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  1. Sorry. When I said reinstall, I meant the PMDG747. I`ve tried installing into p3dv3 and still no better. Was aondeing if its a navigraph thing, as the aerac loads VERY slowly when selecting the 747
  2. Wow. 450 views and NO reply. How does that happen?
  3. Hi. I`ve upgraded my PC to Win10, and have problems with my PMDG747 On selection from the sim menu, the nav data base begins to load, but takes sooooo looong. When it does finally load, the frame rates make a dramatic drop. Usually down to 5 frames. I`ve reinstalled it, but still cant get it to work correctly. Is this a Win 10 thing?
  4. I`ve installed PMDG 747 into p3d in Win10. The 747 ran great in p3d until I upgraded from win7 to win10. I now have the same problems as above. Very slow loading of nav database, and when it finally does load, I get very low frame rates. Can you expand on your post? (wow, just noticed it was 5 yrs ago)
  5. I fly for BA Virtual who stick very closely to its "real" airline. 757s have been phased out for some time now, and the 767 fleet will follow soon after. What ever happens with LVLD will soon be irrelevant to me.
  6. How come mine dont display without AddonConverterX ?
  7. You dont need addonconverterX to get the textures to become visible?
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