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  1. James & Jude: Thanks! I suspected as much. Just wanted to confirm it before getting rid of Xplane-10. Installed Xplane-11 on a Win10 system and was amazed at its excellent interface. Then I went back and took a look at Xplane-10 which I had installed on a WinXP system I still use but had never fired up. I was stunned at its crude interface. How anyone able to make any sense out of it is beyond me! Anyway, thanks again!
  2. How does one uninstall X-Plane 10? There's no "uninstall option" nor is it listed in the add/remove software button in the control panel...Do you simply delete it off your hard drive?
  3. Hum...I'll have to double check AS6 to see if it does repeat the same weather...
  4. Well, I think the reports of AS6's demise are inaccurate. It appears to be fully functional to me.
  5. Just fired up my ancient copy of Active Sky 6 which still seams to be fully functional (thank goodness!). For nostalgia's sake I'll try, as Clipper suggests, FS's real weather from time to time to see it it springs back to life...
  6. Its been a REALLY long time since I did any flying on FS2004. When I finally went to create a new flight I got an "Error occurred while downloading Real Weather. Please check your Internet connection and configuration and try again." So the question is, is my fs2004 installation corrupted (everything else seems to be working ok) or is FS2004 real weather no longer supported (what about Active Sky for FS2004)?
  7. Actually, it may (though I can't be positive) have been a conflict with NAV. I tried uninstalling then reinstalling it, this time I turned NAV's auto-protect off, and this time it installed correctly, gauges and all...
  8. Although I resolved (in a roundabout way) the problem I was having with JF's 146-200/300 Jetliner, I decided to switch to QW's Ultimate 146 (which I have installed in FS2004). The price seems to have come way down from what I remember paying for it for FS2004 right after it came out. Since the combined cost of getting all the livery packs for the JF 146 equals the cost of QW's Ultimate 146 on Flight1 and you get all the RJ models in QW's Ultimate 146 to boot I figured the QW was a better deal! I've run into a problem with the QW 146 however. When a QW 1w6 (or any of the RJ models) is loaded the gauges don't load. Has anyone encountered this problem, too? Will uninstalling and reinstalling it correct the problem?
  9. Kylan, with all due respect, you don't know what you're talking about (for example, which version of Windows I'm using) and are speaking incoherent gobbledygook as far as I'm concerned. That, and you are treating me like I'm a clueless idiot who only yesterday began using a computer (I've actually been using personal computers since 1986) or only began using the Internet a couple of hours ago. I've been aware of the practice of not opening links in emails (or even opening emails from someone you've never heard of), most likely longer than you've been alive. Spare me, please, such condescending comments. Most insulting was your apparent belief that I need to be protected from myself. What does any of your condescending nonsense have to do with my original post anyway? And just what the heck do you mean by "Welcome back to the hobby"?! Where did you get the idea I had left it (and which hobby are you talking about)?! Actually, those were rhetorical questions as I couldn't care less what your answers might be. Ray, actually, before Norton added its "Insight" feature I had never had an issue with Norton. Like you, I've been using Norton for decades (since the mid-80s) and have been a long time fan of it. Strangely enough, up until I restored FSX from a backup a couple of weeks ago, the only problems I had with Norton was with it claiming (after Insight became a feature a few years ago) NavData's FMS data installers being infected with WSRputation.1. Part of the problem with the NavData installers is that that was also about the same time that the way the NavaData installers functioned changed and may be the reason why Norton now mistakenly thinks they contain the WSRputation.1 malware.
  10. Well, it certainly won't hurt to take a look at AVAST...
  11. I managed to resolve the problem by uninstalling the JF 146 which deleted the unwanted empty Just Flight folder. After reinstalling it I had to move Just Flight folder to my Games\Fltsims\FS Utilities\Misc folder. I still couldn't move only the 146 subfolder. I still get "CreateSound Buffer failed" and "DirectSound failed to initialize" messages when I load a JF 146 and again if I end the program. I have to minimize FSX in for to remove them and get back to the Free flight window. JF 146-200/300 only cost me $8 (it was an intro sale price). I just might have to consider dumping it and getting something else like QualityWings BAe 146 (which I have for FS9) though its a bit pricey...
  12. Well, I have to disagree with you, Kylan. I've been using Norton ever since I got my first PC (an IBM PCjr) back in1986. For the most part, Norton works great. It usually does a great job detecting viruses. It has changed in ways I don't like over the years but not enough to cause me to switch to something else.
  13. Hopefully, the Scans & Risks will work as far as excluding the FSX folder & contents goes. I've tried it with the NavData update installers but apparently they are altered in some way from month to month causing Norton AV to see them as a different file everytime. Listing them in the file exclusion list doesn't work because of this. Actually, I didn't use to have a problem with Norton AV and the NavData installers until 3 or 4 years ago when NavaData modified the installers. That's when Norton AV started claiming that they contained the WSReputation.1 virus and removed them the instant I unzipped them...
  14. I just recently installed FSX on a new system (well it was new a couple of years ago!) after a 2 year hiatus and am having a problem with Norton AntiVirus attacking and removing various files, seemingly at random, from aircraft, scenery and some 3rd party instrument installs claiming that they contain a file called "WSReputation.1". I've been able to restore the affected files (which have all come from well known and reliable commercial addon products). But really becoming a pain in the neck! Actually, I've encountered this problem with DataNav's FMS data update files. Almost the instant I unzip the files Norton AV deletes them claiming they contain this virus? file. I have to disable Norton AV's auto protect to run the navdata files! I didn't always encounter this problem though. It only started up a few years ago when NavData changed the way the installation files run. Is there a way to disable Norton AV's Insight feature or instruct it not to scan for this "WSReputation 1" file? As near as I can tell its completely harmless (least ways I've never had a situation where it caused any problems)...
  15. I just installed Just Flight's 146-200 300 Jetliner base pack in FSX. After the install I went to move the "146-200 300 Jetliner" folder from the main Program list to another "Fltsim" list/folder but got a "Cannot delete file: Cannot read from the source file or disk". Simply trying to delete the main "Just Flight" folder from the main Program list resulted in a "Cannot find the specified file, Make sure you specify the correct path and file name"! I was able to left click on the location folder I wanted to move the "146-200 300 Jetliner" folder to then clicked on "Explore" I then manually created a new folder and was able to move the contents of the original "146-200 300 Jetliner" folder to the new one. Is there a way to remove/delete the original Just Flight/146-200 300 Jetliner folders? Otherwise, short of reformatting my hard drive and reinstalling Windows and ALL my programs, I'm stuck with this orphaned Just Flight folder!
  16. Hey, Joe, just wanted to let you know your suggestion worked! Turns out some 40+ files were missing from my FS9\Gauges folder. Reinstalling them from the FS9 Installation Disk 2 fixed the problem! Thanks, again! Scott
  17. Thanks for the reply, Joe! The Gauges folder is still right where it should be alright. It has over 1,200 files in it including some 70 files named cessnaxxx.gau in it. My FS2002 install has the same files (they aren't missing in it) which is why I was thinking something might be suppressing them in FS2004. So far as I can see none of the other default aircraft panel gauges are missing gauges. I'll extract the gauges folder from the FS9 disks and compare contents as you suggest and reinstall anything that's missing (or I might just reinstall everything while I'm at it). That ought to do the trick (hopefully)! Scott
  18. Last night I was attempting to load a QW BAe146 aircraft and got the dreaded missing main landing gear deployed speed breaks problem. I loaded a default Cessna 172 and switched to the 2D panel view from which to reload the QW BAe 146 to correct this problem. To my shock most of the panel gauges along with most of the switches at the bottom of the panel (magneto, avionics, lights, etc) are no where to be seen. I ran into the same loading the default 182 and default Mooney (except that even more gauges and switches are missing from both 2D panels. The same gauges are missing from the VC panel of each as well. I'm not sure if the missing gauges and switches have been deleted (I inspected the gauges folder in FS2004 but can't tell if anything is missing) or are simply being suppressed by something else. I have no idea they've been missing since its been quite some time since I've loaded a 172, 182 or Mooney. The only new aircraft I've installed recently is FRE's ME109G, 108K and ME262 but doubt how installing them could be the culprit. FSD's Piper Navajo/Panther are more likely to the the culprit (I installed it last May). Regardless of how the missing gauges/switches went missing, what's the best (i.e., easiest, safest) way to restore them?
  19. Hey, edetroit, turns out you were right! The orphaned imaginesim TJSJ jetways were from AES. I had to turn imaginesims' TJSJ off in AES BEFORE deleting it from FS2004's scenery library. Leaving the scenery active in AES kept the AES jetways active. That was the good news. There's a bit of bad news (more mysterious than bad though) to go with the good. When exiting FS2004 with the LatinVFR TJSJ scenery loaded causes one of those error messages saying the software you were using , in this case FS2004, "encountered an unexpected problem and had to close, etc. etc." No be deal really as it comes after FS2004 is already in the process of shutting down anyway. Not sure what is causing it unless its because I still Imaginesim's TJSJ scenery on my hard drive. It's deleted from fS2004's scenery library though so this issue is a bit of a puzzle...
  20. I don't think the installer allows you to change the destination folder (but it might be worth a try anywayz). Without knowing the names of the jetway bgls it'll be hard to track them down.
  21. I don't think so. They are static jetways and they were part of the WA3 TJSJ terminal building before I got AES. Regardless, how do I remove them?
  22. The WA3 airports ARE by Imaginesim. They include Atlanta, Charlotte, Cincinati, Nassau, and San Juan all bundled together in World Airports 3...They are installed in a Just Flight folder, not a Imaginesim folder.
  23. I recently purchased LatinVFR's TJSJ scenery (forgetting that TJSJ is included in the World Airport 3 airport scenery I already had installed in FS2004). When I loaded it I could see some disconnected jetways that didn't seem to belong. I contacted LatinVFR thinking this was a case of sloppy programming on LatinVFR's part. It wasn't. Turns out the disconnected jetways belong to World Airport 3's TJSJ scenery. I tried deactiviting WA3's TJSJ which made all the WA3 TJSJ scenery disappear EXCEPT the jetways! I tried simply deleting the TJSJ scenery from the scenery library. Didn't work. Deleting the TJSJ folder from the FS2004/Just Flight/WA3 folder didn't work either. Finally I tried uninstalling WA3 entirely (the WA3 uninstaller doesn't give you the chance to install or uninstall specific airports, it an all or nothing thing). But STILL the WA3 TJSJ jetways are showing up in the LatinVFR TJSJ scenery! How the heck to I get get rid of these WA3 TJSJ jetways!? As much as I loved WA3's TJSJ scenery, LatinVFR's is better and these orphaned WA3 TJSJ jetways have got to go!!!
  24. I did insert a route in the RTE/LEGS page. In fact, I've got the 737PIC FMC fully programmed for a KBFI to KLAX flight with the only thing missing at this point is the cruise altitude on the CLB/CRZ/DES pages (I was able to insert it in the initialization page.
  25. As a matter of fact, yes! Should that have caused the FMC to transfer the cruise altitude to the CLB/CRZ/DES pages?
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