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  1. Just spend the money on the Coolsky. You will get hours of enjoyment learning how to fly and navigate it properly. It is one of my absolute favorite add on aircraft. Colin
  2. The coolsky dc9 is terrific. The VC in the mad dog is terriible - an afterthought really.
  3. Keep reading - they discuss an entire new simulator further down...
  4. Except, almost all had teething problems (the 777 for instance, is nearly six months out from release and no SP to fix the faulty fly by wire logic). It's easy to hold others to these standards, but let's not forget that there were huge problems with the NGX at launch as well as the Cool Sky Classic Douglas twin engine. The developers fixed them, and off we went.
  5. Still plenty flying around in American Airlines livery...
  6. It has a lot to do with the gear performance - the "thunk" you hear when the gear retracts may trigger the crash detection scripts...there is an interview with Rob Young out there, not sure which site, about the V2, he talk a lot about needing to set those sliders exactly where he recomends. It's a wonderful plane - once you get this worked out you are going to love flying it into small fields.
  7. I will be visiting the go flight folks on Friday - want to try before I buy. I'll give a full report here. Colin
  8. I think that was the one released with the fan blades showing in the tail engine - like the DC-10. Certainly not as real as it gets...
  9. Yes-that's exactly what I'm saying. Maybe one time in 10 it will load in the way points. And I know how to use an FMC. Hours in the LDS 763, the NGX and also the MD11 with it's different logic. I have the lastest AIRAC data as well. This is just like the flight directors on the older birds - they don't work either. And CS doesn't care because they never fix them. Which is really annoying given it's the gauge you look at the most...
  10. Wow - it's easy to forget that the LDS 767 had its origins in FS2000 as the first ever Wilco PIC product. That may make it the longest toothed add on in FSX and thus explain why it's starting to become incompatible. I havn't flown it since I got the MD11 and the NGX. Many good hours in that plane. I will never forget how good I felt when i sucessfully merged the PIC with the POSKY.
  11. And top be fair, I like the CS707, and with the user mods avaialble for the engines, the 727 is fun too. And I paid fuill price for the 707. The rest of their fleet is worth the sales price - but not full price. But they are not complete products - their flight directors are useless and should be labeled hazards to navigation. Esp. the Herc. That one will fly you into the ground if you follow it.
  12. I wish it were so. No, the reason we don't like the plane is that 7 years after it was introduced, it is still a hot mess. As one example, the FMC is, YEARS after it was introduced, still incomplete and nearly unusable - and that's the critical piece in a plane like the 757. It was built to be flown by that thing. It still won't load in the waypoints of a SID or STAR into the Legs page, as an example. I will say this much, at least the FD works - unlike nearly every other CS plane.
  13. I pulled my order history from Flight1 during my last build and was shocked at how long it was. Here is my list of purchases I'd like to have back: 1. CS 727 - the original version before FSX. Plane was unflyable. Intertia was so poorly modeled the plane never went where you pointed it. And for a plane that pilots would praise for being able to fly with their fingertips - that was not as "real as it gets.." 2. Justflight - Viscout - the VC textures looked like those original VCs in FS2000...real shame. I was hoping for a better version of this very successful turboprop plane that I flew on as a kid in Canada. 3. FeelThere Legacay - first, FeelThere seems to have made it a company policy to not spend any time with night lighting. Like the variable lights in the PMDG NGX or MD11, forget it in the Legacy. You get glow in the dark panels that completely destroy your night vision. Only thing more annoying is their justification for not spending the time to do good night lighting was one picture of pilots with the dome light (likely a promo shot set up in a simulator for dramatic effect) on from Airliners.net and say it's pilot preference. I don't know any commercial pilot who lands with the dome light on - just like I don't know anyone who drives around with their dome light on. This plane was also almost impossible to fly. Could never get the bird into a stable cruise. Too fast, too slow, too fast, too slow. 4. Alphasim - just terrible qualty planes. All of them. 5. CLS DC-10. Ugliest VC of a major jetliner.
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