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  1. I'm truly amazed how something like this can pass QA, to be entirely honest with you.
  2. Sigh, nothing you're doing there is necessary. All you need to do to have acceptable performance is to turn down AA to MSAA or lower. I've tested with EVERY SETTING TURNED DOWN. IT DOES NOT MATTER.
  3. The drop is just as severe. If you have a higher framerate it's because said plane has very few dynamic lights. I can turn on one landing light in the 747 and I'm not going to lose much if any FPS.
  4. X-Plane uses a newer and more advanced engine. Its lighting system is also probably using deferred rendering as opposed to forward rendering (which I've been told P4D uses).
  5. Can you link me an official statement on that?
  6. Open a ticket and request legacy support. The planes only have support for dynamic lighting at the moment, a feature which isn't fully fleshed out yet.
  7. Look at the jump in GPU usage when he turns on the lights.
  8. You will get a drop if you use DSR or have a 4k monitor. Since it's essentially the same thing as SSAA, you render a big image then shrink it down to get a better picture.
  9. Please, enough. No matter your GPU, turning on those things will push it to 99% load. It is not working as intended. Stop saying it is.
  10. It's not PMDG's fault, it's the game's aa application method. Just force SGAA on like you did in FSX and your textures will be sharp. Depending on your GPU you may want to tweak your clouds a bit. A reduction in resolution and draw distance as SGAA will murder your frames in complex weather systems. You're welcome. I hope you don't mind flying with no landing/turnoff and taxi lights though. The feature is broken and there are no old lights.
  11. Wait until they fix dynamic lighting. Other than that P4D will generally run slightly better than FSX.
  12. Transparency works alongside in-game AA setting through the "enhance the application setting" flag. Modes don't work though.