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  1. I did not use EMT, and downloaded the updates installer they had on their site. Ran it without issues. I did have to install in safemode though for some reason to get it to work right.
  2. I am guessing that the windows cannot simply be painted over? Just a question from someone who does not know nor does any paints. If possible, to me that would seem the easiest way right?
  3. Not everyone bows down to other companies. I am sure that LM hold as much watch with Nvidia as an actual glass of water. It all comes down to one company, do what makes it money, and gives it support. I am sorry, and while I love this hobby, we have nothing of the like of some of these other games. Call of Duty 4 still has more active users than P3D has now I would guess. Popularity is what it comes down to...sorry, and huge titles using Nvidia tech.....it is all in the marketing. LM has none for our side of this sim, and what LM uses the majority of their P3D tech for, is not us, that are more worried about looks, than function.
  4. What kinda of third party addons are you running alongside P3D? Any ACARS system, I know you said weather already. I found that PlanG would do that to me, and Ezdok also. I had to install the newest patch for it to act right and not crash me out after about 1 hour. Also, do you use multiple monitors?
  5. I think that is the speed at rendering scenery. I might be wrong, which is weird because it should have slowed the speed of loading down. One of the wonders of FSX I guess. It should give you better performance and I guess if you only fly low and slow should not give you an issue with the blurries. I would try something a little faster and report back too to see if you get blurries flying over dense areas like that wonderful shot you posted. I might try this myself for my Airbus, as I dont check the scenery out as much at 30k. Thanks for sharing and looking forward to hearing back!
  6. Might have to actually redownload this baby.
  7. JS4100.....P3D. You guys listened. Thank you so much for this!!! Seriously. Thank you. IMO the JS4100 is one of if not the BEST addon I have made for FSX....I can't wait to fly it in P3D!
  8. Ahh, no multiple monitor support. Too bad. I use my other monitors for other Apps. Having to use fullscreen is a no-go for me sadly.
  9. Can anyone report about performance when using the moving map and APP on another full screen? I ditched EFB because if absolutely killed my computer running it alongside P3D
  10. Ya. Plus, PMDG is slow walking P3D. Almost every other developer is supporting it. I know that IFly will be very expensive for some reason for P3D, but oh well. They don't even support their addons for commercial training and still up the price. But, for people like me interested in a 747 that is new, this looks to be the only real way to go if you want it in the future before a whole other Sim comes out lol.
  11. Man. I have a hard decision to make. This looks awesome. Issue is they are not releasing the P3D version along with the rest, and who knows how far out PMDG are with their P3D 747.
  12. I too am like this. I simply cannot stand it. It drives my Wife nuts. She just pauses the movie/TV show, and looks at me waiting for me to finish also. I also count rounds coming out of weapons. I will almost walk away from a movie when I see someone shoot about 27 times from a pistol without even thinking of reloading. Watching movies that vehicles jump 20 feet in the air, and the clips ends with them slamming bumper first into the ground, then the next clip is of them continuing to drive.
  13. Shame. I too would be one of the people to pay $20 for just a simple VC upgrade. Maybe in the future, the person who made the freeware update would get the blessing of PMDG. That alone would make me reinstall FSX lol.
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