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  1. Many thanks for the links and your time and effort. I will try an build up the courage :)
  2. Thanks for all the tips. I will certainly try them. The only thing I am not really comfortable with is the over clocking CPU. I have a Q6600 and I use my PC for home office and entertainment. Its only 3 months old and I would hate for it to BBQ although you said its rare. I have also not found a good tutorial or site that I feel confident about as to how to do it.Thanks againBill:-)
  3. >I find water at max settings looks much better ,some of the>colors seem more subtle, and light bloom is different (and>seems to change with each new driver release). Other than that>the difference is not huge.I will try the light bloom and move water from mid to max and see what happensThanksBill
  4. I dont have those add on planes only default. Installed SP2 and I have not seen any improvements. Hard to tell as I am no expert testerI do not see any better FPS etc. I have it running with the preview DX10 and have no idea what it is supposed to look like. It looks the same as before. Still have some stutters and the blurry stuff. My system is 3 months old with Vista home, Q6600/3GB RAM/8800GTS312. All default FSX no addons etc.Not too shabby a system and I guess my expectations might be too high. But after all the hoopla from MS about DX10 etc etc, it is a bit of a let down. So I guess you can try SP2 and uninstall it if it gives you trouble. Bill
  5. >If you figure it out let me know too. Very infrequently my>rudders pedals(only) still go to sleep-haven't figured that>one out.>Ok here is what I have done based on your sleep tip and so far it seems to work:1) Run the CH control manager and make sure both yoke and pedals are recognized and calibrated. Exit2) Open control panel/Power Options. My default is set to balanced, but no matter what the menus are all the same for all the plans. Select "change plan setting" then "change advanced settings". On the drop down menu go to USB settings and open to the last item. If it is disabled change to enable and click ok out of everything...whew :-)3) Open your device manager and go to Universal Serial Bus controllers. Then look for anything that says USB root hub. Right click on each one and then check the power management tab and see what is checked or not checked. Uncheck the ones you want and it should work. I dont recall which one(s) are linked to the CH items so I unchecked them all for power management and so far its working.Good luck and I am off to the airport on vacation..Bill
  6. Yes I also calibrated etc with it. I think you are on to something with the sleep issue. I recall back in the old days of XP this also happened :-)Will check it outThanksBillEdit: I checked all power management settings in device manger for every USB root hub/CH products etc and none of them have the power setting enabled to turn off the device, so it may be something elseEdit 2: I found in the power management settings that mine is set to balanced, and there is an item for USB devices that was disabled. SO I enabled it and went back to Device manager and see where the device was actually set to power power off, so I unchecked it. I will see what happens next time. If you dont hear from me then that solved it and thanks to G for the tip :-)
  7. >Do you have the ch control managers for vista installed?
  8. Whenever I start FSX it does not to detect the yoke and pedals (USB) I have to unplug them and plug them back in then they work. This is under Vista Home premium. Been like this ever since I got new PC and installed FSX. Just getting a bit tired of doing it.They show up in the control panel so I do not think its the OS.Anyone else experience this and if so is there a fix?I think this is software related so please dont move post if possibleThanksBill
  9. Got it working...deleted cfg file and started over. Dont know what caused the problem in the first placeThanks Bill
  10. Folks I am stuck..Got new PC with Vista and reinstalled FSX and so far everything is going very well, except I cant for the life of me figure out how to get the hat switch on the CH yoke to pan in 2D cockpit view. I had it working perfectly under XP but now nothingI have done the change to the cameras cfg file(located in my roaming folder) and also assigned the hat switch to View(pan) and still nothingAll other button assignments are working fineI also checked calibration of the yoke and the hat switch is recognized and workingAny help appreciatedThanksBill
  11. Recently got a Q6600 system with Vista and an 8800GTS 320 card. Got it because my other PC went on the blink so had no choice. Did not get it for FSX.Anyway after having the new PC for a month now I finally fired up FSX today after reading this thread. Took me long to do it because I just could not bear more disappointing performance as with my old P4 system.:-) I should mention the install and SP1 update went without a hitch. No activation problemsI bumped up the default settings a bit and set FPS target to 30 and to my surprise, my first flight around KMIA with traffic at 30% and autogen normal, was quite smooth and nice. I had set affinity to 15 prior to the flight as per PT's blog but now I will reset to 14 and see if it gets even better as mentioned here. The water is absolutely stunning at 2 I did check task manager and all 4 cores were being used around 60-80%. I also did not turn off any background services like anti virus etc. The flight was 30 minutes in the 737 at 5000feet so not much to go on. I will do more long hauls in different areas to see how it performs.But so far it looks encouraging and I can get back to some flyingI may even buy ActiveSky for fSX..it was great for FS9 which I did not bother to install on the new PCJust thought I would share this experience and thanks to the OP for starting itBill
  12. I have Vista HEP 32bit with a Q6600 and 2GB RAM. Does it make sense or will I benefit from 4GB RAM? The way I understand it even if the extra ram is used for devices I would get the fuller use of 2.x or 3.x ram...am I reading it correct?ThanksBill
  13. I did one to see how it worked and there isnt a naming convention like AFCAD2 so I gave it the ICAO code XXXX.bgl and dropped it in the addon scenery folder. I guess it would be best to identify it like you suggest like AFX_KMIA_.bgl so as to not confuse it with other 3rd party files. Or maybe even use your intials :-)Bill
  14. Got one here to use with the free FSX planner...works greatwww.scruffyduckscenery.co.ukIts called Bgl2Xml GUI, near the top of page is the download linkBill
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