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  1. I think that is the speed at rendering scenery. I might be wrong, which is weird because it should have slowed the speed of loading down. One of the wonders of FSX I guess. It should give you better performance and I guess if you only fly low and slow should not give you an issue with the blurries. I would try something a little faster and report back too to see if you get blurries flying over dense areas like that wonderful shot you posted. I might try this myself for my Airbus, as I dont check the scenery out as much at 30k. Thanks for sharing and looking forward to hearing back!
  2. Might have to actually redownload this baby.
  3. Also, get familiar with using the phrase..."What is it doing now?" lol But honestly. I would take your time, do some reading from the volumes listed above and enjoy it. On the Right MFD, you can select like stated to have checklists and an FO. This will do 90% of the flight for you. It really is a fun aircraft to learn. There is a lot of tech in these planes.....but it is easy to learn. I came from nothing but Boeing addons, and I have converted over unless someone comes out with a B717! The logic of an Airbus is just awesome. Also a lot of youtube videos. For the autopilot though, everyone is right. They are three way knobs. Push them in to give all control aways, pull them to you to take control and then turn them to command.
  4. Would you be willing to share these tweaks? As with cfgs and coding I am pretty ignorant in doing it myself...
  5. Can the flight dynamics, like the cfg. be copied from one like plane to another? Like the Flight1 Pc-12 to the Carenado PC-12? I have always felt that the Carenado planes, while good in their own right, were way to twitchy.
  6. Can you post some picks? I am thinking of picking up the GTN and would like to see how it looks in this bird. Thanks!
  7. Looks damn good to be Alpha. I still kick myself I didn't pre-purchase to be able to mess around and test with it to this day.
  8. Been doing some reading from pilots who used to fly these. They say they used to be able to get cleared to upper ALTs easy, as even in the 30s they could maintain 2k-3k FPM. That to me sounds like a rocket. Also these engines are pure stage 2 turbo jet engines, while not good on fuel, they have fighter jet performance and this little bird has two of them. They used to call this plane the "Lawn Dart with Little Wings". While I am still a little unsure about the ability to take this particular addon off with 60% N1, I will keep reading as this debate has actually taught me a lot about a plane I knew little of. People speak about this model like it was the Rolls Royce of aviation in its time. A lot of fighter jet pilots actually make comparisons between this plane and the ones they used to fly.... These two videos show that it is indeed a fighter jet. If these climbs are realistic with full power, I can imagine taking off from a longer runway with 60-70%.
  9. I can't seem to get the fuzzy display to go away. I never use FXAA and I have to move my TrackIR all the way in to see the little switches and be able to read the writing. Other than that, it takes off like a rocket, and I am sorry, but with full fuel I don't think I should be busting the 250KTS at 6K+ FPM after takeoff. Will have to read more, as I don't know about the real thing but damn, that just seems kinda silly. At cruise it handles nice, and you can't beat the frames. I really want to like this, as the BizJet area is kinda, well no, not kinda, but extremely limited, and I see nothing new on the horizon anytime soon. I will keep playing with the settings and see if I can get some more info on how this thing handles. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- edit. Never exceed speed: Mach 0.86 (at max take-off weight) Maximum speed: 545 mph (473 knots, 877 km/h) at 31,000 ft (9,450 m) Cruise speed: 481 mph (418 knots, 774 km/h) at 45,000 ft (13,715 m) Stall speed: 100 mph (87 knots, 161 km/h) Range: 1,695 mi (1,472 nmi, 2,728 km) 4 passengers, max fuel, 45 min reserves Service ceiling: 45,000 ft (13,715 m) Rate of climb: 6,800 ft/min (34.6 m/s) Well then, I guess this thing is a rocket, but I am still not sure if the ROC is calculated fully loaded or not.
  10. Ahh...first impressions were not that great for me. Frames seem to be great and equal to default aircraft and the visuals are ok. Just ok to me. One thing I noticed that I will have to figure out is what the texture quality of the VC is kinda fuzzy, not sharp at all. The outside is good, but I have to figure out where that "secret" button is that turns off the parking stuff, as I was flying with floating wheel chocks and engine covers. Will continue to play around with it, and try and see why the display is not as sharp as others say before I make the decision to park it or not. Yes. It has a native installer.
  11. I will bite. Will purchase and download tonight. Should have a little "first impressions" up this evening. I'm kinda a sucker for BizJets.
  12. May I ask what is the issue with the video? So EZdok does what exactly when you go into slew mode and spin the aircraft in circles? I am unsure of what you want fixed....or does the sim do that on its own when you enable Ezdok?
  13. Your Cadet program sold me on all your future products, if I own the plane or not. Good thing is I own the Otter, and the AXE also....so I can't wait. I love the courses. Keep them coming, and looking forward to the next Dash program. Thanks for the update!
  14. I know it is fictional, but maybe someone would be interested in painting it. I would love a TAP paint. That would be awesome! Sent from my Apple communications device.
  15. Wow....this is horrible. It has been a rough couple months for aviation. Well wishes to the crews family.
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