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  1. soldano

    Activation problem after patch

    After installing the patch, when loading the 777, it asks for the activation key, and when I copied and pasted it in the box which appears, it shows the following error warning: Error:FLXACTCOMMONREPAIRLOCALTRUSTEDSTORAGE - (5044,71013) I tried with both activation keys for the base package and the expansión pack and the same error warning appears
  2. soldano

    ILS Tuning problem

    I have problems retuning ILS once landed and when intending to takeoff and land at other airport, it shows "ILS tune inhibited MCP" It happens even when I delete the old flight plan by selecting new departure and arriving airports.- What I am doing wrong ? Thanks
  3. soldano

    morse code sound

    Maybe my case also, as none of the radio panel buttons are lit.-
  4. soldano

    morse code sound

    Thanks Dan Yes I meant the radio panel, but I dont know which are the ident tones controls.- Are there those small rotaries with arrows which turn lights on when pressed ? What is FCOM ?
  5. soldano

    FMC android app ...

    Is this App only compatible with P3d, or it can be used with normal FSX ? Thanks
  6. soldano

    morse code sound

    I want to get rid of the morse code sound coming from NAV1.- I tried every button at the sound panel with no results, I need some help about the subject Thanks
  7. soldano

    Why would the RAT be down?

    Is a working RAT modelled in PDMG B777 ? Thanks Jorge
  8. soldano

    Autolanding speed

    No, I am using flap 25
  9. soldano

    Autolanding speed

    I noticed that if I autoland the B777 at the FMC indicated aproach speed, it touches at an unusual high angle of attack, almost hitting the tail, so I must add almost 10/15 knots in order to land properly.- Is that an issue ? Thanks Jorge
  10. soldano

    Tyres and brakes failures

    Thanks Bruce But is there a way to disable that failures or to avoid them from ocurr ?
  11. soldano

    Tyres and brakes failures

    I have random failures set off, but sometimes after landing I cannot taxi anymore and noticed that the parking brake warning at my display shows, I tried pulling the lever and the animation shows it moving to the off position but nothing changes.- At the FMC failures page, I noticed that seven of them appeared active, all related to tyres and brake temps, each of them has an active yes/no and armed yes/no option, which I dont know how they work but tried all combinations.-. Also there is an option of clearing it all, which I pressed, and momentarily it seems all of them be cleared, but inmediately they returned to be active.- I cannot found a solution at the manual which only refers to random or maintenance failures.- It seems I hit too hard the brakes at landing and caused the failures, but I need a way of fixing them.- Thanks Jorge
  12. soldano

    Speeding up the sim

    What is the auto time compresión ? Thanks
  13. soldano

    M Panel and the PDMG B777

    Thanks equally Andydigital The problem is purely cosmetic, as there are not moving animations at the altitude and heading rotaries, but the functions work OK and can be controlled from the MPanel
  14. soldano

    M Panel and the PDMG B777

    Thanks Andydigital I downloaded the latest software, and now the B777 appears in the list and works OK except that the only rotary with shows animated movement is the speed, both the altitude and heading rotaries doesnt show any movement, although you can see the numbers changing in its windows.- I have already added the recomended SDK enabledatabroadcast=1 line to the 777X_options.ini Is that behaviour normal ?