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  1. Hey Bryan. I just wanted to give an update. I followed the preflight flow more closely and I narrowed down the exact cause. It was specifically the REX Radar. After the gear check, the FO does the radar check. That's what was triggering the CTDs. Not sure why that one time I managed to get into the air and the flap lever caused the CTD. But as far as the repeatable CTDs on the ground it was linked to the radar test.
  2. Not sure if this went away by itself on that system or not but I'm seeing this too. Only on the MD83 Though. MD82 works and haven't checked the 88.
  3. Running without REX has seemed to solved the problem. Not sure how it affected the MD80 but I managed to complete an entire flight. Only problem is flickering in the sim at altitude but I doubt this is the appropriate place to troubleshoot that. I did turn down sliders in cruise but I never had low FPS this entire time. It also didn't affect the flickering FWIW.
  4. First, the more I troubleshoot this the more I'm convinced I have a bigger problem with my installation. I've been having addons randomly fail to load with the sim (like FSUIPC of all things) in addition to the other issues I mentioned earlier. I also stumbled across people having the same issue I'm having with my Airbus (runtime error leading to CTD or blank screens) but on PMDG aircraft. It's linked to REX. I guess their latest patch was bugged? I tried without external addons and everything seems to behave but I didn't run a full flight. It's late and I work first thing so I will try a flight without any REX addons and report back tomorrow. After further tests I'm noticing a pattern as far as this specific issue. On one test, I managed to get past the FOs gear test only to have a CTD on climb out when the flap lever went to be moved. I think the CTDs are linked to levers being moved in the case of the MD80. I wonder if in my setup all that action behind the scenes in combination with REX was what overloaded my system. On a side note, I did look up ntdll.dll issues before posting here and even looked at things in your link. My system is fairly new (about a month now) and I don't believe anything is over-clocked. Or at least nothing should be. One post here in AVSIM had a CTD guide and suggested looking at dll's. Looking further I did notice something odd in my dll.xml file. There are a lot of addons installed that are NOT listed. This includes FS2Crew. Is this normal for P3D? I only finally made the switch with this new system. I looked in the dll.xml in both my AppData and ProgramData folder and have no FS2Crew entries at all.
  5. Like I said, I thought it might've been a long shot since it happened at the same time every time. But I just tried to load a different aircraft that's been working and that one crashes instantly now with a runtime error. Its definitely a bigger issue with something somewhere. Sorry for the false alarm.
  6. I'm running P3D V4.5 with the last hotfix. I am NOT running the public beta MD82. I have 1.4b414 installed and no expansion at the moment. I am consistently getting a CTD and it's always within seconds of the FO checking the gear on the preflight. Since it's showing in Event Viewer as an ntdll.dll problem, I'm cautiously saying it's something associated with FS2Crew somehow. Given it happens at the exact same time every time, I'm guessing it must be related. Here's what Event Viewer has to say in case it's of any help: Faulting application name: Prepar3D.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x5cd47aad Faulting module name: ntdll.dll, version: 10.0.17763.475, time stamp: 0x3230aa04 Exception code: 0xc0000374 Fault offset: 0x00000000000fb049 Faulting process id: 0x2b60 Faulting application start time: 0x01d5184ccb2eacce Faulting application path: D:\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\Prepar3D.exe Faulting module path: C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\ntdll.dll Report Id: 67faf7c0-f895-4f04-8e54-3f31168b0a4c Faulting package full name: Faulting package-relative application ID: Any thoughts? I have yet to run a flight with the MD in P3D because this CTD has always happened. I have also tried things to boost performance like clearing my shaders and deleting my P3D.cfg since ntdll.dll CTDs are usually results from system overloads.
  7. Don't worry about it. At work we would LOVE to have our own sim for two reasons. The first we just discussed. The second is that the only FSI with an ATR sim is in Houston. We're based in Honolulu and part of our agreement with our customer is we fly on them to a gateway city like LAX and then connect to Houston. That means leaving Honolulu on the 8am to LAX, sitting on a 4 hour layover, and getting to our hotel in Hobby at 1:30am the next morning. Nevermind the 4 hour time difference. Thankfully I'm an FO so I only do recurrent once a year in January. If I had to go in the summer the time difference is 5 hours and did I mention we only get about a day to settle in before starting a 7am systems lecture for 8 hours before our first sim session that afternoon? I also use FS2Crew and I've had issues with saved panel states. Waiting through a 60 minute preflight sequence only to find an issue after engine start is frustrating. I've even made my own panel states in the past and at random, I'd find them corrupt maybe a month or two later. The only thing that (typically) works reliably was just getting to cold and dark by turning everything off after the sim initializes.
  8. I understand your argument and you are correct. I am not talking about an actual aircraft. If I came in at work and found a plane like I had described there would be massive consequences and we'd definitely be delayed. I'm talking about a sim. I have gone into a sim during my recurrent on the ATR and found the SIM not reconfigured for my session. Because we only have 3 sessions at 4 hours each before the checkride, time literally is of the essence. Even when everything is set for us, we will still cut it close before the next crew but my company believes in resetting the sim before we leave. There are probably 5 different company that uses the same sim as us and any 1 might not have the same level of respect for the next crew mine does. I am treating this as I would any other SIM. You get in, set the state it's supposed to be in for your purposes if it's not, then run the appropriate checklist.
  9. Thank you for your advice. I submitted a ticket and it is indeed a bug. They are working on it. As far as my technique for getting to cold and dark. Again allow me to offer a far better example. Imagine you're at FSI and the crew before you did not reset the sim. It's sitting on the runway, the #2 fire handle is pulled, the # 2 condition lever is in fuel shut off like it should be but #1 is still in AUTO. All your anti ice is at level 1 when it should be shut off for the power up. You're not going to get in and waste your time following ATR procedure to get the sim to cold and dark. You're just going to (curse the previous crew,) sit there, reset the switches as fast as you can to the state you want (typically cold and dark at least for us), and then get on with your sim session. Think of it like that. I loaded the sim and it's not in the state I want so I just go flipping switches to get to the state I want. Then I follow procedures. I know what I was doing initially is not normal but even in the real world (in a multi million dollar sim your company is paying time for) this is what we do if we get in and it's not set how we want.
  10. The issue isn't everything dropping offline. It's that it 1) doesn't drop offline for almost a full minute until after the engines are shut down and the generators still show as operational and 2) when I go to restart the engines, the generators never take the load back. Also, when the aircraft loses the generators and has no other electrical source other than the battery, it should revert to (what we call on the ATR anyway) battery basic mode. Most systems will shut down and (in the case of the 747 for the most part) only the Left PFD, ND, and upper EICAS should be on along with certain cockpit lights. The lower EICAS, and Right displays are the ones flickering. There are also many off lights that are flickering on the overhead like the pressure lights on the fuel pump switches. And again, I know this isn't the proper procedure. It's just a quick way I use to get to cold and dark instead of using a saved panel state. It's partially adapted from the ATR when we know we reposition the aircraft to a stand for storage and don't have ground power.
  11. I'm so far only noticing the following on RR equipped planes. I've seen it specifically on the -400, -400F and -400BCF. Since I always have trouble with the default panel saves, I'll just start fresh and then set the panel state I want from that. In this specific case, I want to go cold and dark. So I load the sim into any airport but specifically a RR equipped -400. Once the sim is running and the initialization for the aircraft is complete, I'll pull all four fuel control switches to cutoff. After the engines spin down, the plane is still powered for a good minute or so before everything sort of starts flickering. I'll get the battery and the standby power and then any other switches. Then I'll switch the batt back on, start the APU and bring the plane back. After I start the engines this time the generators refuse to take the electrical load. If I turn the APU generator off, everything keeps flickering and I hear the relays going nuts. Quick steps to recreate: Load sim anywhere but load into RR -400 Move all four fuel control switches to cutoff. Wait for everything to start flickering. Turn off battery and standby power. (Other switches like fuel pumps and hydraulics can be turned off but I've seen no difference on outcome) Turn on battery and standby power. Start APU. Once running, put it on the BUS Start engines. Engine Generators will NOT take the electrical load. So far the only other planes I've tried this with is the -400ER and the -8/-8F. All of those work fine and as expected. Also, if I connect the APU or GPU before I kill the engines, this will not happen. And before someone yells at me, I know this isn't the correct normal procedure to go cold and dark. This is just my quick and dirty way but it still shouldn't do this.
  12. You could load fuel through the EFB on the W&B calculator in the performance tab. Enter the amount you want in the tanks and hit send to aircraft. You could easily set it up to put fuel in random places and send the computer for a loop.
  13. Jetlinker, I'm an [word not allowed] so never assume something is too basic when it comes to me. That was precisely what I was doing wrong. Thanks so much for your help! And apparently the forum doesn't allow me to criticize myself... I didn't even think it was a bad word...
  14. I have a fictional airport (Andras Field by Aerosoft) installed and so navigating to and from the field has to be done manually. My only question is how to I tune the ILS manually into the FMC? I understand it must be done through the NAV RAD page. The ILS entry constantly says PARK. I also understand that there are certain times ILS tuning is inhibited. I've checked the list on 11.20.7 and none of the conditions apply. I'm airborne, have been for over 10 minutes, and even tried turning off the AP and FDs to override the inhibition. I'm also noticing that even if I try to put the ILS frequency (109.55) into the Pre-Sel line, I get an INVALID ENTRY message. But if I try to enter another frequency (117.7 is what I tried), it'll take it in that line. I've also added the following to my NavData (most was from the Aerosoft form, the ILS entry I added myself.) Insert in wpNavAPT.txt: Andras Field EAFS09 07006089 47.647667 10.746000109.5508902550 Andras Field EAFS27 07006269 47.647833 10.776000110.5526902550 Insert in airports.dat: EAFS 47.649382 10.760205 Insert in wpNavAID.txt: ANDRAS AND NDB 47.647727 10.742053364.00N ANDRAS ANF VORD 47.651160 10.773958115.00H ANDRAS AFK ILSD 47.647905 10.776988109.55T ANDRAS AFA ILSD 47.647722 10.744720110.55T Is there anything I haven't tried? Or even something I'm doing wrong?
  15. I was looking at this too but didn't have a chance to play with it yet. I would think it would be a simple matter of replacing the lights in the aircraft.cfg file. 3dLights should have some sort of readme file with what to replace with what. Ryan GamurotLucky to live Hawai'ihttp://www.virtualpilots.org/signatures/vpa296.png
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