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  1. Seen this? "For a long time I said (like many others) that a working weather radar was not possible in FSX. Well I was wrong."
  2. It is available again in the iTunes store.
  3. CapP

    PMDG 777 (module 1.4 - Sept 18)

    Thats's fast! Thanks a lot!!
  4. I think this is as it is supposed to be. Unfortunately you have to use the green buttons on the wx500 screen. The buttons around the display do not work. You can't resize this it's just how it should be.
  5. Checked, but i have no problem downloading part 10. It is over here.
  6. I will upload the file to the avsim shortly. In the meantime you can indeed find the file in the flightsim library.
  7. I have re-uploaded the missing files into the avsim library. So from now on the whole meatwater voicepack is available through the avsim file library!
  8. Seems strange, but it is as it is supposed to be. As you can see the missing directories do not exist in the original winwood folder too (except numer 63; no idea why that one is not included in this package). So your missing nothing and you're ready to use the new voices. 1. Include dir 982. The original files should be MOVED, not copied to another backup folder. So if you did copy them, you have to delete the folders 1-98 in you winwood folder before you put the new voices in there.3. Download the 10 files to a temporary directory and unzip them into the winwood folder.
  9. Ok, finally had the time to do this. I uploaded the files to the flightsim library because unfortunately the avsim library is down. They say on their websites it takes about 2 days to make the files available for download, so keep an eye on their new files page. No support indeed, but you can get support from other users of course. The voicepack is really amazing: the soundfiles just sound like real atc voices. It's all going very fast and sometimes difficult to listen to: just as IRL.
  10. No, that's not the case. Loading the tutorial never causes artefacts (but it causes my FMS not to work, so I do not use this method).
  11. Ok, did some more testing and found the 'solution'. It's a bit complicated, but I give it a try. Maybe it gives PMDG some clue how to solve the artefacts problem. To get a cold & dark Js41 I had created a cold & dark cessna as a default flight. My way of getting a C&D Js41 was to simply select the Js41, the airport and the time in the startscreen and fly. Now, if I do this (load a Js41 with engines off) and use your program, I get artefacts. Now, I changed my default flight to a Cessna with the engines running. I load the Js41 in the same way (via the startscreen) and again press tab+q and guess what.... It works perfect! So pressing tab+q with engines shut off causes artefacts, with engines running, no artefacts. Strange but fortunately it solves the problem! Thanks for this cold&dark switch!!
  12. Unfortunately this doesn't work over here. Since using this program I get strange artifacts, more or less as described here. But in my case it's not after installing sp1 but after using this program :( See also my screenshot.
  13. Avsim says it's due to some problems with the library (see the announcement on the homepage). Let's wait until tomorrow's further information. Dependent on the expected down time I can upload the files to another place or just to the library.
  14. No, unfortunately none of the files is available. I sent a mail to the library crew to ask what is best to do. I think the best solution would be to make them available again through the avsim library instead of uploading them to some crappy upload service. I will keep you updated here.