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  1. For what it's worth, I just upgraded to Windows 10. After the switch, I had troubles getting FSX to load but I was having a similar problem with Windows 7. That prompted to me move over to FSE:SE. It's been smooth as silk ever since. FSX:SE has been trouble free even though it's running at higher settings on my seven-year-old computer. PMDG aircraft work fine. (Touch wood).
  2. Good spotting. I'll have to get the limit increased on my credit card. Anyone remember from past releases the usual interval between this teaser screen and the actual release?
  3. PMDG did post a statement earlier in the fall about Windows 10 that you might find helpful. I too have been reluctant to do the upgrade but the statement from PMDG indicates there should be no problems. http://support.precisionmanuals.com/kb/a113/windows-10-compatibility-for-pmdg-products.aspx
  4. Emirates to launch world's longest non-stop flight, using 777-200LR to connect Dubai and Panama City. It will clock in at 17 hours, 35 mins. going westbound. www.boeingblogs.com/randy/archives/2015/08/worlds_longest_flight.html
  5. This should be good fun. Looking forward to some stick-and-rudder flying and some navaid navigation though I imagine it will take me hours to get the engines started first time around. I'll be rereading Ernest Gann's Fate is the Hunter to get in the mood.
  6. Clearly I need better procedures for a secure cockpit while in flight to keep the kids at bay. With the 737NGX, the division of computer time has worked out not bad. Just wait 'til I start my long-hauls with the 777.
  7. Hi Robert . . . that's really neat. Just a few questions. Will we be able to use some variation of this feature when we are starting a flight, rather than doing a turnaround, perhaps starting with the doors open, then having fuel uploaded and the doors button up? And will it work under accelerated time so we can take on a heavy fuel load but have to wait the 40 to 50 mins it might take to load. (And sincere apologies to the realists among us here. I know this seems to take the functionality of this feature but I'm arm-wrestling two teens for computer time). Anyhow, I'm really looking forward to learning this bird.
  8. Are you by any chance the Bruce Campion-Smith, authour of the excellent "from the flight deck" books. (777 and 747-400)??

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