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  1. Have you tried loading the Scenery Library and are you using P3Dv4 or 5
  2. Working fine here as well 1.1.81 P3D 4.5 and 5
  3. Thanks for getting this topic back on track. As previously mentioned this is supposed to be realistic flight simulation, and you can't fly in the real world without ATC, it should be a major part of flight simulation. I cannot understand why some people say ATC is a low priority, try taking off from Heathrow with your radios turned off in the RW.
  4. Just curious if the default ATC has improved in V5 ?
  5. Ok I think this is one for Bryan, you could be right Cabin Crew can be a touchy lot 😉
  6. Hi Brian I also use the SOP1 and don't have any of the problems you are describing. Can you confirm you are pressing 'Run Preflight Events' in the Config window otherwise I don't think you will here the FO say he is 'starting his walk around' - do you see the timer counting down in the main display. Glen
  7. OK thanks Bryan, it worked fine in the NGX but this is obviously a new SDK for the NGXu. I'll set it manually for now as its useful to see the engine parameters and the start levers in the same area of the screen during engine start.
  8. Hi Bryan SOP 1 in use with Version 1.3 During the Before Start Procedure page 13 of the SOP 1 tutorial, the FO should set the Lower DU to 'Engine' on my system this hasn't happened with versions 1.2 or 1.3 - the lower DU remains blank.
  9. Hi Alex Thanks for your help. All the settings in the manual link you supplied were fine, same as the Flying Computer. I removed LNM from my Client computer and deleted the database folder, then reinstalled LNM and transferred the database files from my Flying Computer as per the manual, all is now working ok. I don't know why it didn't work before, maybe a corrupt file somewhere. Thanks again for your help and a fantastic program 😊
  10. Looking forward to the fix, thanks Bryan 🙂
  11. I have read the instructions for 'Running without Flight Simulator Installation' on page 215 of the manual. I now have the same 'Database files' in both the Flying Computer version of LNM and the Client version (both 2.4.3 rc1). However when I zoom in to an airfield, the Flying Computer version of LNM shows all the taxiway letters and parking bay numbers but the client computer doesn't. I have checked the manual and most of LNM options but can't get the taxiway and parking bays to show up in the client computer - what am I doing wrong ? I'm using P3Dv4 BTW
  12. I have just installed version 1.3 and all seems ok so far. The only aircraft I fly in P3D are the PMDG 737 and Q400, so its a bit disappointing that the Q400 still doesn't move. I noticed in a previous post you were hoping to get this working in a future update, is there any workaround as a temporary fix ?
  13. Please don't add this, the engines are shut down as part of the flight crews normal shut down checks after parking brakes are set. I think most crews would find it infuriating being told by a Marshaller to shut down their engines.
  14. www.cixvfrclub.org.uk/downloads/5d_scenery.php Try in the link, if the link doesn't work enter cixvfrclub in Google and go to Downloads. Glen
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