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  1. CrownCityMisfits

    Trueglass (Fog) Preview

    Just like my A2A planes!
  2. CrownCityMisfits

    A2A released ground handling fix 10/12/17

    Well the 4.1 update makes sense for me now. Thanks!
  3. CrownCityMisfits

    What is the best YOKE for P3D

    CH Eclipse for me.
  4. CrownCityMisfits

    Choosing where to go from/to

    I let my career in Air Hauler 2 direct my activities. If I didn't, I'd be doing the same thing you do.
  5. CrownCityMisfits

    [RESOLVED] P3Dv4 CTD when run AS16

    AS16 not compatible. Need P3Dv4 update.
  6. CrownCityMisfits

    REX TD for P3D V4

    Look forward finally getting this reinstalled tonight. The last piece of the v4 puzzle for me.
  7. CrownCityMisfits

    Got my eye on Just Flight Piper Warrior

    Point taken and I admit I did not know this aircraft included all of those features. I regrettably made assumptions without doing the proper research. While I stand by my feelings about A2A - I think you just sold me on the Warrior.
  8. CrownCityMisfits

    Got my eye on Just Flight Piper Warrior

    I am sure it flies great, and looks fine, based on the reviews I've seen... But let's get real here, installing Accufeel does not give an aircraft "all of that A2A stuff." Not even remotely close. Accufeel is simulated head movement and some additional audio fx. Accusim is an external flight model developed for a specific aircraft. It includes a maintenance hangar, persistent damage and wear over the lifetime of the aircraft, random failures, true audio captured for every switch and knob, and a deep integration between all of the aircraft systems. If you don't fly it proper, you will fail. A small detail, for instance, is that your spark plugs will foul if your mixture isn't set right at idle. One of countless things to consider when flying an A2A aircraft. I'm not taking away from what Just Flight is offering here. Visually it's on par with A2A. Not quite as polished as Carenado stuff, in my opinion. But in no way, is it comparable to the overall quality and craftsmanship of an A2A aircraft. It's does not offer the depth of immersion.
  9. CrownCityMisfits

    Got my eye on Just Flight Piper Warrior

    It doesn't have Accusim, so no, not comparable in my opinion. Do you own the A2A Cherokee and Comanche already?
  10. CrownCityMisfits

    Real weather option? This is tried and trusted, and will be compatible with any 3rd party cloud texture replacement, if you choose to go that direction.
  11. CrownCityMisfits

    P3DV4 no Tweaks? maybe not..

    Hmm, thanks for bringing this to my attention. I thought my VC looked a little "soft"
  12. CrownCityMisfits

    Flight Simming - The Hobby That Always Under-Delivered - Until Now

    I totally agree, even having a 5 year old computer.
  13. CrownCityMisfits

    PMDG DC6B Released for P3Dv4

    I own (almost) every single A2A aircraft and fly their GA offerings almost exclusively - I did not get the Strato or the Connie. I've never purchased a commercial airliner. That said, I will be getting the 6. Looking forward to my first experience with a plane this size.
  14. CrownCityMisfits

    I give up

    There is a practical solution. Unfortunately I don't know what that is, based on the information. Good luck.
  15. CrownCityMisfits

    Why REX Sky Force is so dramatically late ? Aborted ?

    I don't think a delay in a new product release warrants questioning the company's overall integrity. Furthermore, speculating that a project has been aborted when the well-established company has made no such announcement, is just noise. I can't respond to that without being offensive, because what you are suggesting is absolutely offensive.