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  1. Hi Ray, We received this from Aerosoft a while ago regarding updating SimStarter NG through the program itself: · Automatic program update of SIMstarter NG · Make sure that "Program settings > Check for program update" is checked · The update will be installed by the updater. Data won't be overwritten.
  2. Bill, I have corrected that error. basically every so often Paypal will send a payment processed flag to our store, and then for some reason sends a second flag as payment incomplete, and hence it cancels the order immediately after and marks it as failed. I have no idea why this occurs, but the order had been corrected and the download link and code should now appear in your orders history for that item.
  3. Bill, Please provide your order number for the order in question and I will take a look for you.
  4. Hi everyone. I am passing this information onto the U.S. store staff so it can be addressed.
  5. Hi All, Yes the process of switching to our new, faster server is almost complete. We are uploading the last 20% or so of the entire file set for downloads (several terrabytes worth) right now. There were a few hiccups in the initial migration, which delayed the process by about a week. Customers should now be seeing much faster download speeds on both sites and a much faster browsing experience.
  6. Hi All, We are aware of the speed issues in recent times and are currently undertaking measures to switch hosts/servers to a new provider which offers faster download speeds. This process will take a little while, but it is underway and ongoing. The websites may experience downtime or be offline at times during the transition period, but the issue is currently being addressed and changes are under way. Thanks for your patience and apologies for any inconvenience caused.
  8. Save on these popular products in November. Beat the Xmas rush and fill your virtual hangar and virtual world with these quality add-ons. MOST DEALS END 30TH NOVEMBER 2016 - HURRY! $17 RAZBAM AIRCRAFT DOWNLOADS (19 Products) 20% OFF ALL FS2CREW TITLES (42 Products) 20% OFF ALL SIM720 TITLES (10 Products) 30% OFF ACTIVESKY 2016 DOWNLOADS (5 Products) 30% OFF ALL FEELTHERE TITLES (26 Products) 30% OFF ALL REALWORLD SCENERY (8 Products) 30% OFF ALL VERTIGO STUDIOS TITLES (8 Products) 30% OFF ALL WILCO PUBLISHING TITLES (22 Products) 30% OFF FINAL APPROACH SIMULATION TITLES (2 Products) 30% OFF FS DREAM TEAM AIRPORT SCENERY (17 Products) 30% OFF SKY SIMULATIONS (2 Products) 33% OFF ALL JUST FLIGHT DOWNLOADS (84 Products) 33% OFF MAJESTIC SOFTWARE DASH 8 AIRCRAFT (2 Products) 35% OFF LATINVFR AIRPORT SCENERY (16 Products) 40% OFF ALL AVIATION TUTORIALS (8 Products) 40% OFF ALL PERFECT FLIGHT TITLES (62 Products) 40% OFF COMMERCIAL LEVEL SIMULATIONS (4 Products) 40% OFF MOUSEVIATOR TITLES (1 Products) 50% OFF ALL DBS STUDIOS TITLES (8 Products) 50% OFF ALL FS INVENTIONS TITLES (5 Products) 50% OFF ALL FSCENE (7 Products) 50% OFF ALL GOLDEN AGE SIMULATIONS TITLES (33 Products) 50% OFF ALL NEMETH DESIGNS TITLES (20 Products) 50% OFF ALL ORYXSIM (4 Products) 50% OFF ALL VIRTUALCOL (18 Products) 50% OFF ALL WS SIMULATION TITLES (7 Products) 50% OFF CAPTAIN MIKE RAY BOOKS (12 Products) 50% OFF FRAT BROS DESIGN (2 Products) 50% OFF GLOWING HEAT (3 Products) 50% OFF MEX HIGH FLIGHT (4 Products) 50% OFF REALITY SIM SCENERY (2 Products) 50% OFF VIRTAVIA AIRCRAFT ADDONS (84 Products) 50% OFF WEFLY WORKS TEAM PRODUCTS (4 Products) 50% OFF ZINERTEK PRODUCTS (4 Products) 60% OFF ALL WARBIRDSIM AIRCRAFT (11 Products) 66% OFF ALL ABACUS DOWNLOAD TITLES (43 Products) 66% OFF ALL AREA 51 SIMULATIONS (11 Products) 66% OFF ALL FIRSTCLASS SIMULATIONS (15 Products) 66% OFF ALL FSGENESIS TITLES (8 Products) UP TO 40% OFF PACIFIC ISLAND SIMULATIONS SCENERY (15 Products) 50% OFF SELECTED JUST FLIGHT DOWNLOADS (6 Products) HALF PRICE MEGASCENERYEARTH 2.0 TITLES (111 Products) More items being added to sale daily... http://www.pcaviator.com.au/store/home.php?cat=919
  9. Good news! Robert has corrected the licensing issue on the files (should only need to enter your registration code once now) and has recompiled the scenery zips to include the missing tiles. The new files are currently being uploaded and Robert mentioned that may take 24 hours to complete (which was probably 12 hours ago when I got that message from him). So everything should be good to go shortly. If you come across any other issues, please let me know and I will get them addresses as soon as possible. Thanks for you patience and apologies for any inconvenience caused.
  10. Brett, Ok I have alerted Robert to this too. He may already be aware. Both fixes may require the re-upload of a number of large files to the server which can take some time. I'll keep on top of this issue however and ensure it gets resolved sooner, rather than later. Dean
  11. Hi folks, Thanks for alerting to the licensing issue with the Utah v3 files. I have just sent Robert an email to get this corrected (if it is indeed an unplanned licensing issue). Will get back to you when I have an answer on this one. Dean
  12. Mike, Odd that your forum registration went missing. Check your PMs here. I have a workaround. Dean PC Aviator Australia
  13. Mike, I sent you a message here about forum access. Due to a massive number of spammers trying to register on our forum using gmail addresses, we had to remove that address and other similar ones (like hotmail) from being able to register. We now manually validate all new registrations to try and limit the problem. Dean PC Aviator Aus
  14. dtmicro, as per my other reply on the other thread about Nevada, PM me and I will offer you some tweaks to display your MSE scenery correctly. You are not really seeing it at full resolution, so your experience is probably far worse than most other MSE customers. I am happy to help you see MSE how it is supposed to be seen!
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