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  1. BigBadStato

    2.63 Trojan

    I'm getting this issue also, My sim pc is but a week old and I'm concerned about this download. I'm getting warnings of a severe threat. You say microsoft have updated their database, so why do i still get this warning? Thankyou. Regards, BigBadStato
  2. BigBadStato

    Approach Vertical speed fluctuations

    Gentlemen, Whilst I didn't want to hear it, I think you were both right. Not so much over controlling but more so incorrect use of the trim...I was in the middle of typing my rebuke when I thought I better go and do some testing before I argue with you. I have found what I was doing is rather than progressively trimming as the airspeed bled off, I was simply trimming too much...ammature mistake, thanks for helping me realize what I was doing...a bit too used to the MD-11. Sim pilot since 2008, always learning....I need to go and have a good hard look at myself... Cheers John
  3. BigBadStato

    Approach Vertical speed fluctuations

    Captains, When I disconnect the autopilot to handfly my approach I get big variations in vertical speed and can not get it to hold a steady descent profile....I'm aware of the fbw trim indicator and I have it positioned for my approach speed but no matter what I do it wont sit'll drop the nose and all of a sudden im descending at 1500fpm so I intervene and pull the nose up a little and it then reduces the sink rate to the point where i end up basically i end up wallowing up and down the glideslope...anyone have a similar issue? Do i have a bug..need a fresh install? Just for comparison, I have no problem in hand flying and getting good steady descent profiles in the 737 and MD-11 Thanks in advance John Davis