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  1. Don't know if there is a problem with the Navaid option within the Information docking window. If I right click on a airfields blue icon and select 'Show information on airport' all the correct information shows in the Information docking window except Navaids, either nothing shows or it displays the last navaid selected. As an example - I selected Bristol EGGD but the navaid shows Cardiff NDB only because I clicked on the CDF NDB when I was looking at Cardiff airport information. The manual states 'One airport and all Navaids close to the cursor are loaded into the information window' This is not happening. I'm using P3Dv4.3 and Little Navmap v 2.2.1 beta, Navigraph 1812 and fsAerodata Glen
  2. If you go into Little Navmap - Tools - Options - Startup Up tab, at the bottom you can select to receive 'Stable and Beta versions' of updates.
  3. Ok found it, you have to right click on the little red dot on the runway and the Remove traffic pattern becomes available.
  4. Hi Alex I have just noticed the option 'Display airport traffic pattern' in the latest beta which I find very useful. However the option to remove the traffic pattern is greyed out and not selectable, is this a bug or something I am doing wrong.
  5. GAJ52

    PMDG 777 Tutorial v1.5 Problem

    I've tried to download the B777 tutorial v1.5 from the PMDG website but the link wrongly refers to the Japanese v1. Could someone at PMDG please fix the link so I can download the v1.5 tutorial. Thanks 🙂
  6. What I would love to see is a study level Classic 747-100/200. I cannot understand how this mainstay of longhaul aircraft for many airlines for over 20 years prior to the 777 and 744 has been ignored by flight sim developers with the exception of RFP by Ralph Tofflemire. It appears todays pilots are quite happy setting up a computer (FMS) and watching the aircraft fly itself to destination. The 747 Classic had to be monitored very closely by both the Pilots and Flight Engineer. A study level PMDG Classic 747-100/200 would be fantastic.
  7. GAJ52

    F1 B200 in V4 - Opinions?

    My computer specs used to be in my signature, don't know what happened. intel i7-7700K Kaby Lake clocked to 4.6 GHz, Asus Z270F motherboard, 32GB DDR4 3000MHz memory, Nvidia Geforce GTX 1080 Ti 11GB Graphics card (390.77 driver), Corsair Hydro H80i V2 CPU Cooler, 500GB Samsung 960 EVO SSD, 1TB Crucial MX300 SSD.
  8. GAJ52

    F1 B200 in V4 - Opinions?

    I bought the F1 B200 a few months ago and have a fairly high spec computer so assumed it would be ok, however as soon as I turn on the battery and G1000 activates I have terrible stuttering when panning side to side. I have tried all the recommended fixes on the internet but nothing cures the problem. All of the PMDG, Majestic and A2A aircraft run as smooth as silk. Its also the only aircraft that has caused a couple of CTD's during flight - the B200 has got great potential and was everything I was looking for in a GA twin, but to me this stuttering makes it unflyable. Glen
  9. I didn't know that option was there, thanks Alex
  10. Is this a beta version, where is the download link ?
  11. GAJ52

    Electronic Flight Bag v2 Released

    One day you will upgrade to v2 and think to yourself dam why didn't I do this sooner. As a long time v1 user this version is a must for any serious flight simmer.
  12. GAJ52

    P3D v4 & the JS-41

    I know absolutely nothing about software development, so my comment is just an uninformed observation not a moan. When a product goes to Beta doesn't this mean its basically finished, but being tested by a few testers to iron out the last few remaining bugs. If this is the case wouldn't have been more beneficial to continue this last stage of development and release the product to at least keep the cash flow coming in, then move resources to the larger more time consuming projects.
  13. Alex Do you have access to Plan-G, if you look at Blackbushe EGLK it has the standard 2 mile Radius ATZ and close by is a Military airfield Odiham EGVO with a MATZ with a 5 mile radius circle with an approach stub. Airfields EGVP and EGDM also have MATZ airspaces. Although not strictly required on Vatsim you should call the Military ATC and ask to cross this MATZ airspace, also its sometime required to tell ATC you are leaving the airfields ATZ. Having these visible on LNM would make this much easier when fling VFR. Glen
  14. Is there any way LNM can show ATZ (Aerodrome Traffic Zones) and MATZ (Military Aerodrome Traffic Zones) which would be useful when flying VFR. I noticed what looks like a MATZ Zone around the airfield in Rob Ainscough video regarding AI problems. Glen
  15. I'm amazed how this fantastic aircraft hasn't been developed before for FSX / P3D by some of the other well known developers that specialise on Boeing aircraft. I know we had Ready for Pushback and I spent some time talking to the developer because some of the systems were not quite right especially the fuel system, but he did produce a fairly realistic rendition of the 747 Classic including the Flight Engineers panel, but sadly a newer version I know he was working on didn't quite make it to release stage. I hope Just Flight include the FMS Navigation system as most 747 Classics were retrofitted with these units and didn't just have the three Carousel INS units, and a realistic Flight Engineers station which will make it vastly different to fly from the 747-400. I'll keep an eye on this project with great interest. Glen (Retired 747-100/200 Flight Engineer)