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  1. Does nobody else find this situation annoying ?
  2. Has anyone found a fix for the fact selecting a Custom Camera alternates between two views, the one you have programmed and another view. When I program a cockpit view to a joystick button that's the only one I want to appear each time I press the button.
  3. I'm about to do the tutorial for the JF Piper Arrow, on page 46 of the manual it shows the route on the MSFS map with winds in Knots and distance in NM. As this is in the UK I have selected MSFS in Options to HYBRID to get pressure in mb, but mine is showing wind as Km/h and distance as km. Unless Just Flight are using the US system what am I doing wrong, have I missed a setting somewhere. Hybrid should surely quote wind speed in knots and distance in nautical miles ??
  4. Just realised I didn't get the initial 1.3 GB download that others have mentioned, it just went straight to
  5. I've just started MSFS and I'm getting the same 4.42 GB download ??
  6. Install the latest WT update which turns on Windshield Heat by default, plus you can enjoy the 'magic' WT have added to this aeroplane. Releases · Working-Title-MSFS-Mods/fspackages · GitHub
  7. Then why does ATC give me pressure in inches and not millibars, climb to 13000ft and not FL130, offer me 'flight following' all while flying in the UK. Asobo should have known this being French.
  8. Is there a way to show the top of descent point in the G3000, I'm currently using the latest WT mod.
  9. I just wish there was a way to make the forklifts disappear, never seen one of these at my local airfield Blackbushe.
  10. Yes I do have Navigraph Data installed current version AIRAC Cycle 2013 rev. 2. In my case I fly in the UK and initially I was trying to select Direct To Bristol EGGD, when selecting the first G the MFD froze. Second time was DT to Southampton EGHI, again selecting the 'G' MFD froze. This also occurred the day before. If I can help with any testing please let me know.
  11. I was flying the Bonanza today with the Working Title G1000 mod installed v0.3.2. I tried to put a Direct To in the MFD but when entering the second letter of the airfield the MFD locked up. Some of the buttons still worked but the DT function and the Map froze i.e. my aircraft symbol wasn't moving. I have also tried this on the C172 and had the same problem. Has anyone else noticed this problem after the recent MSFS updates.
  12. Many thanks for your comments and advice. I didn't notice that FLC button on the autopilot panel, controlling the climb based on speed is a much better option than VS.
  13. I'm using Roberts Bonanza mod and the Working Title G1000 mod, both latest versions. When taking off and climbing out at 1000ft /min I pre-set the autopilot to VS at +1000 vertical climb and select autopilot, but selecting the A/P seems to deselect VS mode and the aircraft aggressively levels off. What is the correct procedure to achieve a smooth transition from a manually flown 1000ft/min climb to VS in autopilot mode ?
  14. That doesn't raise the seat up and down it just tilts the view up or down. What I am trying to do is raise the seat up and down slowly. There is an option for this in the Options Camera page but it sets the simulator default. I'm just need to slow down the up and down arrow keys.
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