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  1. Hi, Thank you for this much needed fix! Do you think a similar fix can be devised for the bug that even in overcast situations sunlight is cast on every object that is above your POV? Thanks!
  2. Hi, Is this simply the same Procedure as with the previous version or are there specific issues that make these changes necessary? Because I departed from a clean install EHAM 1.3 yesterday without any mods to it, just the scenery listed above TENL in the library and the mods listed in the ORBX forum, and both airport and the city looked brilliant. I have seen no compatibility issues at all thus far and would encourage anyone to just install it and see what you get before making any mods. Edit: are you aware that in your screenshot the fire practice fake 747 is missing and there is a large JUMBO SUPERMARKET around that area that should not be there?
  3. LEBL=Simwings combined with ORBX Barcelona. LEPA=Simwings Always FSDG above anything else, they are among the best. Their Thessaloniki (LGTS) scenery is one of the best I ever purchased.
  4. Not complaining, only trying to contribute: with this DLL installed I regularly find AI traffic bouncing around from tens of thousands of feet below the earth to way up high into the stratosphere. Using SimcontrolX for iPad it is easy to monitor AI and the behaviour, I am trying to find a trend but haven't as of yet. I have seen it happening to UTT Phenom 100 and FAIB A320, for example. Also I regularly see traffic landing miles short of the threshold and rolling onto the runway, vacating via the first exit. Or flaring way too high and then dropping like a brick.
  5. I have the very same issues that you describe. Following this.
  6. That may very well be true, but I find their support with other products (Edinburgh and True Earth Netherlands in my case) also lacking recently. I am not going to 'punish' anyone but the days that I bought OrbX products on release day without even checking the screenshots, are over. When reading their forums I can not help but get the strong feeling that they simply lost interest and stopped caring, despite Nicks best efforts. Erik
  7. I have the same feeling about the recent ORBX releases and level of customer support. I voiced similar frustrations in this topic just yesterday : https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/153535-central-trueearth-netherlands-issue-topics/page/4/
  8. Out of my head: Boeing 737-300/400/500/700/800/900 Boeing 747-400 Boeing 757-200/300 Boeing 767-300 Airbus A319 Airbus A320 Airbus A321 Airbus A330-200/300 Airbus A340-300/600 McDonnelDouglas MD-11 Bombardier Dash8-Q400 Fokker 50 Fokker 70 Fokker 100 ATR72-200/500 BAe RJ85 BAe RJ100 Cessna C150/C152/C172/C182/C206/C208/C337/C421/O-2A/CJ Mustang/CJ1 Piper Pa18 Cub, Super Cub, Warrior, Archer, Meridian Socata TBM700/850 Beechcraft KingAir E90 Generalavia F22.C Lockheed C130J Douglas DC-3 Douglas DC-10 PBY Catalina Antonov An-2 Extra 300L Pitts Special Cirrus SR22 G3/G5
  9. I'm starting to understand why IB uses A340s. Planning a flight from S-America to Eur. with a twin is a payloadrestricting nightmare. #andes

  10. Last night an US F15E fighter went down over Libya due to technical problems with the aircraft. Crew reported to be safe. #odysseydawn #usaf


    #Supermoon has lost a little of its supermooniness, but is nevertheless stunning to look at tonight. http://twitpic.com/4bxox7


  12. RAF Tornados flew 3.000mi from the UK to Libya and back, making it the longest-range bombing mission since the Vulcans bombed the Falklands.

  13. Tonight USAF B2's were active above Libya, CNN and AlJazeera say. #odysseydawn

  14. One last picture of this beautiful day, taken above the city of Deventer. Goodnight everyone! http://twitpic.com/4b8cyg

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