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  1. Hello Bert You are correct when you say "Navigraph and Garmin GTN do not talk to each other... so Navigraph has no function if the GTN is installed! " I could have worded my comment better, I intended to say that the Navigraph extension can be user updated whereas the GTN relies on Garmin. Regards Stephen
  2. "Is there any need or value in purchasing the Navigraph extension if I plan to use the GTN?" Possibly yes, depends if you want / need up to date AIRAC data. The GTN data file is very out of date. Regards to all Stephen
  3. Hello I have recently purchased the S550 Citation II HD and the Navigraph S550 extension pack. The AIRAC cycle that came with the extension pack is very out of date so having contacted Navigraph I now have the latest cycle version 1712 which has been applied. If I now go into the CarenadoNavigraph folder I can see that the data in the sub-folders is version 1712 with an expiry date of 06/12/17 But how can I check if the FMS is using the new AIRAC cycle. When I power on the FMS LSK 1R shows 20-NOV-17 which is the date I installed AIRAC 1712 however LSK 4L shows 20-FEB-18 which I believe should be showing 06-12-17. Nowhere in the FMS can I find " NAV DATA AIRAC-1712" which I see in the PMDG aircraft I have. If anybody knows how to check that the FMS is actually using the 1712 I installed then I would greatly appreciate knowing how to do it. Regards to all Stephen Hill
  4. Hi I have been flying the PMDG BAe JetStream 4100 in FSX. Now that I have P3dv4 I thought I would buy it again but the price showing is $5,000,000.00. Can PMDG please correct the purchase price in my basket to something more reasonable. Stephen Hill
  5. HI Whilst not strictly a matter for PMDG , I was wondering which of the PMDG aircraft ( Prepar3dv4) might be compatible with the Flight 1 GTN 750. I am having a lot of problems ( read impossible ) programming the DC6 Cloudmaster ( GNS 430 ) as the right hand cursor button will not respond to any mouse commands. Regards to all Stephen Hill [MOD: Order Info Removed]
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