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  1. It will do the job well just fine with that computer setup.
  2. Nividia will be forced to drop the prices on new the gpu as some enthusiasts will not pay $1200 80ti card or $800 for 80 series card. The 1080ti is $100-$150 cheaper and trade blows with 2080 people care most about raw performance.
  3. Miners will grab hold of new volta gpu no matter what. Bitcoining just don't get the economic potiental of it. Went to bestbuy yesterday and saw RX 580 8gb $500 get 1070ti for little more and 30% to 50% more powerful. Once Volta arrives be prefect time to get 1080 or 1070ti used and new price will reach true MSRP. Microcenter glad they limit how many gpu you can buy because of mining boom as it obvious buying whole crate of 1070 or 580 gpu it's not being used for Internet cafe.
  4. Bought hp vr at $200.00 and playing fsx with flyside works fine with Nividia card driver version 385.28.. I did try it with FS2 and think it better than fsx, but Xplane best one for it but takes longest to load. Just VR headsets 1440p resolution most realistic for my wallet and more resreach towards shaving weight off the vr headsets and get rid of cords as time goes on. The problem with cords they bend and wear out with head movements with time and some headsets designs like HP has detachable cord and acer does not. The weight of vr headsets needs to reduced for it to be used for extended period of time as no need give myself pressure headache. Its 2018 the technology is still early and improvements like FCC approves wireless recharging is one small step in technology. Have two desktop and going to slipt one for FSX and other for European and American truck simulator. Just took older mobo h61 with i5 3570 and added usb 3.0 for wmr this one going to be Euro Truck machine tested it out works just fine and other machine I7 4790k for fs2 and fsx.
  5. Curved and Flat no big difference and would get flat HDTV save the money and put it toward better GPU
  6. Figure, need small airfield in Xplane plenty of tools at my disposal like blender to create or bake textures if needed. Then sketchup whip up something quickly, and Xplane has creators make everything from hangers to bbq to patio furniture to make your airfield unquie. Really don't notice orbx when you can do some of work yourself or plenty of add on authors made cover the need quickly.
  7. Knew FSW was early release and treat that way, and to see its potential expiloted here. When multi-player gathers steam unmoderated ATC rooms to watch trolls act crazy haha. Still, fly Xplane more and fsx As I got my add ons invested there, but chipping $25.00 in to help develop fsw is good as keep competing platforms on thier toes to innovate.
  8. Like Xplane 11 now since got my Skymax and Maxx working now. With scenery Xplane is something not to your liking fix with sketchup or blender. Always learn something about flight phyiscs in Xplane how torque or propeller wash works, and feel of velocity never got that feeling in fsx or new FSW as of yet. Just SCS software that maker of ATS and ETS2 and Xplane got together and combine as one I be in dream world.
  9. Force feedback is great if if can be improved and refined from crude way fsx had it. FS force was cool tool and I have Logitech 3D pro force feedback version and love it when it worked right flew by more feel.
  10. It's gonna be question for me is how the SDK is setup and we can make our own add ons. Some users like building small airfields with thier freetime and adding thier own unique touch. Just rather see optimization and fixes for now than add features because fsx autogen popping, and blurries, stuttering, trim wheel spike items that need addressing as do some other ones not mentioned here. FSW needs months of fixes and optimization before you can really discuss adding features and even with adjustments gonna be things dovetail does I agree with and others I do not. Steam is not the place for objective reviews as lots of know that already.
  11. X-plane clouds always room to improve them and same with the sky. If Rex can improve it no brainer to buy.
  12. Give it time, not refunding my money knew it needed work on FSW engine. Have fsx and Xplane 11 if needed. It's early release it work in progress simulators like Euro Truck 2 and Xplane use same approach to update the engine.
  13. If set up correctly the developer will be able to make money and dovetail get extra funds to improve flight sim engine. The numbers and way the revenue is distributed can be negioatable not set in stone. Having right balance is key here
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