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  1. They are lit by STREETLAMPS ... case in point in the Bay Area we have a Mormon Temple as a major VFR Check point and at night it’s lit up like a Xmas tree you literally CANT MISS IT! Unless you are in this new NEXT GEN SIM!
  2. And what’s with NO LIGHTING on the buildings at night ... or at least for major landmarks and VFR checkpoints!
  3. LMFAO! My whole point is if you look on a sectional and are trying to use pilotage (and/or scud-running) then POWERLINES are a clear standout for both navigation importance and a safety factor to AVOID in a SIMULATOR ... if you want a GAME then fine go play DCS or whatever you want but otherwise don’t go around saying “as real as it gets” non-sense! That was such a joke marketing hype. To me a simulator is about fidelity in flight model and systems AND if you are going to make grandiose claims like Microsoft then it’s a FAIR and important Comment / observation. And in my opinion represents POOR marketing not to match your competitor if you are doing a NEXT GEN product like this! Gee-wize graphics are SECOND ... but if you are going to sell it based graphics then you sure as hell need to model what’s IMPORTANT over EYE-CANDY. Sectionals show BIG YELLOW BLOB not MY HOUSE but they sure as hell show POWERLINES ... FRONT AND CENTER ... for a reason!
  4. What an attitude and WRONG ASSUMPTION...I use MANY sims...I’m a Certified Flight Instructor ... X-Plane powers FAA based simulators used by GA small A/C ... I have my criticism of X-Plane as well ... in the proper hands of a CFI these simulation tools are great for training aids, but they risk negative training outcomes if left to your own devices. ANYBODY can learn to “fly” ANY airplane quickly ... from a cub to an A380 is the same “stick and rudder” skills basically the issue is in helping people simulate and learn proper systems and procedures for safe and legal flying both around others and in the ATC system so as to not disrupt it. if you are going to make grandiose claims “As real as it gets” non-sense like MSFS has done frequently (past and present) then you better be ready for the scrutiny that comes along with it. This was an obvious improvement that everybody saw coming since bing and google maps came online. The question was was the MONEY there in consumers pockets to justify the ROI. And could the business deals be brokered to permit what could be done today to actually happen. The new MSFS was long overdue for an official overhaul after abandoning the market due to saturation and competition long ago. Third-parties took over in the void left behind and pushes things closer to what we now have for vastly inflated priced add-ons. I LIKE the new simulator over FSX, but some things if you want it to be a SIMULATOR vs a GAME are just sometimes really dumb in decisions. MSFS has always had vastly better ATC than X-plane but if you are relying upon VATSIM or PILOTS EDGE then it’s another Whole level of realism. See “NOT an X-plane TROLL” ... next time watch your manners online! It does not give you the right to be RUDE!
  5. I’m seriously unimpressed with the poor quality of the mapping data texture quality in flight simulator. I expected it to be on par (or better) with what you get and see on bing or google or Apple satellite maps with the added 3D building features. While “accurate” the image quality is horrible in comparison ... a real turn off ... I rather fly around on bing maps or google earth ... yuck!
  6. How in the world do you develop and release a flight simulator intended for VFR navigation an low altitude hazards and NOT have POWERLINES! They need to fire their technical consultants! Seriously. X-plane gets this point and has them. Guys did you even bother to look at your competition? Or even a Sectional with ANY detail? Seriously!
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