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  1. Just spend the money on the Coolsky. You will get hours of enjoyment learning how to fly and navigate it properly. It is one of my absolute favorite add on aircraft. Colin
  2. Keep reading - they discuss an entire new simulator further down...
  3. Except, almost all had teething problems (the 777 for instance, is nearly six months out from release and no SP to fix the faulty fly by wire logic). It's easy to hold others to these standards, but let's not forget that there were huge problems with the NGX at launch as well as the Cool Sky Classic Douglas twin engine. The developers fixed them, and off we went.
  4. Still plenty flying around in American Airlines livery...
  5. It has a lot to do with the gear performance - the "thunk" you hear when the gear retracts may trigger the crash detection scripts...there is an interview with Rob Young out there, not sure which site, about the V2, he talk a lot about needing to set those sliders exactly where he recomends. It's a wonderful plane - once you get this worked out you are going to love flying it into small fields.
  6. I will be visiting the go flight folks on Friday - want to try before I buy. I'll give a full report here. Colin
  7. Not really a lot of choices if you are looking for planes that are complete. As noted above, the 727 from CS needs a lot of tweaks - and the FD does not work correctly. Instead of giving you a target to aim for as you fly the plane - it rises with the airplane. And never the twain shall meet. The 707 is a good plane, but it is also in need of a flight director fix. The manual correctly states that the FD and the AP on the plane are not coupled - totally separate systems. Yet the FD does strange things when you turn on the AP. CS seems unwilling to fix. Also, the engines don't match published tables - so you can't fly with tables you find for the plane on the internet. You have to learn by experimenting. Just an aside - if you are going to code a gauge incorrectly, why does CS choose to do so on the one that you look at the most? The Just Flight 737 is terrible - horrible graphics. This company is the new Abacus of the FS world. I think the Cool Sky DC-9 with the McPhat textures will be the best vor to vor plane on the market when it releases. The very best of all was the Dreamfleet 727. However, that company is gone and there are no plans to release the 727 in FSX which is a real shame. Colin
  8. CS - like my last girilfriend, pretty on the eyes, but there was always something missing....
  9. They had mentioned a Dash 8 series of regional propliners sometime back. And I doubt they'd do the 757/67 because they have a great relationship with Darrel at Level D and that plane (the 757) will be relased by LevelD at some point. I hope they continue to do interesting planes that are more involved that hitting CMD at 400 feet AGL. It's fun to learn the big iron, for instance the 777 does not interest me. Just more hours in cruise and very similar flying proceedures. That's why I like the MD11 - much diffrerent, and driving the CS 707 for some vor to vor action. Coiln
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