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  1. In the World Update 4 release notes, it mentions the new Airport Wizard that will make adding new airports a lot easier. Has anyone found out how to fire that up? Is it in Developer mode on the SDK side?
  2. Hey Jack,

    How much fly time are you spending in 2020?

    I'm well over 60 hours, but not all my flights are being logged (bug).  I'm probably close to 100 hours.



    1. jpc55


      Hello Tom,

      “How much fly time are you spending in 2020?”

      Zero, I do not have it as of yet. I stayed in Flight until they announce that Microsoft was coming out with Microsoft Flight Simulator and at time I went back to FSX-Se and flying my two purchased aircraft the Milviz MD530F helicopter, and the Wilco Publishing BA 609 Tilt Rotor. Until I can add or repurchase them, I will save a lot of money. I’m still on Win 7 so you know what means, a new OS. I have a work up for a new computer build would save there also. (lol) This old man is kind of set in his ways’ (LOL again)

      Not being lucky enough to have a money tree in my back yard, anyway I think get my meaning in saving.

      My bro-in-law bought a new computer and has it and this is what he says about it. “I do have it and as of right now they released it to soon it has all kinds of problems but the graphics are spectacular.”

      Good to hear from you, wishing you and yours all the best and stay safe!

      Sincerely J. R. (My first and middle initials James Robert)

      Also I think I told my grandson was attending Cal Poly Pomona, he had to finish his first year online, and doing his second year online, and will tentative go back down there for his third, forth, and fifth he going for his masters degree.

  3. The last time I purchased a new "hot" PC was when MS released "Flight". I believe I'm long overdue for a fresh high end PC. A great way to celebrate the release of MSFS 2020!
  4. I was also expecting something more earth shaking from a "save the date" announcement. However, I am happy to see the wide range of hardware that's included. This will allow a large number of people to participate at different levels. I'm sure the majority of people on this forum will be on the high end side of this hardware spec!
  5. Has there been any excitement among members of this forum around Flight Simulator 2020? I just recently stumbled across it on Google, and it looks very interesting. (VERY interesting!) From reading the articles and watching the trailers, this looks like it could be the best follow-on to Flight yet. It combines Bing 3D and Azure technology from Microsoft to create stunningly accurate graphics, around the world. You can fly over your own house. There is no release date announced yet, but I will be watching very closely.
  6. Nice to see you back here Steve. Your new system sounds awesome! Smooth flying -Tom
  7. Likewise guys. I actually keep hoping someone will come up with something better than Flight, but after all these years, no one has. I wonder what MS Flight 5.0 would look like today if it had remained in development?
  8. Thanks Stonelance. Overall, I'm pretty happy with my current conversion. Thanks again for all the work you put into this project!
  9. Using Flight, I landed at an airport a while ago that I knew had a control tower. There were various buildings, hangars, etc., and fuel, but the control tower was missing. I thought I'd fire up good old FSX and land at the same airport. Sure enough the control tower was there, as well as jetways that were missing in Flight. After checking a bunch more airports, I came to the conclusion that several object types did not get converted to Flight. My question is, should all the airport infrastructure / objects have been converted from FSX to Flight?
  10. Thanks a lot Steve! Any new ones I publish will not have this issue.
  11. Good luck. I'm planning on buying a new, bigger, better box too, so I'm watching how your fresh install goes.
  12. Welcome back jandjfrench. Regarding your crashing near KSNS, In my travels, I have bumped into at least 4 other airports that cause the same thing. Not a big showstopper for me, 4 out of the 2000+ airports I've landed at is minor. It's a shame it's happening at your home field.
  13. So for those keeping count, if you have captured all the aerocaches published to date, you would show 385 aerocaches in your profile.
  14. Thanks Stonelance, These new Aerocaches all have their "Activation Distance" set too far out. (in some cases 1000 meters) If you could change them to 10 meters, they would be much more challenging. Desert Power, TV Moscow, Rio Landmark, Cold Storage, Pan Pacific, Beeched in Sydney, Bridge to Somewhere, Forbidden City, The Big One, United HQ, Triumphant Arch of the Star, London Eye, Kaze no To, Hillary's Hill, Acropolis, Meow Meow, Home of Finnair, Pretty Gaudy, Hangar 1600, Shanghai WFC. Thanks again for all your dedicated work! -Tom
  15. I authored many of those, but unfortunately, despite testing them all, they did not turn out quite the way I intended. The "Activation Distance" was set out too far, hence you can easily achieve most of these just by flying fairly close. Testing in Pending mode does not show how close you actually need to be to claim the cache. My placing the Aerocache icon in a challenging spot at the location does not come into play. Lesson learned!
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