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  1. I was able to get a hold of Christian Grill via email not to long ago. I asked him for the source code to make profiles - which he offered to the community in one of his posts on the TOPCAT forum. Once I asked him for the code to make new profiles, he stopped responding. Another well known developer in the flight sim community that's friends with Christian tried to reach out to him as well and Christian ignored him too. Not sure why.
  2. Yes. Some pilots still write them down manually from the ACARS. Others, like myself, use a subscription based application called APDL that allows us to import our crew cards into the app or enter our legs manually, and then it'll pull the OOOI times automatically after each flight. It does several other things as well that help us to manage our schedules and stay organized. I live by this app. A full description of the app can be found here: http://nc-software.com/apdl-airline-pilot-logbook-for-far-117
  3. Didn't realize you needed to "interact" with REX just to make their radar integrate into the JS41 instrument panel. Someone had asked about the GTNs and Chris replied, which is why I quoted him when I asked if there would be a weather radar in this version and what radar that would be. Your link refers to the integration of all PMDG products and SkyForce - which I could care less about. If there's no radar in this version of the JS41 or you can't comment on it, then that's all you had to say.
  4. No offense Kyle, but that doesn't really answer my question. I wasn't asking about Skyforce. I just want to know if PMDG will have their own weather radar that'll work with Active Sky, or if you'll make the instrument panel compatible with the REX weather radar the way you are with the GTN 750.
  5. Are you able to comment on the REX WX Advantage Radar and if it'll work with the new JS41, or is PMDG going to make their own working version?
  6. Thanks for the explanation. I was wary about them myself when I first saw them on the market. I think the biggest change, in the U.S. anyway, is just the decommission of VORs and NDBs around the country. The FAA is reverting to a skeleton network that is still functional should solar flares ever destroy GPS satellites or something. Not something that really makes much of a difference in the sim world. Anyway, thanks again for the info and for the great post about using add-on.xml files.
  7. Have you looked at FS Aerodata? Personally I feel its overpriced and this data should just be included with a Navigraph subscription. Would it fix these issues? I don't think I've ever experienced an issue at another addon airport where the navaids didn't work correctly.
  8. Hey Dan. I just installed KSEA for v4 and I set up my add-on.xml like yours and it seems to work fine, but I am unable to select 16C or 34C when I set up my flight. I usually always start from a gate anyway so it's not a huge deal. I have Global/Vector/OpenLC installed, but I do NOT have PNW installed. I read the other forums detailing this issue. I still have to test the ILS for the center runways. I also don't have any other AFCADs installed that I know of. Did you have any AFCAD issues with Seattle? I'm still waiting for T2G to approve me to use their new forum. Thanks in advance.
  9. Anything that increases SA has substantial value. I learned to fly with charts before GPS existed in aviation, but that doesn't mean moving maps are of limited value. They're only of limited value if they don't work - as in your case. Simlink has never given me problems.
  10. Direct quote from the Navigraph site: "We issue updates to the Jeppesen airport charts and our dynamic enroute charts every 28 days to stay in sync with our FMS Data which is sourced from Jeppesen navdata."
  11. The new Navigraph Charts is the most similar to what we use in the airlines (Jepp FD Pro). If you have an iPad you're pretty much set. FYI if you have a CFI license you can get a full subscription to WingX Pro for free.
  12. Just found something else out. If you open the CRJ manager there's a tiny little button in the bottom left corner for option. On the options page there is a selection for "Throttle Axis Value Range". Set that to FSUIPC with or without reverser. Then you can calibrate normally. Not sure why they didn't point that out in the Aerosoft forum.
  13. This worked for me. Really strange behavior. It worked for my flaps too. My speed brake handle works fine under normal calibration though. Really, really strange.
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