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  1. ok cheers, suspect G1000 mod is culprit - rechecking now.... yep solved 🙂
  2. After new update my tbm930 screen - centre one with map, is black, both L and R work fine. Anyone else getting this? This is hot-start on runway as well as ctrl+E from cold start on ramp.
  3. Do you use the refresh rate reduction mods (seen 2 of them) along with the new patch as well? I found my Daher map screen is now black.
  4. I have an issue with this as once it is displayed, it stays on when i exit dev mode? Only way to remove it is to remain in dev mode and turn it off. As soon as I quit dev mode, with fps display turned off, it reappears again. .
  5. I'm sure some clever person will make that facility available again before long..
  6. I'm wanting to map a few of the G1000 controls to a button-box to make it easier to control autopilot functions while flying - those on-screen buttons are v small and I'm usually flying a small prop plane in a bit of turbulance. So while I have mapped functions such as alt, alt hold, nav, hdg, climib rate, YD, AP & FD on/off, I'd like to extend it to MFD/FMS dual stacked knob (bottom right of the G1000) with push-function, and the Prog and Enter buttons used to select and engage approach and ILS for autopilot. There doesn't seem to be anything msfs allows mapped to these knob & buttons?
  7. I'm also finding the badges you can designate to your profile front page don't get saved, and no award for successfully completing the bush flight.
  8. My pilot profile page seems to be a bit buggy when reporting stats, it does not save the achievemnt settings im choosing nor showing the achievement badge for the cross-country multistage flight, the one in the c172 that ends in santorini. Is it still a bit buggy or am i missing s/thing?
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