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  1. I got exactly the same message (with GTX980). It happened every single time I tried to fly the PMDG 747. Until (as a result of the messages here) I opened the Nvidia control panel and changed under "Manage 3D settings" - "Texture filtering - Quality", from "Quality" to "Performance". With this setting the sim worked, no crash (at lease a one of flight... Benny K
  2. Hi. Already landed once or twice without having the brakes heated or tires explode... I guess I am getting the grip of this. Thank you all for contributing. Benny K
  3. I certainly do accept the challenge. I am not about to waive away such a beauty. Taxing is not an issue for me any more (I read your instructions...). Landing while keeping A/C health in good shape at the end of this (and the runway) is the challenge. We need a "cook book" for this part of flying the 748. Benny
  4. So, what do say Dan? That this simulation is not fit for "non-pilots" because they cannot appreciate the difficulty? Maybe we do not. Just teach us ("non-pilots") the same way PMDG has been teaching us for the last 10 years, starting with the NGX, how these magnificent machines are flying... Just reminding that this is a desktop simulation and as far as I know it is not yet directed at real life training (albeit, I guess, maybe with PMDG products it might be taken this direction). Also there are ways this can be resolved with an option (like other items found in the PMDG setup menu) which one can choose from - Current "real life" braking model VS less sensitive braking model (which will not trip over brake temperature and explode tires every other landing). That's for now. Thanks Benny K
  5. I have the same issue obviously (otherwise I wouldn't be here...). It's less to none during Taxi but landings nearly 100% have this Brake heating/Tyre deflating issue. I completely agree with KLM57 saying "that for simming purposes the 747-8 is bit too real in this respect...". Hope PMDG does re-evaluate this matter. Thanks Benny K
  6. Not sure about boost. I was just happy to see that the significant drop in FR has gone away with the "Shaders and CFG" treatment. Never the less I would move to 4.4 regardless of a boost or not... Thanks Benny K
  7. Hi. Pleased to report that removing Prepared3d.cfg and Shaders and let them regenerate, actually reversed the performance issue for the better. I now get 22-25 in KSFO (Flightbeam KSFOHD) with PMDG777, which is in fact higher then before with 4.3. Great. Thank you all and specially Poppet... Benny K
  8. Hi, Similar issue here. Roughly, the frames in my system were cut by half between 4.3 and 4.4. Did not try yet Poppet suggestion. Other then that - I am "wondering" around forums to find a hint for a solution.... Thanks Benny K
  9. How large a Null zone? is 50% makes sense? Yesterday I tuned the null zone to 50% with no effect on the problem. Thank you Benny K
  10. Hi. Looking for ideas to resolve this. Using Pro flight yoke system and a pro flight throttle quadrant. Currently, with the 748, I am experiencing problems with the throttles ONLY after touchdown (following a flight). Cannot taxi properly after landing. The throttles are not stable, wobbling up and down, not even, and "produce thrust" high above mid position of the throttles. I did not see this behavior so far (before last update) while using the 744 or the 777. tried to re-calibrate after landing the 748 but to no results. I am not using FSUIPC but direct sim control as recommended by PMDG. Also, I cannot say at the moment if other aircraft present the same problem. Need to test and verify. Thanks Benny K
  11. https://airwaysmag.com/industry/747-rollout-50-year-anniversary/ Benny K
  12. OK. Thank you. I was not aware of that. In fact I am flying only PMDG so I did not have a chance to notice that on others. Benny K
  13. Hi. Strange but real. When an AI aircraft is the front of the A/C I fly (In this case it's the PMDG 777 but it is the same for the 744), the AI information label (red font info) can be seen via the panel. Kind of, the panel is transparent to the AI label. Obviously the AI has to be in front of you. Any ideas what is wrong here? It's not a big deal or disturbing flying, but funny and unreal... Did not check in the NGX as I fly it less. Thanks Benny K
  14. Hi, I can say today that the crashing of P3Dv4.1 is over for me. Followed the P3D CTD guideline (recommended) published in the AVSIM forum. Removed scenery.cfg and let P3D build a new file. Then used "LORBY_SI" addon management tool to deactivate-activate the various addon scenery I have installed and all is good now. Hope it helps other... Thanks Benny K
  15. I had P3D "stopped working". No blue screen though. In any event, either this or the other, following this actions, I was able to complete a full 9 hours flight with the PMDG 777 (at X4 acceleration) with no event. Great. BennyK
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