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  1. Thanks, Bill! I'll have to check if the Evolution PIC product is still available. If it is, I'll give it a try...
  2. Thanks, Jeff! I was able to resolve the problem by installing the v1.5 update over my old v1.4 update.
  3. Thanks, Elder! How did you ID your CRJ700s:? I can see, for example two planes at KONT that are missing textures. One appears to be a small jet like a CRJ the other is a Large commercial jet but I can't tell what it is. Also, 3 or 4 commerical jets at EGJJ are missing textures, but again, I can't tell what type they are...
  4. Well,it's only 2 or 3 commercial jets at any given airport that are missing their textures...
  5. I've noticed a few days ago that when I setup an aircraft at a commercial airport at least 3 or 3 aircraft UT populates the airport with are lacking their textures. I thought this had been caused when I added some new aircraft to FSX so I uninstalled UT Live and re-installed it. Unfortunately this didn't fix the problem. Aircraft with missing textures are still appearing. Kind of kills the "real as it gets" feel! Has anyone else experienced this problem? Any idea as to how to fix it? I posted this problem on the UT Live support forum a couple of days ago but have yet to get a response....
  6. I have a problem with the 2D panel for the QW Ultimate 146. In the latest version the RJ 70/85 and BAe146-300 use a that has two small MFDs on the left side of the panel and a large MFD in the center. When I load, for example, a BAe146-300 I get a message in both of the small MFD: "ERR_Startup Error Unable to start QW146-1": The middle MFD has several randomly arranged yellow dots?. The question is, is the panel corrupted or do I have to power up the panel (and if so, how do I do that)? Any help would be appropriated (I post a message on the QW Ulitmate 146 forum a couple of days ago but have yet to get a response)!
  7. Thanks, Charliearon, I'll take a look at FS Files...
  8. No I haven't, Bill. Still, I'll do a search of all AFCAD files to see if one might have gone unnoticed...
  9. I discovered a weird problem with the Meigs Airport in the FSX default scenery a couple of days ago (while trying to insall a freeware version of Meigs). I was going to add some screenshots showing the problem but I can see anyway of doing that. The problem is that a huge multi story building is straddling the runway and there are trees and bushes sprouting up all over the tarmac and runway. What the heck is going on here, and more importantly how to I remove the building, trees and bushes?
  10. I put FSAUDIO.DLL in my Windows 10 windows\sysem32 folder just as I had in my Windows XP windows/system32 folderso the Tinmouse 737-200 would run in FSX. When I load a Tinmouse 737-20 in FSX on my Windows 10 system I get a ,message saying that FSAUDIO.DLL failed to load with error 0x7e and said to put FSAUDIO.DLL in the windows/system32 folder and to restart the appp, But, as I said, I had done that already.. Has anyone else had this problem? Actually, the Tinmouse 737-200 appears to load and run ok (so far as I can tell with it sitting at a gate). How do I fix the problem (or do I even need to)?
  11. No, the Evolution product is different from the JF 737 PIC (it came after 737 PIC), but the installer might be the same. I've created a tech support ticket on the Just Flight website. Hopefully they can still provide me with an installer that will work, too....
  12. I've tried multiple time to install 737 PIC in FSX on a Windows 10 system. The installer starts up, asks what language to use then starts preparing the InstallWizard then disappears and stops dead in it's tracks. I've tried installing it as administrator and with WinXP, WinVista and Win7 compatibility. Nothing works. Any help would be appreciated!
  13. Success! I created a restore point and exported the registry. Actually, it was a lot easier than I was afraid it would be. All it took was changing "partmgr" to PartMgr!
  14. Hi, Reader Yes, these were the same exact same instructions I found in the Microsoft Community forum by Dale Rodrigues. Sigh, I was hoping to avoid this! How does one backup the registry (just in case as the instructions advise doing)? I haven't had a reason to edit the registry since WinXP came out (or even earlier)!
  15. Actually, I'm having trouble activating FSX Acceleration in Windows 10. After fiddling around with activate.exe for about 20 minutes the activation window finally popped up and I was able to enter my product key for FSX. I then installed FSX Acceleration expecting but so far have been unable to get activate.exe to run so I can enter it's product key. Running it in Windows XP compatibility mode and as administrator has so far been unsuccessful as it apparently was with FSX itself (actually, I'm not quite sure how I managed to get activate.exe to run so I could activate FSX!). Reinstalling/repairing FSX might have been what finally caused activiate.exe to finally run but doing the same with FSX Acceleration so far has not worked. I found some info on line about editing the registry that might get activate.exe to run but I'm extremely leery about mucking around with the registry. I would very much like to know if there is a way to get activate.exe to run under Windows 10 so I can avoid mucking around with the registry. All this difficulty I'm having activating FSX and FSX Acceleration in Windows 10 is strange as I don't recall having any problems activating either under Windows 7 (which I despised so much so I went back to Windows XP). Any help getting FSX Acceleration activated under Windows 10 would very much be appreciated!
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