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    Cold and Dark Start is More Fun?

    I always start from C&D, it's just much more enjoyable to me.

    So, how are you liking the 777?

    I love it, however even though it is quite easy to fly on my own I still feel like I am missing out on some of the experience until FS2Crew comes!

    Vertical Stabilizer Configuration Warning?

    Yes, reading this for the first time now I was about to bring up exactly what Luke just said above. A few times I have the trim given to me by the FMC as 2.50 (usually in the low 200's tons), when I adjust for 2.5 I green band is right on the end (I never bother going for exact numbers on the fltctrl page). Sometimes while it looks as set as 2.50 on the trim band it is often a tad less (as shown above on the MFD) and I just tap the trim up once to cancel the warning then proceed again.

    777-300er 150million :P

    OOohhh, you got me so excited but these aren't 300ER's!

    Engine failed

    So I start a long a long flight this morning, Singapore - Zurich (WSSS-LSZH). A flight I have personally taken in a 777-300ER and have been waiting a long time to replicate (200LR would have to do for now), even down to careful planning in PFPX to the exact minute. I was happily cruising around 9:30hrs into the flight, I come and go as I am not sitting at my PC for almost 13 hours, and I cancel a pilot response EICAS message. Start checking my time and fuel schedule to see how well the flight is doing (was 6 minutes early) and I get a Warning alarm and EICAS message ENG L fail.. This was a shock as I didn't have it programmed and don't even have a random failure interval set at all. At the first moment it was almost disbelief, could it be I got a engine failure due to service based failures!? This couldn't be, no way! It is.. I did a quick check over everything and followed the mighty handy ECL and quickly prepared a drift down descent to a lower level, attempted a [futile] restart attempt before diverting to URSS (Sochi, Russia) which was only a tad over 100NM away. The aircraft trimmed out the asymmetrical thrust beautifully and made the approach and landing comfortable. I just had to make a thread about it because I never expected anything this interesting from service based failures, in all the time I used it in the NGX I got nothing but small niggling problems which I expected nothing but the same in the 777 even though I did speed it's rate up 10 times... One curiosity I do have, does service based failure remember how the aircraft has been treated? Not long ago I did extensive "performance" testing to this very air frame which included some... EEC ALTN modes and very heavy strain and limit exceedences on the engines, I just wonder if this might have played a part?

    HPSOV failure and its effects

    Shut off fine for me (besides a few seconds delay while the valve closes) unless the HPSOV has failed then I can't shut it off and it stays green.

    Engine shuts down when I change fuel range to short

    Good to hear you have it solved.

    Soaking money into FSX

    If there was a obvious answer to the future then maybe I would say it wouldn't be worth it, but for now there isn't. I personally will follow where ever PMDG goes as that is what I fly 95% of the time so for the foreseeable future it is FSX for me.

    Anyone still flying the 747? You still like it?

    Welcome to world of complex addons, congrats on the step up Freddy.

    Engine shuts down when I change fuel range to short

    Maybe there is a quick cut in fuel, can't you just start them again, it's super easy in the 777.

    Setting Vref from gross weight

    Can't you just wait until descent to finalize your Vref? If not just use the progress page as mentioned by Chris above.
  12. The RAT will deploy automatically when hydraulic pressure is lost, engines shutting down does not cause a loss of pressure. The electric and bleed pumps hyd are still working. The APU does autostart when there is no AC source, standby bus holds it all together until the APU takes over. From my own testing (I test pretty much everything on every new PMDG plane I get) I didn't notice much help from the TAC, the most help I noticed was from the PFC which does a great job. I leave the PFC on but turn of the TAC and it continues to do a great job dynamically trimming the rudder. Turn both off however and you really get to feel the result of those big engines.

    Wind Data aka 777 style? ;)

    It's a fantastic feature of the 777X and I also hope it makes it to the NGX in SP2.

    777 strange lines

    Yeah, Welp I have pretty much solved it for my self also, I was fiddling around with my monitor modes and noticed "scenery" mode almost got rid of it,along with richer colours. So I decided to lower my brightness (which was high) and.... Pretty much completely gone now (well not visible at least). So yeah my monitor was setup all wrong and now it looks great. Probably the same reason it is hard for others to see in my above large pictures, now I am having trouble seeing it. lol

    777 strange lines

    :lol: Umm no...., clearly you guys are not seeing it. Make the image larger (click on them) and look at all/any of the screens especially in the dark areas the issue should be clear. edit: to make it clearer, zoomed in: See the blotches on the black? (they move and change shape constantly as the viewpoint moves). It may seem like I am nitpicking but it is clear and very distracting in flight.