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  1. I recently got the rotate md 80 and it came with alot of extra custom commands . I've also seen these type of custom commands with other aircraft. My question is, How do I use these custom commands in the sim. Where do I put them so I can use them for assigning to my hardware. thx Lee
  2. Hi Is it as simple as just copying and pasting the x-plane root folder to new folder on 2nd hard drive or is it more involved. Trying to avoid having to create a whole clone which can cause problems thx Lee
  3. Thanks for your response. It's strange though. I can put identical vor frequencies in both nav 1 and nav 2 and only the nav 2 cdi show that its picking up the station. The nav 1 doesn't move and shows the red flag. regards, Lee
  4. Hi I know this sounds crazy but the Nav1 cdi in all my aircraft doesn't work. nav2 cdi works fine. I must be missing something obvious. Please advise thx Lee
  5. Thanks Jimm Your explanation helps quite a bit Regards Lee
  6. Hi Has anyone experienced performance increases with this update? Also are there any disadvantages to this update. Any input would be appreciated as I'm always wary of updating right away. thx Lee
  7. I went to that link. It does not Identify the specific recent update being offered. Maybe I'm reading it wrong. please clarify
  8. Hi I keep getting the update notice upon opening xplane. I would like to know whats included in the update so I could decide whether to update as I read that people can have trouble with updates that didn't occur before thx Lee
  9. I can't imagine that i;m the only customer experiencing this issue. I'm stuck because there is no v2 for p3d v3 for the regular c208 and the ex model is partially broken. Please advise thx Lee
  10. Hi I've noticed that the ex version has the switches on the left side like the starter etc don't respond to joystick or any other inputs from avionic modules. Is this a known bug because I prefer this version but this is some what of a pain to have to use a mouse. Any suggestions? thxLee
  11. I am able to install it to p3d v3.4 staight away with carenado normal install. It seems to work fine but I just wanted to know if it could cause any issues with the sim crashing. thxLee
  12. Hi Just wondering if this version of the c208 is compatible with p3d v3.4. I noticed that the carenado website does not mention compatibility of this aircraft with p3d v3.4 thx Lee
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