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  1. I don't find it too difficult. I'm no expert in " highly sophisticated software".
  2. I can see other aircraft here in the FBW A320. I don't thing TA/RA is implemented yet.
  3. I actually bought version 5 of SimulatorNotAllowed but switching to MSFS was a game changer for me. It's like a living, breathing world.
  4. I had a crash in November but it was caused by a Navigraph beta which they fixed immediately.
  5. Design and build will be outsourced to an offshore consortium of 75 international contractors and anyone caught trying to organise improved pay and conditions for their fellow workers will be sacked immediately.
  6. I import flightplans from Simbrief. ATC always gets me there.
  7. The future of add-ons. Amazing work.
  8. Not saying problems are all hardware related, but I stick with a combination I know is stable: Gigabyte, Intel & Nvidia. On the software side, no 3rd party AV, no 3rd party software other than MSFS2020 and minimal add ons. Keep all drivers and Windows up to date. Performance is good and I've had one CTD since release (caused by Navigraph) Hope you get things sorted.
  9. Running just fine here on a GTX1080 thanks. Another troll post. Should be in the Hardware forum anyway.
  10. Excellent fun! This is why I can't go back to SimulatorNotAllowed.
  11. Sorry to hear this. Is everything up to date on your PC? Windows Update BIOS Main board drivers Video driver (do a clean install) Sound driver Controller drivers Etc. Any 3rd party antivirus running? Hope you get it sorted..
  12. If it hasn't an integrated beer holder, it's no use to me.
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