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  1. heres my take. I went from FSX to X-plane because of sloped runways, G2XPL bring in photo scenery, better flight model, etc...after running both X-plane 10 and 11 MSFS 2020 came out. I bought it, loved the visuals, then uninstalled it. A year later (a few days ago) I put it back on my machine. A LOT of bugs have been worked out and a lot still need to be. But for VFR flying, oh my goodness. I take the new JPL C152 because its been modded with AP, better radios, DME measuring, instrument feedback like the VSI not moving automatically which always irked me with most other planes. I have flown IRL and the VSI is not that responsive. Anywho, even the circuit breakers are functional in it. Great little plane and for VFR, cant beat it. Its amazing. how far its come. I would definitely recommend it if you are interested in some fun scenery.
  2. Yes, I have found that Germany, Austria, and UK have some of the best photogrammetry and buildings. I likve in Atlanta and the stuff is good here, I can recognize areas, etc...but for some reason Germany alone looks MILES better than here.
  3. you guys are awesome, thank you so much! Not knowing the area I had no idea which ones were good or not and where to fly but its such beautiful VFR country.
  4. yeah I wanted to find some good airports with some close amazing scenery since I do not know Germany all that well. Aside from the major cities, wanted to find some countryside good airports.
  5. hey guys! Just hopping back in after a long hiatus and saw that Germany has been updated. Any good recommendations on a detailed airport (freeware or included) in Germany with good scenic VFR that I can fly the 152 out of?
  6. im staying out of Ft Collins. With Trolltrace active in that town, no telling how bad things will get!! (for my South Park fans!)
  7. cant see that issue on my end. mine looks fine 😕
  8. aside from a few small issues, much needed improvement! I saw a nice FPS increase, better load times, more complete loading without having to pan around for 2 minutes letting everything load in. Much smoother flight. Me happy simmer!
  9. yes it does stink having them named wrong but vatsim/pilotedge I dont see much of an issue. As long as I know where im at on the airport, I can follow taxi instructions by the AFD rather than by the signs. I dont even look at the signs really.
  10. As a MSFT to Xplane back to MSFS convert....I have to say, this is why Xplane will never be able to compete with MSFT as far as visuals...deep pockets and connections make all the difference. Xplane can do some great things but with this level of connection/money, its hard to compete visually.
  11. I was going to get it thinking at 1080 I would get a massive increase in performance. Looks like its only marginal at best. 700 bucks isnt worth an average of 7-8 frames more when I am getting a smooth ride now.
  12. No its photoreal. If you get up to higher elevations you get the snow. I could add some custom snow if I wanted and it does cover the ground pretty well depending on how hard its snowing. If you book out of PAJN right now and look up north of it, you can see the snow on the mountains
  13. Beautiful flying from PAJN to PAGS today!
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