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  1. yyzflier

    Windows 7 or 10?

    For what it's worth, I just upgraded to Windows 10. After the switch, I had troubles getting FSX to load but I was having a similar problem with Windows 7. That prompted to me move over to FSE:SE. It's been smooth as silk ever since. FSX:SE has been trouble free even though it's running at higher settings on my seven-year-old computer. PMDG aircraft work fine. (Touch wood).
  2. yyzflier

    It's started

    Good spotting. I'll have to get the limit increased on my credit card. Anyone remember from past releases the usual interval between this teaser screen and the actual release?
  3. yyzflier

    When will PMDG bless Win 10?

    PMDG did post a statement earlier in the fall about Windows 10 that you might find helpful. I too have been reluctant to do the upgrade but the statement from PMDG indicates there should be no problems. http://support.precisionmanuals.com/kb/a113/windows-10-compatibility-for-pmdg-products.aspx
  4. Emirates to launch world's longest non-stop flight, using 777-200LR to connect Dubai and Panama City. It will clock in at 17 hours, 35 mins. going westbound. www.boeingblogs.com/randy/archives/2015/08/worlds_longest_flight.html
  5. yyzflier

    ILS Offset

    It was rwy 13. I rarely fly that approach so not sure whether the condition was present prior to the update. Also had offset ILS to rwy 27 at WADD last night using the 777 in FSX but I've encountered that before. (Yeah, I was all over the map last night with my flying). I'll have to try the 737 at a few airports to see if I can replicate the offset.
  6. yyzflier

    ILS Offset

    That's weird. Had the same thing on an ILS to LGA using updated 737 in FSX. I can't remember whether I had the offset prior to the update. I'll have to test it again today.
  7. Thanks Kyle. That did the trick and like magic the P-8 appeared. Thanks to the PMDG team for the update (and support). Off to find some wet clouds to try the radar.
  8. Doesn't seem to have worked for me either. Downloaded both files, did repair. When I fired it up, it seemed I have the same 737 as I did yesterday, with no wx radar. Not sure if there are obvious differences I should notice. As well, no sign of the P-8 in the OC livery section either. I assume it would be under the -800 models?
  9. yyzflier

    [03MAR15] PMDG's First Product for XPlane...

    This should be good fun. Looking forward to some stick-and-rudder flying and some navaid navigation though I imagine it will take me hours to get the engines started first time around. I'll be rereading Ernest Gann's Fate is the Hunter to get in the mood.
  10. yyzflier

    Downloading update

    Thanks Peter. I'll give it a try. Bruce
  11. yyzflier

    Downloading update

    Quick question. Operations centre tells me there is an update available for both base model and -300 model. It says to log into my PMDG account, look under previous orders and from there, download the installer. Unfortunately, it's not obvious to me on that page where the download is. Does it mean just click on the original download link? Thanks in advance for your help.
  12. yyzflier

    Autolanding speed

    I think Kyle has hit on your problem. Likely carrying too much weight for landing. Check your fuel and payload settings and dial them back. Try a test flight around the airport using 75 per cent payload and 25 tonnes of fuel and see if that makes a difference for landing. Also make sure you are using the approach speed.
  13. yyzflier

    Autolanding speed

    Are you using 30 flap?
  14. yyzflier

    Tyres and brakes failures

    You have to first cool the brakes and then repair the failures. There is an option to cool the brakes in the ground maintenance page on the FMS. Sorry, not at my desktop now so can't steer you directly to it. But you can find the ground maintenance selection on the same page as Fuel, Payload, Ground Connections. So look in there, select cool brakes, THEN go into the failures page to make the necessary repairs. Good luck. Bruce
  15. yyzflier

    Weather Radar / Windshear & Microbursts

    I got my first windshear warning the other night as I was turning final on visual approach into Auckland. Quite surprised, given there no CBs around, just cloud and drizzle. But there must have been a wind shift out there somewhere. Because it was off course, I never flew through it. But very cool to see on the display.