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  1. "either the MS distributed version or the Steam distributed version" This isn't a very clear statment, both or only one at the time?
  2. How do you know! Where did you find this information?
  3. So... I don't want to be THAT guy.. But will we be able to have our product installed on both boxed and steam versions? Also it would be nice to send out an email notification once the new installers are available.
  4. Hi, Does anyone know how much space the scenery packages of X-Plane Global take on the hard disk? I'm intererested in the base package size that you get from steam (only seattle area). I'm also interested in the size of the individual scenery packages that you have to download afterwards (europe, north america, etc) Thanks for the help!
  5. But how much fps do you lose by bumping the special effects slider from off to max? You need this to see all the effects.
  6. Alright, thanks! I have an overclocked 2600k @ 4.3 GHz and a brand new GTX 980. Should be plenty for this.
  7. Thank you very much. But i'm still curious how much of an impact turning the special effects slider from left to full right will have. Is it a CPU or GPU bound feature? I'm asking because my sim is currently in a very fine balance between looks and performance. Also what kind of effects would I miss if I chose not turn up the slider (leave off).. Also is this the same slider that controls auroras? I never seem to see them.
  8. Hey FSFX, just bought your sweet little package, but I have some questions before I start installing: - How exactly do it make this work with DX10? I just uninstall the fixes, apply 777 immersion and then re-apply the fixes? - I noticed you mentioned in the manual that I must increase my special effects detail slider to maximum to properly see those effects. I currently run this slider on the full left (off). I'm not going to see an impact by turning this on am I? - Last but not least, I hate changing settings from within FSX because it resets TML values and whatnot so I prefer manual cfg edits. This being said I'm curious what entry in the fsx.cfg controls the special effects detail slider and what value is the highest setting so I can just manually edit it. Is it EFFECTS_QUALITY=2? Thanks for the help.
  9. Not sure if this helps, but instead of using wide aspect you can use zoom instead, set it to a level you like and save as default flight. Also be careful with IPS panels, mine got burn in damage already from a long haul.
  10. Hey guys, Long story short, after flying a 5 hour night flight on my "new" monitor, the screen burned in and damaged some subpixels which are now stuck on red.. which is odd, considering I have ezca keeping the contents dynamic with the head bobbing. I am now looking around for a potential replacement monitor and frankly, I'm lost. I'm currently looking for a 27 inch, 1080p monitor that will not get burn in over time. Long hauls are my favorite type of flights and i just cannot stay in front of the monitor panning around for 14 hours, even real pilots don't sit that long at the controls.. I've been looking around and find out that IPS monitors are susceptible to burn in, but some say that's not true and that TN monitors can be just as susceptible to this.. So should I get an IPS replacement? Did I just have a dud? Or should I go for a TN panel? I'm currently looking at these two as potential replacements: AH-IPS: TN: The one I currently own is this one: Any ideas? What should I do?
  11. Amazing... Ladies and gents, we are witnessing the beginning of the end for FSX. It's beautiful.
  12. Hehe, well I've ordered myself a 980 as my monitor died and thought it was time for a little upgrade anyways xD
  13. I wonder if there are any plans for disabling SGAA from clouds. That would be the best thing ever.