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  1. It says "Expected release date: 2018-12-14". So Dec 14th.
  2. This was pretty much near the top of my "wanted" list. Sad day...
  3. gunther

    Looks like F1 GTN 750 is updated for 4.4

    You'll need to download the installer from Flight1:
  4. Thanks Russ. Have 3rd party vendors received the updates? I'm still waiting for to make them available.
  5. Thank you Henrik et al for all your work. I often get distracted from whatever flight I'm on when I see a wake in the distance and immediately feel the need to check it out! But I'm sure my passengers don't mind the extra sightseeing :smile:
  6. gunther

    Moving maps for tablets?

    Hallo Andreas, I believe I owe you an apology. The stutters were caused by my settings. I run P3D with an affinity mask and habitually restrict all external add-ons to a single core. Apparently FS-FlightControl doesn't like that idea. Once I removed the affinity restrictions the stutters disappeared. So I just placed an order :-) Thank you very much for your work! Tschüss! Gunther
  7. gunther

    Realair Legacy Release

    Thanks Ryan, without HDR it looks heaps better at night!
  8. gunther

    Moving maps for tablets?

    Thanks Andreas. It's P3D that has the stutters. If I increase the update frequency the stutters just get that new interval. Much longer than 1 sec kind of defeats the purpose of your program though. I will try and run it from a separate computer, but as I said, similar programs like EFB are running fine on the same computer. FWIW I know of other people who had similar issues with Aivlasoft EFB, and from memory they were Simconnect related.
  9. gunther

    Moving maps for tablets?

    FS-FlightControl appears to be an interesting application. I've installed the trial and had no problems getting it to run with my P3D3.2 (on the same computer). However it seems to introduce a slight stutters with an interval of 1 sec (which is the default update frequency for this program). If Andreas is still reading .. any ideas how to fix this? I can run similar programs (Aivlasoft EFB, Plan-G) without introducing the stutters. FS-FlightControl has some nifty features, and it would be great to get it working stutter-free.
  10. gunther

    Latinvfr KSAN problem

    Are you using the P3D installer appropriate for you version, eg. LatinVFR_KSAN_P3Dv2&3_1.2.exe (at least that's what I got off simmarket). There is also a LatinVFR_KSAN_P3Dv2&3_update1.3.exe, but it's a small fix, and yeah it's a single .bgl file. Maybe that's what you installed instead? A quick check of the LatinVFR\San Diego_KSAN folder, and there are 116 files in the scenery and 279 files in the texture folder, plus 3 PDF files as well.
  11. gunther

    Realair Legacy Release

    Bert, do you use P3D? The dimmer works, it changes the brightness of the instrument back-lights nicely ... as long as the panel light is on as well. If I turn off the panel light the instrument lights are off too. The dimmer then only changes the brightness of the GT750 and the engine display. Some of the screen shots I've seen on the web seem to indicate that the instruments lights can be on, with the panel light off. But maybe that works in FSX and not P3D. Can any of you P3D drivers check and confirm, please. Thanks!
  12. gunther

    Latinvfr KSAN problem

    Did you check the ORBX compatibility forum? Socal and LatinVFR are not fully compatible and you have to disable a few files to make them work together:
  13. gunther

    Realair Legacy Release

    Anyone done any night flying? I cannot get the instrument lights to work independently of the panel lights. And the panel lights are a tad too bright for me at night ... kinda robs me of my night vision And if I turn the panel lights off then the instruments are dark as well.
  14. gunther

    Power Check

    The "F" was normally aspirated. Piper also sold a "Turbo Aztec", which was basically a F with Garret turbos. The Alabeo model is clearly not a turbo, in neither performance nor instrumentation. I have the same problem with run-ups though. From memory (a bit unreliable ... it was a while ago) we did them at 1800. I'll see if I can find my old checklists...