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  1. They mark the start and end of the deceleration segment to 240/250 kts when reaching 10,000' during descent.
  2. https://www.bushleaguelegends.com/routing
  3. I recently had to re-install P3D4 ... I'm creating a few freeware sceneries, and MSFS is lacking nav data (RNAV approaches etc) for some of my airports, whereas FSX and P3D is not. So I'm copying the old xml nav data (which is still current for the most part). But that's not my point. I fired it up to confirm the install was good and did a quick flight with a default a/c. And, as Col. Kurtz would state ... "The horror, the horror..."
  4. Works ok for me. Do you have any 310 add-on liveries installed? from flightsim.to etc. If you have, disable them and wait for updates by the modders.
  5. As per POH for the factory 414A (non-RAM) it's 19 knots.
  6. It's a shame all those nice updates won't be of much use to me, as 2.1.1. is the last flyable version for me. After that, 2.2: UPDATES: 1. Flight dynamics updated for control surface effectivness. [sic] broke it for me. The FSW 414 hand-flew wonderfully, and sounded just as good after 1.9. But since that update it feels like a paper plane to me. Way too sensitive and virtually untrimable.
  7. I also use Track-IR, and I don't like switching views, so the Streamdeck made a huge difference for me enjoying the more complex planes, with lots of finnicky clickspots, like the DC-6 mixture and gyro pilot controls. The only con is that it's not cheap, at least not the 32 button version I have. And yes, you'll need Axis and Ohs to make it shine. But get the 32 button version if you can afford it. There are lots of profiles for popular aircraft available on flightsim.to
  8. I've got a new favorite! She sounds beautifully now! I have some RL experience with the 414 (though mostly 402s) and also that "other" Cessna, and I must say the handling of the 414 is much closer to what I remember than the MV310, which for my taste is a bit too temperamental in pitch. The 414 also feels much more solid on approach (though maybe a little floaty at then end) whereas the 310 starts to drop like a lead balloon if you don't approach 15-20kts faster than we would have done in RL. My only gripe for now with the 414 is the prop animation. The MV bird beats it hands-down on that count.
  9. Still waiting for the An-2 that was supposed to come in, what, back in January?
  10. I have zero interest in either of them, but even together they wouldn't come anywhere near the complexity that's on offer here. Plus, pressurized piston twins of that era, like the 414 and 421 are pretty much the most demanding civilian, single-pilot aircraft around. If you can master one of these babies, everything else comes easy.
  11. FWIW the product page in Marketplace specifies 670nm and a fuel capacity of 126 gal.
  12. Where did you get 1300 miles range from? I'm pretty sure it's about half of that.
  13. Oh, and if you want good old Straya to look even better, you might want to include this mod as well: https://flightsim.to/file/27376/australian-salt-lakes-fix /shameless self promotion 😀
  14. Yeah, just put the str1kestudioz-nztree folder into Community. I think he included that other file just for reference.
  15. This works form me, around the world: https://flightsim.to/file/19031/new-zealand-tree-height-fix-no-more-30m-tall-trees-in-small-towns
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