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  1. Hi Alex. Many thanks for your help. You`ve resolved my problem. I strangely had a FS2020 listing in the excludes section. Deleted that out and now works. Huge thanks
  2. Hi. Many thanks for your reply. I`m emailing it to you now. Ian Edwards.
  3. Hi. I`m a returning simmer, thats got hooked with FS2020. Installing Little NavMap 2.6.16 I have a problem. (My FS2020 directory is K/FS2020) I`m trying to load the Scenery Library from the drop down list, but when I run "load" it runs for 2 seconds, and adds nothing to the database. I`ve pressed "reset paths" to Flight Simulator 2020, but doesn`t do anything. Please help. Cheers Ian Edwards
  4. Sorry. When I said reinstall, I meant the PMDG747. I`ve tried installing into p3dv3 and still no better. Was aondeing if its a navigraph thing, as the aerac loads VERY slowly when selecting the 747
  5. Wow. 450 views and NO reply. How does that happen?
  6. Hi. I`ve upgraded my PC to Win10, and have problems with my PMDG747 On selection from the sim menu, the nav data base begins to load, but takes sooooo looong. When it does finally load, the frame rates make a dramatic drop. Usually down to 5 frames. I`ve reinstalled it, but still cant get it to work correctly. Is this a Win 10 thing?
  7. I`ve installed PMDG 747 into p3d in Win10. The 747 ran great in p3d until I upgraded from win7 to win10. I now have the same problems as above. Very slow loading of nav database, and when it finally does load, I get very low frame rates. Can you expand on your post? (wow, just noticed it was 5 yrs ago)
  8. Hi I know how to manually install addons, but whats confusing me, is if the addon is already installed in FSX. when the addon installer is opened, it detects the installed files in the registry and asks if you want to uninstall. Do I go ahead and ignore this and go for a "reinstall?" THis way I could have the same addon installed in both sims. Hope you understand my confusion?
  9. Hi. I have FSX and Prepar3d installed on my PC. The FSX addons are already registered when installed. If I try to install into prepar3d, the addon automatically finds the FSX install. How do I install in both sims?
  10. How do you install FSX addons into Prepar3d when these addons are already registered in FSX? The registry detects these addons are already installed. Is it not possible to have both sims on same PC?
  11. Hi. I`m a part of BA Virtual, and a number of members have reported that the fixer is not available anymore?
  12. I fly for BA Virtual who stick very closely to its "real" airline. 757s have been phased out for some time now, and the 767 fleet will follow soon after. What ever happens with LVLD will soon be irrelevant to me.
  13. Hi mate. Its now the bog standard one that comes with NI. I`ve got rid of all the settings. Apart from the water shimmering, it doesn`t look any better when its tweaked.
  14. Is my GTX560ti dying? If I switch around different views, it takes a while for the clouds and cockpit textures to appear correctly. Hope this makes sense.
  15. Hi. I`ve struggled to get a compromise with Frame rates and Nvidea Inspector, and so i`ve put it back to standard. My frame rates now have gone up quite a bit, and I`ve upped the cloud resolution, and AA on DX10 payware addon. All is good, until I cross any water. The surface just shimmers away. I dont get this shimmering any other time. Is there any way I can reduce the shimmering, and not lean onto Nvidea Inspector too heavily? Hope that makes sense?
  16. I could do with earning some extra money. How do you get around the copywrite issues to become a freelance painter?
  17. How come mine dont display without AddonConverterX ?
  18. Oh wow. Thanks guys, Cracked it, Tried Rich`s NI settings. Aircraft looks much better, and no frame rate hit with clouds!! Also, as suggested, swtched from Antscopic to Trilinear, and that stopped my flashing clouds. Cant believe I`m running this sim with ALL SLIDERS TO RIGHT!! Amazing
  19. You dont need addonconverterX to get the textures to become visible?
  20. Hi. Just a slight issue. I`m running FSX with Antroscopic enabled and NVidea Inspector at default settings, as discussed in another topic. All my sliders are at FULL, which I think is astounding. The only downer, is the aircraft in view has some jagged lines, which I`d like improved, but when I tweak the NI, the aircraft looks better, but frames rates drop when flying through the clouds. The settings in NI are in another language to me. Can someone suggest a milder form of AA? Cheers Ian Edwards
  21. Sorted it. In the downloaded file for the shaders, there is a file in the Extras folder. When I dropped it into the FSX main folder it cured it!!!!
  22. I`ve found (I go online with Vatsim), that running FSInn, coupled with IVAO aircraft, and running addonconverterX, that all the liveries do show in DX10 mode.
  23. I followed this advice, to remove Bufferpools, and it doubled my framerates at cruise altitude.
  24. Hi. I`ve just taken the plunge and had a go. Done all the edits and installs provided in this forum. (Had to remove bufferpools as it ground my system to a halt). My question is, that when flying out of a UK airport, the ground scenery (Orbx England) only displays immediatly around the aircraft (not into the distance), and has white patches around it, until I climb past 8000ft, then everything is displayed as it should for the rest of the flight. Is this a DX10 thing, or a Orbx England problem? Hope this makes sense?
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