the firmware, this way the devices have different names. Regards, Rob
  13. Hello Dave, Thanks for your reply, now I know how to handle such situations in the future. Rob
  14. Hello Dave, I would like to know what the best way would be to define the following approach into LOWI Innsbruck. I'm coming in IFR via the TULSI 3A (TULS3A) and want to make a visual approach (Special Circling Procedure) to runway 08. So you first descent along the OEV LOC then at D6.5 DME OEV turn left heading 230 degrees and follow the route as described in the chart above. How do I file this in P2A? I filed a RNAV - RW26 - R26-E approach and before I had to turn left to heading 230 I requested a visual approach rwy 08 but no reply. When I requested 'request landing rwy 08' I got clearance to land at runway 08. Is this the correct way to handle such an approach? Regards, Rob
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