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  1. Shut off fine for me (besides a few seconds delay while the valve closes) unless the HPSOV has failed then I can't shut it off and it stays green.
  2. It's a fantastic feature of the 777X and I also hope it makes it to the NGX in SP2.
  3. Sorry to hear of your health problems, all the best for recovery.
  4. Wow that must have been a real pain getting it right over the top.
  5. I generally don't impulse buy, so I haven't regretted any purchases yet. On the same note I bet I have missed out on some good products because of this.
  6. I personally won't download the livery but if it was a paint I was interested in it (no offense intended, I have all the paints I want) that would be absolutely fine. Having done my own NGX paint and having headaches of trying to sort out the issue with stripes over the top of the fuselage I can say you have done a fantastic job and if I was you I would be happy with my result.
  7. That's the thing, have any simmer actually had a genuine service failure yet? Airliners are just too damned reliable for us :P That's all I ask.
  8. Service based failures is basically never due to the aircrafts being very reliable and we simmers not keeping logging up hours like the real ones (for obvious reasons) and then 1/10 random failures is very unreliable, surely there can be a middle ground. Wanting random failures doesn't mean you want a failure every flight, it isn't pointless as you put it. I personally like to have a reason to check on things from time to time rather than sit their knowing it wont or will have a failure during the flight. EDIT, I have asked this before but I didn't get a answer. Has anyone yet even had a service based failure? I don't mean due to abuse like switching on and off the APU or elec hyd pumps too many times, duct overheat due to hot weather on the ground or over wing door lights, I mean actual service based failures? I am not making out like Service based failures is a bad thing, because I think the whole idea is fantastic, it's just as simmers we can/wish to only put a certain amount of time into the hobby and will likely most likely never see any issue so some more random failure options customization would be nice.
  9. Yeah I agree 1 in 10 is too often, especially for the upcoming 777 long haul flights which at the lowest random failures (not service failures) would be more than 1 per flight!
  10. Oohh thats such a nice... VOR! The Livery is nice too :D
  11. Having never used X-Plane and being very happy with FSX, I have still always wondered what X-Plane is lacking to stop a mass migration to it? I have heard the constant updates can put devs off and the way the flight model is made up can be difficult to get the aircraft bahaving as the devs want but otherwise it looks pretty good in videos.
  12. Button control here, and I must say it is working very well.
  13. The point of reverse thrust is to take some load of the brakes, the autobrake system deaccelerates at a set rate (depending on the setting you choose), so if you apply some reverse the brakes don't have to work so hard.
  14. Hmm as for my problem I just tested it again three more times (since yesterday when I made that thread) and the brakes are working properly, gonna do some more checks. Yeah exactly.
  15. I've been having some trouble with brake failures and it seems to be due to the use of engine reverser http://forum.avsim.net/topic/343834-rto-brake-heat-strange-discovery-pictures/page__view__findpost__p__2060231 I didn't end up submitting a support ticket as I mentioned in my second post. I am sure one of the staff would have seen the thread and are aware. I don't want to disturb them with a support ticket when they have more important problems to work through first.
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