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  1. I'm willing to bet the addons' system requirements are too great for the sim's engine to handle, so it panics and drops the settings so it can breathe. We all cheered 64bit and the lack of OOM, but it brought along it a complete disregard for optimization. This thread being the result.
  2. Had this happen with the 747-8, LOD radius slider would drop a notch, occasionally it would wipe the binds on my controls. PMDG said its not their fault and to contact Lockmart for support. I did, and got none, as usual.
  3. The latest GSX updates turn it off once you are in the air. This crash also doesn't only happen near Newfoundland but also over Russia.
  4. rollback to 388.71 and it will fix the issue
  5. I think my ACARS program has a page showing present coordinates, I was however never inspired to take note of the last position it records. Next time it crashes I will take note and paste the location here.
  6. Every single time I've gotten this error I've been caught with my pants down while I was away in the house, so I cannot provide this information. All I can vouch for is that the crash only occurs on westbound flights at some vaguely defined locations above russian airspace. The catch is that I've yet to fly a westerly transatlantic in P3D yet but I am ready to bet I will get the same ctd/ stackhash near labrador. I will try the restarting GSX tip in the old thread to see if it changes anything. Oddly enough, while GSX was bugged and you had to restart it to finish baggage loading I don't recall getting faults but this may be a long shot, as I didn't restart GSX on IAD-NRT which is a 14 hr flight that went flawlessly. Something is probably messed up in the base scenery.
  7. The original post refers to 4.1 but I assure you the issue was present in 4.2 and still is alive and kicking into 4.3. Should update the thread title to avoid further confusion.
  8. https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/526743-p3d-41-ctd-near-labrador/ I've read a bit on this thread and I'd like to inform whoever is trying to study this problem that the crashing isn't confined to westbound transatlantic flights neither is it bound by time. I've managed to get it both in the middle of Russia, near Vorkuta and near the international date line. Sometimes within one hour of each other. I've posted a thread on the P3D support forums so feel free to pitch in and help us all find the culprit with this issue. http://www.prepar3d.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6312&t=130298 Cheers o/
  9. give driver FXAA a try, won't show up on screenshots tho.
  10. The problem is that P3D uses forward rendering instead of deferred. X-Plane uses deffered rendering and no lights will kill your fps in that game. This is also why X-Plane 11 has no MSAA.
  11. I said it doesn't matter what high tier GPU you have. Nobody is complaining about medium/ low end graphics cards not producing fps with intensive settings. That's an obvious problem with an obvious solution, although in this case it doesn't work: even with a 1080 Ti, with SSAA on, the moment you turn on landing lights your frames will plummet from the 50's to the mid 10s and this is not normal behavior. This is why I'm saying it isn't a hardware issue. Considering that the default planes do come with legacy lights I do not see why you force us to use a feature that is obviously still experimental at best. I would pay for optional legacy lighting tbh.
  12. Literally from that thread: No one is confusing anything, the feature is hammering your performance too much regardless of what high tier gpu you may have. The difference in drop between these cards is tiny so you really can't go and blame the hardware.
  13. http://www.prepar3d.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=125816 This isn't a hardware issue.
  14. I'm truly amazed how something like this can pass QA, to be entirely honest with you.
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