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  1. Definitely time I learned to fly it now that 320 Sim Pilot - YouTube has switched to the 787...
  2. Criticising a real world pilot's credentials to fly an imaginary software aircraft. Peak Avsim.
  3. I have a rubbish PC and need to save all the FPS I can.
  4. The ability to switch off cabins is a must have.
  5. I have new favourite website - thanks! (Yes I know I'm sad) 👍
  6. Cheers for the heads up! I'll definitely give it a try. Although, I see on their website you can aspire to be an airline manager. Why anyone would choose that career is beyond me.😀
  7. Stressed ground controllers who demand to know which ramp you're cleared to. In a Brooklyn accent 😛
  8. Not for me. I refuse to engage with the unwashed self loading freight. I usually switch off interior models anyway. Being sarcastic obs. No offence intended. Apologies if anyone is offended.
  9. Count me in. It's an incredible age to be a flight simmer.
  10. I'm a 2D monitor, airliner kinda guy and seriously tempted to jump into VR. The only thing stopping me is I'm unsure how usable VR is with all the buttons and selectors in an A320 or B737. I didn't even know there was a VR forum, so time to head over there and see what those in the know are saying.
  11. Ray, please give us one of your famous "Did you know...." Concorde facts. We like these!❤️
  12. For people like me who love flying, but hate computers, it would be amazing if simulators had 'adaptive performance'. Imagine if the simulator software was clever enough to detect your hardware, suggest a settings profile then adjust visuals dynamically based on system resources instead of becoming a slide show.
  13. KBOS/KJFK, SSOX6 departure, PARCH3 arrival. Never get tired of the view flying into Long Island Sound.
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