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  1. Never thought I'd say this, but I finally pushed out the MD-11 and made room for the -8 in the hangar. Just a few housekeeping chores, sweeping up all the fluids left by the MD-11, parts to sell off, etc, etc, etc...… Now I sit waiting for the website to change showing it's available. CC is cowering in the corner...……….
  2. Longhaul444

    PMDG 777F Amazon Prime Air

    Sorry about my tardiness in replying. I can surely work on one for FS9. Work has been a huge PITA lately. I'll try and get one done this weekend if Florence doesn't cut the power here in SC
  3. Can't wait to add her to the hanger, already cleaned out a spot. Had to move the MD-11 out back (my fav), in order to make room *sigh*. Dunno how much longer my credit cards can hang on, the suspense is killing them. And I must say the realism being put forth by you guys, is simply amazing. Ok enough talk, the 8i isn't going to release herself...back to work!
  4. Longhaul444

    747-8 When?

    All I can say is.....wow! This was not at all what I expected seeing the 747-8 thread. Like most of the others, I was in shock at reading your touching story about your daughter. And seeing her picture has left me sitting here at the computer, thinking about my own daughter (who I haven't seen or heard from in years...my ex's fault here). I can understand the feelings of loss, but could never grasp those of losing a child. My heart, thoughts, and prayers go out to you and your family. Take care of your family and get well. We have reserved a gate for ya, when your ready to return to the virtual skies! And with that, I leave you with this little prayer i came across: "Lord, We come to you now for our fellow aviator. We come to you to ask that you provide them strength and comfort in this time of deep need. Their hurt and grief run so deep. We feel so much pain for them, but we can only imagine how hard this time must be for them. We pray that you help them maintain their faith in you during this difficult time. We know you can be our greatest shoulder, but we also ask that you remain their biggest provider. It is a time when daily life can be so burdensome. Please provide patience from others as they work through their grief. Surround them with understanding so that they can work through all the emotions this loss brought up. In this time when so many things get lost - bills need to be paid, homework needs to be done - allow those around them to help keep regular life on track. And Lord, allow us to be a comfort to our friend. Help us be what they need during this time. Provide us with the comforting words, the kindness in our hearts, the patience to allow the grief to take it’s course. Let us be part of your light and comfort during this time. We pray these things in your holy name. Amen."
  5. Longhaul444

    TrueGlass and RealLight on PMDG?

    It's all good Milton. I just couldn't miss the opportunity to poke the bears and watch the amazing things they come up with.
  6. Longhaul444

    TrueGlass and RealLight on PMDG?

    lol, just seeing the guys at PMDG seething at the notion that someone doubts them in their programming skills!! Now let's just sit back and watch as they come up with effects that have leaves sticking to the windows as the wind blows thru the airport
  7. I almost drove up to VA to see you guys when my MD-11 had activation issues , but the wife locked me into the shed. She knew once I went up there, I'd come back with $1000's of new PMDG programs.
  8. Longhaul444

    Simbrief Wind Uplink PMDG

    What I usually do with the winds data is take the FL on approach and match them with the flight plan with PFPX and it has worked flawlessly in the past for me. I keep an eye on the wind at the dest using AS and change it if need be.
  9. Longhaul444

    737 NGX Ghost Plane FSX

    Ok I reinstalled the 737 into FSX and FSX:SE and the problem went away. Still curious as to what caused it to happen in the first place
  10. Longhaul444

    737 NGX Ghost Plane FSX

    Ok, this is a new one on me. I have been using PMDG's aircraft for years and have never had this happen. I just installed the 737 base package into FSX and FSX:SE. I also have P3Dv3/v4 installed. Now imagine my surprise when I load up the 737, get her activated and then.................................. Anyone have any idea what happened? Should I uninstall her then re-install? Or should I go for the only VA with a true stealth plane? The cockpit has no issues. I tried a search to see if someone else had this issue, but either I couldn't find it or put in wrong search parameters. As for my hardware, it's more than capable i7-7700K, 64GB DDR4, 2-GTX 1080 Ti (SLI) (yes I know FSX doesn't use SLI), with 3 - 2TB M.2 SSD cards
  11. Longhaul444

    Aircraft sinks to the ground at the tarmac

    I just installed my 737 after having to redo my comp due to a hdd failure. I have all the PMDG planes installed and the 737 is the only one to do this in P3D v4. And yes I have the current updates for everything. All other PMDG aircraft load with correct fuel settings, except the 736/7/8/9. For some reason they load up with 3000% fuel loaded. P3Dv3 and FSX don't have this little hiccup
  12. Kyle is there a way for the OC to recognize all the PMDG products installed? Example for the MD-11 to show up on the OC and be given some configuration options and maybe a livery installer like with the newer birds?. Now I don't mean to bring the MD-11 into the newer sims as that has been beat to death in here, but more of a simpler way to configure the bird.
  13. Longhaul444

    Queen Misses T/D.....

    I was at FL423 b/c PFPX flight plan had me at FL423 for my altitude, which is what I had entered. And yes I know odd goes west and even goes east. Also to others, yes the LNAV and VNAV buttons were lit. No the HOLD button was not selected. The new altitude was 2700 and it was correct on the selector. T/D came and went, and the magenta indication was on the bottom with 7000+ below and still going. 747 never idled back and started to descend. I still don't know what I missed. Ephedrin yes everything was set like you said, I eventually took A/P off and hand flew her down, having to do some circuits until I was down 4000.
  14. Longhaul444

    I can't stop myself. Prime Air 747

    Those look like the ones from FSFX. You might want to double check and make sure they aren't applied, as it looks like they are.