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  1. itay5344

    P3D v4 night lighting help

    Yes, I saw that in Envdir application, thanks. Is it worth to buy Envtex in the black friday ?
  2. itay5344

    P3D v4 night lighting help

    Realy ? I didn't notice that when I installed. So to do that I have to do uninstall and install right ?
  3. itay5344

    P3D v4 night lighting help

    What do you mean adjusting the night setting Envshade, I only have three tab in Endvir in the Envshade section.
  4. I have been searching for a long time to get the best graphic / texture / preset for a tool for the best experience in P3D v4 when it is dark outside. I have to say that the differences in P3D v4 between the day into the night are huge in the day it looks amazing, but in the night it looks awful. I don't know why the differences are so huge. Can someone share a good graphics / texture / preset for a tool to get the best experience in P3D v4 when it is dark outside ? I have: PTA, TomaShade, Reshade, ORBX Light, ENVSHADE and 4k monitor. If someone can help me how to get the best experience in the night it will be great. Sorry about my English it is not my first language.
  5. itay5344

    great guide-747-400

    It looks good.
  6. I just entered to the PMDG’s website and I noticed that there is a tab of the Global Flight Operation (beta). Will the release be soon ? And can I get an explaining of what can it do ?
  7. itay5344

    Is it worth buy FSLabs a320

    I heard that the performance of the FSL is bad. I use: I7-6700 3.40GHZ, GTX 1070, 16GB RAM, Windows 10 64bit, P3D v4.3. Will the FSL work fine with high FPS in this PC ?
  8. itay5344

    Is it worth buy FSLabs a320

    Yes, I would like to start learn how to get out of the failure situations in airbus. But I have to say that some mounths ago I almost bought the FSL but I don't like the textures of the VC so that was one of the reasons I didn't buy it, so, I bought the AS Pro that I think the AS bus have a better texture. I have to ask Who is the aircraft that has the closest VC texture to the real plane, FSL or Aerosoft ? Also the FSL is expensive 140$ another reason why I haven't buy it so far. Of course there are some advantages in the FSL that it is full system and sounds are amazing. I have another question: Can I get the non normal checklist for failures in the FSL version ?
  9. Is FSLabs worth buy for 140$ if I have the Aerosoft a320 Professional Bundle ? Can someone can explain what are the differences between the FSLabs a320 to Aerosoft a320 ? Any help please.
  10. Will in the future the EFB be on iPad ?
  11. itay5344

    b747-8 EFB

    Will in the future PMDG add the printer ?
  12. itay5344

    Global Flight Operations

    I don’t know, I also have waited for some updates about GFO since it announced.
  13. Can I ask what about GFO ??? For example what will it do ??? when will it release ??? What are the aircraft that will support the GFO in some of the tier, except PMDG’s aircrafts that should be in tier 1 ???
  14. itay5344

    B747-8 Beta PIREP

    Will the 747 Dreamlifter be half of the package B747-8i or maybe in future update of the 747-400 ???
  15. itay5344

    PMDG Announced Global Flight Operations at FSE 2018

    Wow this will very useful feature fo me. I saw some videos in the YouTube that show the B777 I noticed that when the B777 will cross the atlantic ocean the pilots should fill out a report via the COMM button under the "FLIGHT INFORMATION" send it and get confirmation or route from the ATC. Will it be simulate with the GFO?