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  1. Dear spilok, perhaps you know and could suggest any really scenic & stunning VFR routes in your region? Just one or two, 100-400 nm long, you could simply give the origin - via - destination. Thanks!
  2. I bet most of you already have some planned routes in their heads or even on paper/PC. My plans are as follows: - Start at my local (EPPO) airport and fly C172 around my city, find my house, see all those local POIs Later, when I check every aircraft: - Fly VFR around my country (Poland) - Fly VFR around the shores of the Mediterranean sea (DA62) - Fly VFR around Europe (TBM930) I currently use X-Plane 11 and in 95% of cases I fly airliners IFR, so... my plans even surprised myself... GA aircraft and VFR... I guess only when I feel satisfied with all those stunning views I'll jump into a cockpit of something bigger. So, what are you plans when MSFS2020 is finally released?
  3. My list: Cirrus SR22 Cirrus Vision Dash Q400 CRJ-700/900 Boeing 737NG Boeing 777 or 787 Airbus A350
  4. We all know that in the case of FSX or X-Plane the quality of most addons was stunning, when compared to original aircraft available in the game. However, when I look at the MSFS 2020 aircraft, their interiors, all that sound recording job, I'm beginning to doubt if any major 3rd party addon developer will be able to match that quality set by Asobo. Somehow I don't think that any such developer would have resources and would like to invest money to scan real aircraft for textures and sounds like Asobo does. So in my opinion the siuation may be somewhat reversed - the in-game aircraft will always look, sound and fly better than any Addons thanks to enormous amount of data they collect... And if that is true, do you think Asobo/Microsoft will sell DLC aircraft in the future with the same standards they use now? I think it never happened in the history of any sim?
  5. Right, that would solve the problem. The next question is: how the real time air traffic will be related to time of day? If I want to fly with RTAT, do I need to start my flight in real time? What if I switch from day to night? Historic mode again? Darn, so many questions...
  6. The Asobo MSFS team claims that they are able to show the real world air traffic in the sim. That's pretty awesome in terms of the game itself, but... what about time compression? If they're going to implement any time compression, how will the AI traffic behave? Or maybe they will implement the "speed compression" like in X-Plane 11? I don't know, but this should be solved somehow, otherwise very long distance flights will be available for maniacs only.
  7. I know that IFR presentation is still ahead of us, but I remember that SID/STAR functionality was mentioned in one of the videos and I was wondering if Asobo is going to use such file format for AIRACs that will be handled by e.g. Navigraph... What do you think?
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