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  1. Thanks for the info. Unfortunately the link doesn't work :(
  2. Thanks for your answer. I'm a bit relieved it was not me doing something very stupid. I will try next time when I'm heading to Liverpool. Although I'm afraid it won't work because during my go around i switched frequencies very often to try to tune ILQ but with no success :(
  3. Today a flew from Aberdeen to Liverpool. At liverpool the ILS frequencies of runway 09 and 27 are the same (111.75). ID of 09 is ILVR and ID of 27 is ILQ. ATC ordered me to land on 27, so I tuned 111.75 on NAV1 and set course selector to 269 degrees. Unfortunately the ID shown was ILVR and not ILQ! I saw this when the aircraft started to take strange angles to try to catch up with ILVR, so I had to go around. Second time i did a backcourse landing on ILVR and that worked. But my question is: is there a way to tune to ILQ instead of ILVR. I remember I had the same issue during the tutorial with runway 01R at KIAD. Hope someone is willing to help me with this. I think it's no error but just because I have always flown the MD11 which tuned the ILS frequencies itself. But those lazy days are gone now ;-)
  4. Thanks for this update. Especially these two issues are a major improvement of an already very nice product! Thanks.
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