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  1. airforce806

    PMGD 737 Bugs.

    Make sure you have both left and right packs turned off.
  2. airforce806

    P3D4 Dynamic Lights and FPS drop

    Terblanche, I think it is highly likely the majority of simmers are having this issue with the current p3d v4. Myself included. My hope is that a hotfix or update from prepar3d/pmdg may cure this. But yes, a huge drop in frames is something I am experiencing as well. Good opportunity to practice malfunctioning landing light landings. I fly in the real world and this is a great skill to have. :)
  3. airforce806

    Frustrating Stutters

    Try locking frames via nvdia inspector to 30.5fps. For some reason that smoothed a lot out for me.
  4. Are these NVidia settings still recommended for the PMDG products using Prepar3d V 3.2? Are they used to get the screenshots seen in Facebook and on the forum? The aircrafts look stunning. Thank you!
  5. airforce806

    04MAR12: SP1c Released for full NGX product range.

    Great thank you. I will give that a try!!
  6. airforce806

    04MAR12: SP1c Released for full NGX product range.

    After installing the sp1c i have noticed an interesting sound issue. When I load the NGX all sounds seem normal, meaning all sounds in the 3D virtual cockpit. Howver once is cycle the views from wing to spot...ect and finally back to cockpit, the sound of the engines are roaring ( sounds exaclty like full N1 on climb out) however this sound happens when just parked at the gate so the sound is much louder since there is no wind. Has anyone else had this issue as well after SP1?