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  1. Just purchased the PMDG DC6 a week ago and up till today no problems except understanding GPS and VOR. Today while flying I noticed that the ICON that show's the different task icons, started to fade away. After it disappear it could not be brought up with mouse button. Then the screen started to turn dark, except the bottom icons did not. When I clicked the "A" or S" key, the plane would flicker, then go dark. The only that would not fade away was the GPS, I have two monitors and I move it from one to another and it stayed the same, this has happen twice. Rebooted FSX, system and worked OK until 30 minutes into the flight. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. rambow, or rainbow whichever, I appreciate you help and I almost from the start knew that I was not going to get an answer, but i though I would try. I use to hear the brakes of the Lockheed P2V Neptunes during my time in the Navy. I was hoping to add a sound like the P2V onto my DC3, oh well, not planning on flying the aircraft from the outside anyway. LOL Thanks for the ino.
  3. I've just accumated over 2000 hours on the DC-3, and to me it's the best aircraft that I have in my folder. I've never had any major issues with it since purchase. I like the old style steam gauges and also having to plan your route without a FMC. I've removed the GPS from the panel folder and rely strickly on the Low Altitude charts and such. Even thou I have PMDG, Captain Sims, LVD767, Quality Wings, Ifly, Feelthere and Maddog. I rather fly the DC-3 anytime, you'll will se me a lot on VATSIM as AAL600, I've flown 865 straight flights with the DC3, my intentions was to do 1,000 but medical reason stop that. SO HOPE TO SEE IN THE AIR.... "OLD TOOT"
  4. How do you add a sound file to the MAAM cfg file. Have the squeaking brake sound for the Connie and would like to add it to the DC3 if possible. The sqeaking brake sound is in my effect folder.
  5. I did as you suggested, but I got the "cannot find registry for FS9 error". so I did a registry fix after I save a copy of the registry. Re installed PMDG747, and it fix the problem PMDG747. AIRAC now loads fast and no problems with the FMC.Thanks..... "OLD Toot"
  6. For some reason or another the 747PMDG Airac Database is loading very slow. What usually took about 2 minutes is now taken 15 minutes. And I have notice a new problem also that may be related. When I do a spot plane view and do a complete movement around the aircraft there is no hesitation. But once I start programing the FMC, I noticed that when pressing the Buttons on the FMC the response time is slower. When entering the runway the number is slow coming up on the page. When completion programing the route,I go back out to the spot plane view and do another complete movement around the aircraft and there is a hesitation every 1.5 sec. The FMC is slow to respond to pointer commands. Other aircraft have been tested and there is no problem with the FMC'sWhen viewing the FMC window is blank, no information in the windows (of the FMC). What should come up immediately is very slow.Windows 7Intel Quad 2.5GHZ6GB ramATI HD4890 1GB DDR5
  7. that i have never done before enable the VNAV and LNAV before takeoff, i will try this next time. thanks for the info
  8. I purchased the PMDG 747 two weeks ago and everything has been working fine up till now. The last three flights I've encountered an autopilot problem, as an example:I will use FSBuild for my flight, start the engines and set up my FMC as required. Set my Vref in the FMC, turn A/T on, F/D on, Altitude and speed (250 knots). As the vref speed are called out I rotate the aicraft as I climb I press the SPD button on the console and nothing happens, I press the V/S button and it light up. The SPD then lights up, then I press the CMD button. The CMD button will not lite up, after several clicks of the button it fianlly lites, when that happen the rate of climb which was set at 1500fpm increases to 4000fpm or more, even though the V/S is set at 1500fpm.Also my speed is slowing down, that I expect, I check the FMC and cannot find any possible reason for the V/S not to control the rate of climb. I have to DISENGAGED the A/P and re-engage it to restart the SPD and V/S button. IF I immediately click the L NAV and V NAV after departure the rate of climb is normal. I rather control by aircraft lateral and vertically unitl I'm on course for the L NAV and V NAV is needed. I have completely search this forum and others and cannot find anyone with this problem all though I feel like somebody has in the past.Alfred JonesVP-26 Patrol Squadron
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