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  1. Had mine for about a month now, still very impressed and happy with it.
  2. Mine came a couple days ago from gamesmen (Australia) Just playing around with it today, very impressed with how nice the throttles feel and work. Some things not fully functional with MSFS yet like the landing gear lights. Very tempted to get the airbus throttle add-on pack. Gonna try out some GA now.
  3. I had a similar issue. Check your physics settings, somehow I had it set to "legacy", I switched it back to "modern" and all was good again.
  4. I tried out the 787 again this time with different CG, no real noticeable change to ground maneuvering or weird flight dynamics. Watching the nose wheel it clearly doesn't rotate far enough, differential braking works but just visibly drags the nose wheel across the ground.
  5. Interesting thanks for pointing it out. I will check this out later. I will see how this changes the flight dynamics as I found it a bit odd also.
  6. I noticed the same thing, just using the rudder for nose wheel steering is limited on the 787. Using differential braking works a charm.
  7. I have actually run down the battery in the default 172 G1000, just left the engime cranking and the voltage will drop until everything goes black and the starter stops.
  8. Just had a quick look at the bindings and 31 through 34 are set to the magneto switch, so if I remove those the magneto selector on the yoke unit will no longer work?
  9. The same problem is frustrating me too. Same with the checklists.
  10. I have the same issue, Windows store version here. It doesn't cause any other issues just bugs me a bit.
  11. I agree the VFR map does lack a lot of detailed information. I personally use google maps on my second monitor which works well. I also don't like how we can't remove our location (aircraft) from the VFR map, I prefer not to use it like a GPS. Unless there is a option to remove your position that I have missed?
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