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  1. For what it's worth, I just upgraded to Windows 10. After the switch, I had troubles getting FSX to load but I was having a similar problem with Windows 7. That prompted to me move over to FSE:SE. It's been smooth as silk ever since. FSX:SE has been trouble free even though it's running at higher settings on my seven-year-old computer. PMDG aircraft work fine. (Touch wood).
  2. Clearly I need better procedures for a secure cockpit while in flight to keep the kids at bay. With the 737NGX, the division of computer time has worked out not bad. Just wait 'til I start my long-hauls with the 777.
  3. Hi Robert . . . that's really neat. Just a few questions. Will we be able to use some variation of this feature when we are starting a flight, rather than doing a turnaround, perhaps starting with the doors open, then having fuel uploaded and the doors button up? And will it work under accelerated time so we can take on a heavy fuel load but have to wait the 40 to 50 mins it might take to load. (And sincere apologies to the realists among us here. I know this seems to take the functionality of this feature but I'm arm-wrestling two teens for computer time). Anyhow, I'm really looking forward to learning this bird.
  4. Are you by any chance the Bruce Campion-Smith, authour of the excellent "from the flight deck" books. (777 and 747-400)??

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