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  1. My MSFS crashes once per 3-4 flights. This is so annoying... I was flying the CRJ today and during the descent phase the screen turned black and after 2-3 seconds all I saw was the Windows desktop. I heard somewhere that it is possible to find the reason in some kind of log file. Could you please tell me where to find it? Is the reason clearly stated there or it's just a code or something? BTW: I sometimes use the "Sim rate" option to compress my time during longer flights, could that be the reason? Thank you.
  2. Well, "significant" is the key word here. If significant is like +15 fps, then I'd be happy even with +5. Every frame matters!
  3. Why? So why do they plan to implement that at all??
  4. What do you think? Will the FPS number rise when they implement DirectX 12 to the sim?
  5. So I felt like flying the "Queen of the Skies". I have a problem, though, as I can't start its engines. The APU is running, APU bleed is ON, fuel pumps are ON, I pull the starter for the engine, switch the fuel knob. N1 goes up to 2.6 and that's it. The engine won't start. Any clues beside the one that I'm an word not allowed?
  6. It's March the 16th today - is it already available to buy?
  7. I bought that Piper today and... welll... I need to get used to it. The aircraft requires almost constant braking on the ground with throttle set to idle and it is VERY nervous in the air, constantly changing it's heading, vertical speed, etc. It's so hard to make it fly straight and level, but perhaps those Pipers have it just like his...
  8. HI! I'm still trying to tame the CJ4, which is not an easy task. I have a serious trimming problem - when my trim is set to T/O trim (looking at the indications from the external view) and I'm taking off, my CJ4 raises its nose at approx. 100 kts and then goes up with the pitch reaching 40 degrees up! I wanted to hand-fly her and do the traffic pattern and land, but before I was able to trim the nose down, I was at 7000 feet 😕 At another attempt I found out that setting the trim to 17% down (again - as viewed on the external view screen) makes it behave like a "normal" aircraft, which requires normal yoke pull to take off, instead of pretending to be another Elon Musk's starship. How is it in your case? Do you also apply that much nose down trim before take-off? Thanks!
  9. Hi! I watched a tutorial on YT, where the CJ4 works like a charm. Unlike mine... The takeoff, climb and first part of the cruise were just OK. Then the following problems happened: 1/ My flight line on PDF was straight, no turns, and my CJ4 kept on flying banked to the right (approx. 30 deg.). Is it the crosswind? Strange... 2/ ATC told me to descend from FL370 to FL200. I dialled 20000 and pressed FLC, but the descent did not begin. So I used the VC mode - I set -2000 fpm and pressed the VS button. The CJ4 started to descend, but ignored my "-2000" and plunged with approx. -6000 fpm! Why? 3/ I got new directions from the ATC so I wanted to change my course manually. I used the HDG mode, turned the knob to turn approx. 40 deg to the right. My CJ4 banked to the right, but the current heading didn't change at all! It just kept flying straight & banked as in 1/. Why? 4/ Having the problem No. 4, I decided to turn off the AP completely and hand-fly. And the real nightmare began. The aircraft was almost unflyable. Even the slightest throttle changes caused it to go from the STALL warning to massive OVERSPEED (which ultimately caused the CJ4 to destroy in the sky 😞 ). I'm so disappointed...
  10. I was wondering if there is any external software available (it might be even not MSFS-related), where you could create your own aircraft checklists, and then in sim - using a shortcut key - its individual items would be read aloud? That would be a great tool to get rid of paper checklists (which I am still a fan of) and increase the immersion a bit. Such e-checklists could be then edited to add/remove items as you wish. Perhaps someone found such software already? (I was even thinking to find an app on my Android-based phone). The idea was born in my head when I read about the A320 FS2CREW software, but their checklists cannot be edited and adjusted to one's own requirements. Cheers!
  11. It is MODERN... I guess I'll have to check if any Community folder mods are causing this... 😞
  12. Hi! There's something really wrong after the latest update! First my Challenges are unaccessible (they're back when I remove the a320NX mod... Really???!). Now I wanted to do some VFR GA flying, and... my planes won't take off! I reach the T/O speed, pull the yoke and the plane behaves like it wanted to get airborne but it was too heavy. It's not a hwrdware-based problem (the yoke is properly calibrated, besides the in-sim yoke/stick moves properly when I move my hardware). Any clues???
  13. I will, otherwise I'll have to wait for the 1.6 update... BTW, have you tried the 787 or 747? Are those affected as well?
  14. It stopped flashing when I was near the runway threshold, however when I clicked the "close door" icon, the door closed just for a second and then got opened again.
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