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  1. Thanks SamrecIn case I reinstall AS6.5 on its own folder, should I point it to FSX as instructed ?Very interesting your warning about the FS9 registry key, where I can find it ?.- I suspected some interaction between both simulators when it happened to me that after installing FSX, I couldnt start FS9 and an error warning popped out about problems with some dll s, so I had to reinstall FS9.-In reverse,if I uninstall FS9 it affects FSX ?Regards>I could recommend that you do a new install and install AS6.5>on its own folder rather than on the FS9 folder.>>will make things easier.>>>One other thing is to note that anyone using both FS9 and FSX>shoul backup the registry key of FS9, the unistaller of FSX>removes the whole Flight simulator key taking away the sub key>for FS9 with it.>After that, no add-on application will detect your FS9>folder.>
  2. The V6.5 instructions says is better to point AS to the FSX path when previously installed in FS9, in my case it points to FS9/modules/asv6.- Where I should point in the FSX folder ?Thanks
  3. Now it works, the problem happened when I tried to cycle between FSX and AS using alt/tab, then it usually hangs.-It seems that is imposible to check the AS box when FSX is running.-Other problem is an error warning about real weather not working because some internet problem, written in two or three lines.-Thanks
  4. I have AS installed in FS9 modules folder, and now updated to V6.5.- I works OK in FS9, but FSX hangs.-Should I reinstall it in a new location ?, I read it was no necesary.-
  5. I upgraded to AS65 and now cannot make the default FS9 real weather work, when trying to download new weather from the options box, the game hangs.- With AS it works OK, and connects without problems.-
  6. >Jorge,>>As far as I know you can connect more than one USB-device to>your system, and you can assign them to different axes via FS>or FSUIPC.>But it must be USB-devices !So I cannot add a new usb device while using my gameport CH yoke and pedals ?.-
  7. I am using CH yoke and pedals, both gameport version, can I add another gameport or usb device for the purpose you mentioned before ?.-ThanksJorge
  8. What are those *.rt2 plans installed by default in the PDMG folder ?.-I can only use the *rte plans imported from FSNav.-ThanksJorge
  9. Recently I installed two scenery addons, one is Buenos Aires Ezeiza Airport and the other a Rio de Janeiro environment upgrade, and in both cases the addon surface perimeter looks blank, with no texture at all, including the objects.- In the Rio de Janeiro addon, only the default objects emerge from the blank surface, and in Ezeiza, only the runways.- In the instructions there are no reference about using generic texture libraries, which should be previously installed, so I cannot found the problem.- Other scenery addons had been installed OK, and in general, FS9 works perfect.-Maybe somebody can help me.- Thanks
  10. The flight plans which can be used in the PDMG B744 FMC have the .rte extension.- At the Flight Plans folder, there are installed by default a bunch of .rt2 files which are unusable, what are them for ?
  11. It happened to me, but I always thought it was due to the circumstance of landing in some complex airports with high ATC traffic combined with bad weather which caused a severe hit to frame rate (less than 8 fps)In this condition, I think the PC cannot continue handling the calculations of the autolanding function.-Athlon 64 3700Gforce 6600 GT
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