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  1. jgrant66

    Mach trim warning light

    I have version 2.8 installed and am seeing the Mach Trim warning light stay lit on the annunciator panel. I have seen mention of "turning off the Mach Trim system" but do not see how to do that. Thanks for anyone's help. JayGee
  2. Not seeing any new files in the library after 6/5/16. None being uploaded or is there a library problem? Thanks for any help. JayGee
  3. I downloaded several Frontier Airlines A318 textures and "ev318_models.zip" is the file name provided in the documentation for the base files. Other texture files in the Avsim file library refer to the same filename. However, I cannot find the file in the Avsim file library. Is the file still available or has the filename been changed? Or, does someone have it who could email it to me?Thanks for anyone's help.JayGee
  4. jgrant66

    Mike Stone's Hanger

    Has anyone tried to access Mike's site recently. Any reference I can find thru Google shows www.pmstone.com but that displays a real esate related site.JayGee
  5. Just installed this scenery with no problem. The automatic installer gave me the option of extracting the files to a temp folder. Before placing the extracted in their folders I "add" them to the original download file using Winzip and then delete the original auto-installer .exe file so I don't have to fool with the auto-installer again.
  6. jgrant66

    Khalifa FlightPLans

    They can be downloaded at http://projectai.flight1.net. Go to the "Unofficial Files/Schedules" section.JayGee
  7. jgrant66

    Flightplan questions.

    If you have Ttools, the accompanying documentation pretty well explains exactly how arrival/departure times are used. Regarding departure/arrival times at specific airports, have you gone to that airport's website and checked their online timetable? Compare flight numbers to get a feel for direct/non-stop type of flights to determine intermediate departure/arrival times. Also, go to the airline's website and check their schedules. Many of them have downloadable schedules either in .pdf format or that can be accessed online from your desktop. I have used these several times for creating my own schedules.Hope this helps.JayGee
  8. jgrant66

    help with AI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Have you made sure that you have the proper "atc_parking_codes/types" entered for each aircraft in each aircraft.cfg file for your AI planes? For example (square brackets don't show up around "fltsim.xx" in posted message):{fltsim.0}title=PAI MD81 IBEsim=paimd81v5model= panel=sound=texture=IBEkb_checklists=kb_reference=atc_id=atc_id_color=0xffffffffatc_airline=IBERIAatc_flight_number=atc_parking_codes=IBEatc_parking_types=GATEui_manufacturer=Project AIui_type=MCDONNELL DOUGLAS MD-81ui_variation=Iberia - Lineas Aereas de Espanaatc_heavy=0description=Project AI MD81 Only for use with AI Traffic!{fltsim.1}title=PAI MD81 DAL_NCsim=paimd81v5model= panel=sound=texture=DAL_NCkb_checklists=kb_reference=atc_id=atc_id_color=0xffffffffatc_airline=Deltaatc_flight_number=atc_parking_codes=DALatc_parking_types=GATEui_manufacturer=Project AIui_type=MCDONNELL DOUGLAS MD-81ui_variation=Delta Air Lines (new c/s)atc_heavy=0description=Project AI MD81 Only for use with AI Traffic!If you chose the FS9 (FS2004) option when installing the PAI files these codes should have been created, but you might want to check to make sure. Also, apparently the final version FS2004 only recognizes the first value in the "atc_parking_codes & types" fields. So you only need the airline code and one parking type (gate/commercial, ramp/GA, cargo, etc. This is per the document "FS2004ParkingV6.html" which can be downloaded from the Project AI site. It will answer a lot of questions regarding PAI and AI parking.Also, check to make sure that Ttools created the proper "traffic.bgl" file in the scenery/world/scenery folder.Hope this helps.Jaygee
  9. Bill, I also have a GeForce3 Ti200 (Visiontek) using the 44.03 drivers for FS2004. I have most display sliders in the mid to upper range with the frame rate set at 20 and average 14 to 19 fps. My processor is an AMD XP 1600. I have not had any problem with this version.I believe there is also a thread on this site or at the flightsim.com site referring to a discovery regarding the video cards recognized by FS2004 in the display.cfg file in the main FS folder and what to do if your card is not listed (TI200 is not listed). Do a search for video adapters, display.cfg or fs9.cfg to find the thread(s). Which operating system you have also has a bearing. FS2004 on Windows XP systems seemed to benefit the most. I gained 5-6 fps by making the recommended change.Hope this helps.Jeff G.