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  1. Do you notice any mouse lag at all with these settings? I have a Samsung 60hz Monitor that I use and I notice when use the 1/2 refresh rate I get a bit of a mouse lag.
  2. Any tips? Great video. Incredibly smooth!
  3. Your simulator is UNREAL! Are those monitors or is it a projector??
  4. Not taking the dive till at least 5.1. 4.5 still working and no CTDs.
  5. Haven't tried version 5 but version 4.5 is running well on my system. Seems be too many frustrated simmers yet for me to give it a shot. Just don't feel like spending the hours tweaking. Hopefully hotfixes will solve the issue.
  6. Do you happen to be running SimLink from Navigraph during your p3d flights?
  7. I appreciate reading all of the constructive comments. I think for many of us, Prepar3d and the flight sim in general world fulfills perhaps different needs for many of us as hobbyists. For myself, as a real world pilot, its a great way to stay current, learn the systems of other aircrafts, fly challenging approaches on the ground before I will in real life, and also learn a thing or two about computers. As I continue to read the comments it's clear that there will be continual updates to smooth out v5 but its also clear that this will most likely happen quicker as the flight sim community continues to fly it. Like many of you, Prepar3d is the "base" for me. I then load in my many addons to get my sim running as smooth and as realistic as possible. I try to turn the settings up to enhance my graphics.. but then I get stutters. So then I go down the rabbit hole of tweaking. Maybe I can do this or that to get better performance and better graphics all with the same hardware. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. I'm not as knowledgeable as many of you in this community regarding hardware, settings, graphics card adjustments, overclocking, etc...which is why I value you the conversations, constructive criticism, and advice many users here share. It has helped me solve many issues over the years. Flight simulation has come a long way and the capabilities of our flying evolves with the development of new software and hardware. Time to depart. 777 Depature out of CYUL
  8. I am currently using Prepar3d v4.5. I have been following many threads to get an idea of if I should make the jump to version 5. We all know cleaning up the the PC for a complete upgrade requires many many hours of downloading, installing, and troubleshooting... With so many issues I was wondering if I missed something. Is this a beta release or is this the actually production release? Although I would expect there to be some kinks to be worked out as us simmers like a nice smooth sim with realistic graphics. However, the issues I see appear to be endless with freezing, CTDs, graphic anomalies, etc I don’t want to spend more hours fixing than flying this time around. For those of you that are using the new software, do they appear to be minor issues compared to v4.5. Thanks for your input!
  9. This is great! Really appreciate you sharing the specs as well as the setup. Thanks Rob!
  10. Hey Rob, What monitor did you get? Something that can run at 30Hz?
  11. Great Find Noel! I’m actually still using 4.5 but this eliminated them for me!
  12. Looking forward to the day where we purchase the new release and its smooth, the average system can run it, and the graphics look like this. Someday folks!
  13. Make sure you have both left and right packs turned off.
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