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  1. ATC. I know there are addons but there is a lot of room for improvement with the default.
  2. There are still good guys around! Thanks for the update and your continued hard work and passion.
  3. I'm voting with my wallet and donating to open source community addons. I don't like the attitude of some of the payware developers.
  4. 100 plus flights in the FBW A320N. 1 crash caused by Navigraph and one fixed by the community 1 hour later. Sorry, I don't have the payware A320 but I wish you luck.
  5. Jump onto their discord channels and report the bug. I have very occasionally had to do this with the FBW A320N and the problem was triaged and fixed within the hour.
  6. It's hubris like this that drives me away from payware aircraft and towards community projects.
  7. I don't own the Fenix A320 so I can't help with the engine out behaviour. I am committed long term to the FBW A320N. I just enjoy being part of the community and seeing new features and improvements being added daily and weekly. Plus I don't have any money. 😁
  8. YouTube doesn't approve of negative reviews as it hurts their revenue.
  9. I'm a weekend airline fellow based near EGPF (Glasgow - Scotland) and I shadow real world flights from FlightAware with LiveATC coverage. Usually Saturday & Sunday evenings which means short hops in Europe or North America in our Summer and South America or Australasia during our Winter. My favourites are early morning local time flights from KBOS to KJFK or KLAX to KSFO when the sun is coming up.
  10. I'm probably in the minority, but I'm still using the default ATC. It's a bit quirky (to put it mildly!) but it usually gets me on the ground if I ignore some bits. Edit: I realise this would get me fired or dead IRL.
  11. Went into KLGA yesterday through some pretty beefy cells that were there in RL. Can't remember seeing any lightning or hearing any thunder in the sim but I've got COVID so my senses aren't 100% right now 😞
  12. Seems like there is a gap needing filled by a community developed 737. I respect the work of PMDG and I respect those who value their work but the monolithic legacy payware developers are being challenged to raise their game like never bofore. How will they respond?
  13. My pretend plane's better than yours because mines is study level and mines costed 70 pounds. Yawn.
  14. He did say that, but he rates the freeware Zibo 737 as having the most realistic flight model.
  15. Yep, I saw that. It looks real cool but I'm saving up for when the PMDG gets to Zibo / FBW standard.
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