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  1. Sorry to hear you are having no luck..One question. Do you have any wireless devices, e.g keybd, mouse, joysticks? I`ve heard of people getting odd behaviour with wireless usb and they tend to get overlooked because keyboard & mouse are the first things to be attached to the pc..CheersJames
  2. I run two 80gig satas in raid 0 for gaming. Generally when you add the new drive and go in to create the R0 array, all data on both drives will be lost. You could get around this by taking an image of the current drive (Ghosting) and then loading the image back on to the new array once it is done. However, this will probably take as long as a reinstall to set up so it isn`t worth bothering with.Interesting to see what the other poster is saying about R0 being of no benefit. I have tried 2 drives unraided, r0 r5 and raid 10 and r0 seems to be the best place for me.CheersJames
  3. HiIIRC this is caused by an addon aircraft which has loaded the fs2002 contrail effects file over the correct fs2004 one. You will need to go and get the correct fs2004 fx_contrail_l.fx and fx_contrail_s.fx files from whichever of the fs2004 disks has it on. You may need to trawl the .cab files until you find it. Naturally backup the ones in /effects/ just in case you want to revert.Good luckJames
  4. One tip, don`t use the Saitek supplied drivers / software. The devices are recognized by the generic windows drivers and can be used in FS. Uninstall the saitek softwareI have two of the Saitek TQ`s configured via FSUIPC and have no problems at all. FSUIPC isn`t necessary either, I only use it for some more complex button sequences and range based controls. Hope you get it sorted - I`m really happy with the throttles.JamesEDIT just saw in your later post that you originally tried them without the Saitek drivers. I would suggest, if you can, removing all other USB devices and seeing if there is a conflict.
  5. I have had a similar problem before. Make sure you haven`t disabled (in device manager) anything like the soundcard`s 1394 port. Some driver installs will only recognize the hardware if all the components (midi, soundbanks, gameport etc those kind of things) are all set as default and enabled. Good luckJames
  6. Hi Agree with the poster who said about boxes under the tree. The Mrs has just flexed the plastic to the tune of 2 saitek throttle quadrants and an opencockpits multiradio kit.Now I can see why I 'invested' in a $600 Bernina sewing machine for her birthday! Merry Christmas however your luck goes!James
  7. I use a zoom of .50 in the vc on 22" widescreen at 1680x1050. I like the ground-rush feeling you got with a lower zoom, it seems much more realistic to my eyes.CheersJames
  8. That sounds like you are possibly loading a flight situation with the autopilot engaged. Assuming you haven`t altered your keybinds try pressing the Z key once the situation has loaded and then see if you can use the trim keys to wind the trim back to neutral.Hope this helpsJames
  9. I think they do it by laying a custom object down which contains the hires textures. Have a look at the flytampa / Flightzone stuff to see what can be achieved in FS9!!CheersJames>Holy Christ! I waited all these years for that and now I>realize that I couldn't even free half of the necesary disk>space to install it.>>What I find especially curious is how they found a way to>incoporate 1.2m per pixel resolution ground textures,>considering that FS9 can only draw 4.8m per pixel. >Judging from the screenshots they did indeed find a way. >>
  10. Hi Make sure you have the latest fsuipc is the only thing I can think of. It may also be worth checking that you have the latest version of the aircraft installed.Sorry for the rather obvious suggestions - it`s all I can think of..CheersJames
  11. Hi WiiThat is a fascinating projection you have found there. I see Buckminster Fuller was into more than just carbon isomers.Can I ask where / what tool you used to generate that projection. I`m always fascinated my maps and you`re comment re Mercator is v pertinent when looking at a Polar projection..CheersJames
  12. I`m very sorry to hear that.He will be missed - his is one of the names I remember from my earliest online FS days.James
  13. Hi You might be interested in this:http://forums.avsim.net/dcboard.php?az=sho...ing_type=searchIt offers no concrete solution but I think covers the cause of the bouncingSorry to hear your flight crashed at the end - I hate it when that happens..James
  14. Hi Paradise is spot on. Set your climb by achieving a given airspeed. Ultimately the rate of climb does`nt matter, as long as the speed is as intended.The climb rate will drop until, at the aircraft`s ceiling, the rate of climb will be zero, even with engines at max continuous power.CheersJames
  15. Hi The Carenado C206, the Digital Aviation Cheyenne already mentioned and Realair range are very good paywareFor freeware, I think the Maltby BAC 1-11 & Trident, the NAMC YS-11 and the Aero Commanders by Milt Shupe et al are truly superb.CheersJames
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