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  1. Hi Mark, I have an issue that came up today without reason. Everything has been working great and then without reason today SimServer stopped sending display data to my tablet. Remote CDU says it is connected and button presses are sent to the sim but I do not have a display. I saw this thread below but it is not a new install and has been working fine. I would also like to say nothing has been updated. Thank you for your help. Chuck
  2. I'm also curious about this. The FCOM on page L.10.2 (78) shows 610,000lbs for max ZFW. The CDU payload page shows 635,000 max ZFW when load level is 100%. I attempted a search and this post was the only thing I came upon. Thanks, Chuck
  3. FlyVFR

    Remote CDU for 747.400

    I bought this with a little trepidation since I got burned with other remote CDU apps. However, this works as advertised! It just works! I even dug out my 1st gen iPad that I have not turned on in years and this is the perfect application for that. Highly recommend it! It's the PMDG of remote CDU apps. Keep up the great work Mark!
  4. FlyVFR

    Queen Misses T/D.....

    I have noticed that PFPX will give me a strange altitude when I fly in a country that uses meters, such as China.
  5. I am in the market for a traffic program and looking for opinions. I have looked at UT2 and MT6 so far. I don't mind a little cfg tweaking to get them to work but plug-and-play and active developer support should be considered. I do use VATSIM on a regular basis but sometimes I can not commit the time to sit in front of the screen without pauses and long breaks and I would also use the models in Vpilot. Thank you for your help. Chuck
  6. FlyVFR

    April Fool's?

    Came hear today to look for the new PMDG Airbus announcement thread and was disappointed when I didn't see it. Seems like there is something about it every year. This must mean it's in development! /s
  7. FlyVFR

    777 300 wing area

    Looks like an attach point to lift the wing with a crane or hoist.
  8. FlyVFR

    Dirty wings and Dirty plane ?

    If I have to look closely then it's not dirty enough.
  9. FlyVFR

    Flight Plan with PFPX

    Those files should go to your <FSX>\PMDG\FLIGHTPLANS like it says. Not >Documents\Flight Simulator X Files. You need to tell PFPX where your <FSX>\PMDG\FLIGHTPLANS folder is by highlighting it in the list and clicking "Browse" at the top of the screen. This is where the PMDG FMC will look for the flightplan. When its set up correctly it will work. PFPX has worked flawlessly on all my PMDG aircraft including the .rt2 on the 747. The update has nothing to do with your problems. It's just a simple misunderstanding of what is happening when a plan is exported.
  10. Hifi announced their next project called Active Sky Next. They are promising very big things that have never been done before. If it's all true all I can say is I'm amazed. This was one of the statements that stood out to me. I hope this is something PMDG can consider doing. I know they do not like to offer features that require other purchases from other developers but myself and I'm sure other Active Sky users would be willing to pay for the integration. Can this be done though the SDK? Thanks, Chuck Here's the link to the announcement.
  11. My money will be waiting for the 777. My NGX is sadly not going anywhere for a while. I just hope they keep compatibility with IOS 5. My IPad 1 is becoming is becoming less irrelevant every month.
  12. FlyVFR

    Flight Plan with PFPX

    I can also say everything works the same for me after the latest update.
  13. FlyVFR

    Flight Plan with PFPX

    You're flying in the US so IFPS does not apply to this flight plan. I copied this from a PDF that I googled. All aircraft flying into, departing from or transiting Europe within the General Air Traffic (GAT) Civil system must file an International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) flight plan with the Integrated Initial Flight Plan Processing System (IFPS) managed by the EUROCONTROL Central Flow Management Unit. The PMDG export option without the NGX in the title is .rt2 format for their older products. The NGX, 777 and newer products use the (NGX).rte option. Edit: Looks like Reno just beat me to it by a few minutes.
  14. FlyVFR

    "RETARD" alert after landing the 737 NGX

    I was called a retard in grade school (I grown a bit since then). Not going to let my airplane do it! j/k For my non-US friends as foolish as it is, people here (not sure about anywhere else) use it as a disparaging term.