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  1. hi, i've received two or three order confirmation.in the last hours it is an error! please fix this issue with your site. my orders are many years old regards d k
  2. Hello, P3D is working fine but only whithout PMDG planes. As soon as we install (yes fresh and clean!) a pPMDG Plane (we have 737, 777, 747) we get by start : "P3D has stopped working...." After delating "Generated files"in the best case , P3D works again 5/5. We have tried quite all the usual medics with no change. Could it be a problem with the files in the registry??? Please helpifyouu can!!! Thanks and regards Daniel Kittler / Cyberavia
  3. Hello! looks like a problem with the download. Not working for me .HTTP error Thanks for fixing it Regards Daniel
  4. Hi, I ve received your mail: " Airline2Sim Greek Islands updated and the first reviews are in!" I've bought Greek I. for about a week . Is there an update or not? Thanks and regards Daniel
  5. Hi, But why for God does Aerosoft put an add for Fs2crew Airbus at the top of its documentation of the Airbus pro , if it doesn't work with this model? The launch of the A 319 is a mess.
  6. Hi, Back again with the same issue! I agree with your remarks. I only mentioned As to explicit my selected option in the LM. Anyway, none is working. And I have read that LM is connecting to the net: the address of the governmental weather agency is in the error message! (silly but not stupid!) But even with the help of Stefano by Maddog we get every time: cannot open URL. I have soon spent hours to try to cope with this problem. Antivirus, windows defender, navigators etc...options have been examined. I am in standby! Regards Daniel Kitler
  7. Thanks Omaniac Just to confirm one point: I've the correct and updated version of AS16 installed and perfect working for all "my" other aircrafts (PMDG, FS Labs, Dash Q 400, CRJ etc..I regret to have spend so much money for a piece of nostalgia (I flew it on FS2004). Leonardo announced a very responsive support. Where is it??? I hope you'll discover the why and how. But should it be a revelation??? We are not byLionheart! Thanks for following my topic and for your help daniel Kittler (Paris,France)
  8. @omaniac: you are right and Ok I'have other sources to get the metars. But I'am a maniac (no "O")and when I buy something I mean it should work correctly. I know what will happen: if I am not able to fix the issue, I'll stop to involve me in this plane. 78€ + 10€ for the liveries and 35€ for FS Crew: Much money for nothing. Nice flights Thanks again Daniel Kittler
  9. Hi, any airport, same error. Oamaniac: no other fix as to wait :)?? Thanks
  10. Hi, I've updated to 1.03 My Active Sky is up to date for P3DV4.2 (and working with other planes). After loading a route -OK, I press Weather X and I get: >>https://www.dropbox.com/s/prhyh9pg1u709zp/Ashampoo_Snap_2018.02.26_09h53m02s_001_Fly the Maddog X - Manager - Setup - Prepar3D v4.png?dl=0>> and then: >>https://www.dropbox.com/s/07zdgjtiu5dh0pq/Ashampoo_Snap_2018.02.26_09h59m56s_002_General.png?dl=0<< However, It has been working a few times Please some help. I've spend much time struggling with the problems of the Maddog and few minutes in flight.! Thanks daniel Kittler
  11. Hi Romoni, thanks for your answer. I am using Simbrief where you get directly a flight plan (with sid and star) in .mdr format. I think it's easier than to use the .pln format as inbetween step. thanks again daniel Kittler
  12. Hi Ekim, thanks for your quick answer. You point out my mistake. I was believing the function is automatic. Ok , I'll try it this morning. Thanks again Daniel Kittler
  13. Hi Artox 67; Thanks for your answer. Probably am I a little bit too silly. I was thinking that the flightplan should be "made" by the Maddog directly (on help of Routefinder e.g.). OK ! I return to my desk and try to have succes Thanks and fly safe Daniel Kittler
  14. Hi, Since I've bought the plane I'm trying to get the load manager working correctly. Mission impossible. <<https://drive.google.com/file/d/1g0dE4Na_L73Pjl3OceBD_TnpxzA3Su8t/view?usp=sharing<< As you can see "route" and "legs" remain quite empty. And this for any airports. I've the newest airac 1802 intalled. Any idea to correct this issue Thanks daniel Kittler
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