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  1. I don't use Vatsim very often, usually GA VFR. On one occasion I flew the PMDG 737-800 from Faro to Gatwick and the ATC was very good until I got to Gatwick. I was just about to turn onto finals on 08R when Gatwick Tower said they were clocking off and told me to go to Unicom. To say I was furious is an understatement, I flew all the way from Faro to Gatwick having a good Vatsim experience which was totally wrecked by this Tower Controller saying they could not be bothered allowing me to land under Vatsim control. I brought my dissatisfaction to the Vatsim forum and was told quite 'tersely' that Vatsim controllers are volunteers and could sign off whenever they wanted to. I fully appreciate that, but having a pilot on finals why couldn't he remain in the Control Tower until I had landed, this is a hobby for both ATC controllers and Pilots. I might be over reacting but after this incident my enthusiasm for Vatsim quickly declined, both with the Controllers actions and the reply I got from the Vatsim forum.
  2. Hi Bryan Really looking forward to becoming an FS2crew customer again, I stopped using P3D when MSFS came out nearly two years ago and missed your fantastic software. Now PMDG have released the B737-700 I will be purchasing your software when its ready on day one 😊 Glen
  3. +1 I have been a UK2000 customer for many years in FSX and P3D, but I bought their MSFS Bristol based on passed experience with their products and was not impressed with the quality compared to many of the freeware airfields available. I think with the many quality freeware products available for MSFS, UK2000 really needs to look at their development standards based on the MSFS simulation and not rely on their past name within the FSX/P3D UK community .
  4. I haven't seen this mentioned before, when I fly GA flights at say 2500ft there are very often Ai aircraft well below me. I thought I would follow one today, it was a C172 and he was cruising at tree top height. Anyone else noticed this ?
  5. Many thanks Rob that's fantastic news, the Bonanza (with your mod) is my go to GA aircraft.
  6. I thought it was just me doing something wrong as I rarely use the map, thanks for checking for me.
  7. Thanks, just tried that it doesn't create a highlight just a custom waypoint on the line ?
  8. I'm trying to create a very simple route by entering Blackbushe EGLK RWY25 into FROM and Southampton EGHI RWY 20 into TO. If I now try to enter Popham as an en-route waypoint by clicking on Popham and selecting ADD, I get a very weird routing. Can somebody please try it and see if they also get unexpected results.
  9. Only problem I have with Robs mod after SU6 is now I always get a red warning regarding the Propeller Speed during max throttle, never had this prior to SU6. I cannot work out if anything else is borked as Rob refined so much in this mod which is beyond my technical knowhow. I also noticed the analogue ASI is reading something like 90 knts when the G1000 NXi readout is 155 knts, I thought the pitot heat was off but it was confirmed on, this has been confirmed by my brother who uses the same mod.
  10. This happens to me as well, there is a thread about from a few days ago. Something else you can try is go to General Options - Data and turn off Online Functionality and press save at bottom of screen. Load your flight and when on the ramp go back into Data and turn Online Functionality back on, press save and reselect your weather settings. For me this then fixes the problem for two or three days then it locks up again - you will then have to rinse and repeat the above. This is a real pain I hope its fixed in the next sim update
  11. I started MSFS today and all my labels were turned on, they were definitely off last time I used the sim. I looked at the Assistance Options screen and it was set to ALL ASSIST, I always use TRUE TO LIFE (Hard).
  12. Sorry a bit confused, how do I know if I'm using a livery that uses Robs mod ? Yes I do have Robs mod in my Community folder
  13. This is strange I have been trying to troubleshoot this problem for the last 3 hours thinking I was the only one with this problem. I am lucky in that I never usually gets CDT's so I assume I have a stable system, but this 'flight loading' problem has only just started. Now I know other sim pilots are having this problem I'm convinced its another bug introduced with one of the latest updates.
  14. I flew today South of London in the UK with Little Navmap active on a second monitor and there was lots of Ai aircraft around my location. Strangely only one GA aeroplane had nav lights illuminated and flying level at about 500 ft ??, other aircraft, even closer Ai had no nav lights illuminated. Why can't Asobo fix this simple bug during a hotfix, when a member of the MSFS community has a temporary fix available that works very well ? I sometimes wonder if Asobo has a single developer working on bug fixes that only has weekends available to accomplish this task, it takes so long for them to fix obvious bugs.
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