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  1. Hello, Thanks Koen an Kyle for your replies. My use of the word fix was intended to be remedy. Alls well that ends well. Regards Richard Welsh
  2. Hello Guys, I need some help, I am getting on in years as is my memory. Just recently for some unknown reason, when taking off in the 737ngx I can see the visual take of speeds but there is no voice sound accompanying the visual speed which takes away the reality. I hope you understand my problem and that someone can give me a Fix. Much obliged. Richard Welsh
  3. Hello, Prior to today 21.5.2018 I was known as Richard Welsh b.21.2.37 here on Avsim with the email address richard(DOT)welsh(AT)btinternet(DOT)com which I should have changed a long time ago but due to age and other excuses I failed to do so and ask forgiveness. This anomaly occurred due to my noticing that on 3.5.18 I made a donation to Avsim item No. 134519 $20 via Paypal which was not acknowledged by Avsim. May I suggest that my previous identity both name and email be erased and substituted with Rickie Welsh and richardwelsh21(AT)gmail(DOT)com. I sincerely hope this mail is understood and thank you for your understanding for the situation. Rickie Welsh.
  4. Hello Patrick, I was trying to keep that quiet no harm done. Richard Welsh.
  5. Hello All, Having a real world Captain as an acquaintance, I imagine those of you posting as real world crew would be using flight sim mainly as a means of refreshing your knowledge on procedures which do not normally occur in day to day flights i.e. engine failure/fire etc. whereby you would set up incidents in the sim and deal with it accordingly as my acquaintance did making it a bit easier for yourself when using your Company Simulator. Just a thought. Richard Welsh
  6. Hello Christopher, If you wear something representative of UK2000 I might recognise you and we could have a chat. Regards. Richard Welsh.
  7. Hello All, Just Flight/PC Pilot based in UK have just announced the above show for the 6th October 2018. Further details will be issued later re entry cost and Exhibitors. I have been there for the last four years and thoroughly enjoyed it. A great day for all Simmers. Search JustFlight for further details. Richard Welsh
  8. Hello Mike, Thanks very much for clarifying my question, I knew if anyone had a sensible reply it would be you. Regards. Richard Welsh
  9. Hello Mike, I am an old timer,looking for some sympathy. Re your last reply, I am not sure if I am on the right tack or not but am I right in thinking that when I compile a route and save it the system also saves the aircraft I used for that purpose. Ordinarily when I save a route I select beforehand the aircraft i.e. 737ngx and whatever livery I fancy at the time but later on when selecting that aircraft and that route I just select a livery that takes my fancy. All in all I don't get any problems. Regards. Richard Welsh.
  10. Hi All, A touchy subject which I don't think has been mentioned. Avsim have been a good servant to us all over the years and I imagine their survival has been helped by those of us who donate to their Funds. With PMDG moving to another site and the volume of questions and answers involved, I wonder will they be asking for support donations now or in the foreseeable future. I wouldn't like any of them going down the pan due to lack of donations. Worth a thought Richard Welsh. PS I suppose Kyle will chip in with some exotic reply.
  11. Thanks Dan, Will take your advice. Richard Welsh
  12. Hello All, Looking for an answer to this problem. I did a flight from London EGLL to Frankfurt EDDF using Navigraph AIRAC 1803 plus Charts. which list RW ILSor Loc as 110.55 - 07C, however during the flight I opened the INIT. and the runway Data therein was 111.55 which I accepted but the approach into land I aborted due to ILS not being valid. Has someone got an answer please for future reference. Richard Welsh
  13. Hello Richard, this is purely an addendum. If you purchase Navigraph Jeppesen Charts (assuming you havnt already) you will see all the various approaches for the airports including the one I especially like an RNP whereby you follow waypoints from a Fix right down to the runway with no aids to help you thereby using visuals. With an added monitor in outside view it gives added value. Richard Welsh
  14. Hello Louis, You are not alone, I have been using FSX in Windows7 since it came into being and I would not change it one little bit. I feel that most complaints in the Forum are from members who seem to be changing from one operation system to another trying to achieve Utopia in flight sim. The old saying if it aint broke why fix it. Cheers. Richard Welsh
  15. Hello, On reading the Post, I opened the PMDG Folder 737ngx/Manuals and the manuals were there in PDF format. Hope that helps. Richard Welsh
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