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  1. Alexander Dementyev

    Is LINDA project down?

    Scott, check your messages inbox. I send some to you)
  2. Alexander Dementyev

    Is LINDA project down?

    Hello, guys! In the very beginning let me say big "Thank you!" for LINDA. It's really one of the best addon for me. The second one seems something wrong with your domain name. It's just temporary problems or this means you stop active development for LINDA? If I can help you to return your website back online let me know. We love LINDA! We need LINDA!
  3. Alexander Dementyev

    Searching for the GTN 750 Checklist

    Dude, install Garmin Checklist Editor and made it. It's easy! Details about this procedure in Flight1 GTN Complete documentation included. I use it for all my small birds and feel happy.
  4. Hello! Guys, is anybody here try to install custom gauges by Flight1 in Robinson R66? I try to integrate GNS430, but no luck, my VC becomes transparent. Or maybe you install Reality XP gauges, it's good for me too. Yes, I understand, they will be flat, but who cares? It's just needed for me)
  5. Alexander Dementyev

    Error message when start P3Dv4.2 with Ultimate Traffic Live

    Already everything is fine. Thanks for everyone)
  6. Hello, users! Anyone have a problem with UT Live in Prepar3D v4.2 like this? It was hard to capture a screenshot, but I made it!) Error start appearing about 3 days ago. If this helps, then I need to tell I have "Fake install" for FSX and Prepar3Dv3. If I starting UTLive application before game and make any changes (traffic density, for example) then my simulator starts without error. But if start the game without this "fix" then to AI planes in airports. Also check the second screenshot, in right upper corner. I never see this notification before. No help on official forum, but maybe any bits of advice here?)))
  7. I'm happy with new PTA, now we have soft light on sunset! Using Envtex + ASCA + PTA.
  8. Alexander Dementyev

    V4.1 is out

    You're already install Active Sky, ASCA and etc?)))
  9. Alexander Dementyev

    V4.1 is out

    A huge disappointment. I expected that we would get a real rain, a mathematical and physical model of precipitation, but got a mediocre texture. All hopes that the rain will be a challenge for the flights are washed away ... I want to believe that this is only the first step and further third-party developers (I believe in TFDi) will make the precipitation exactly what they should be. By the way, rain effect is here, but not effect for snow.
  10. Alexander Dementyev

    Prepar3D v4.1 add-on compatibility

    Ooppps.. Wrong topic
  11. Alexander Dementyev

    V4.1 is out

    OK. As i understand i just need to remove "old clients" and install new ones, no reason for start Setup_Prepar3D.exe? And i need to dowload full installer, because *.cab files requred. Or best way is full uninstall 4.0 and clean install 4.1?
  12. Alexander Dementyev

    V4.1 is out

    You update scenery content too? Or Client and Content only?
  13. Alexander Dementyev

    V4.1 is out

    Yeap... I don't download "Content client", now dowloading
  14. Alexander Dementyev

    V4.1 is out

    Hey guys, are you waiting for VC rain effect? There is NO changes! Try with default and with Envtex, but... Sad. Envtex rain and snow ON Envtex rain and snow OFF Where is my drops on glass?))) But now i update AS+ASCA and check what about perfomance.
  15. Alexander Dementyev

    FSX: SE + Level-D 767 + FS2Crew = CTD

    Hello, Brian! It's not difficult, but I'm just used to the fact that when you buy software, you get the latest version at that time. In any case, the update of Start Center helped me. Many regards!