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  1. Hi there, I'm not a user yet but I'm highly interested in buying Chaseplane. But still I have one question left. Will the camera in the VC be fixed to the bank angle of the aircraft or will there be an option that the camera banks a little less than the aircraft? I would find this a very cool option. Thanks in advance! Greets Daniel
  2. Hello everyone, during the climb phase I noticed a "Packs" message on the status page in the lower display unit. It appears around FL260 and disappears after a few seconds. I guess this happens on the real thing too, otherwise you wouldn't have this modelled. I'm curios what causes this behaviour becaus the EICAS shows no failures at all. Maybe someone can shed some light here. Thanks in advance!!
  3. Hi Captains, I've noticed a strange behaviour of the FTX Global Night Lighting in P3D v3 and I wonder if you have this issue, too. While buildings and trees slowly fade in when reaching the LOD_Radius this autogen fading doesn't seem to apply to the night lighting. The 3D lights are just popping in as big blocks within close vicinity to the aircraft. This is very noticable at road lights. When I look around the aircraft, the 3D lights disappear randomly within the LOD_Radius. Did you also notice this behaviour or were you able to get this right? Thanks a lot!! Daniel PS: I forgot to mention that I have Vector and OpenLC Europe installed, too.
  4. Thank you so much for this update. I've been waiting a long time to see some Lufthansa SOP's in FS2CREW as I mostly fly Lufthansa or Germanwings liveries. I'd love to see more Lufthansa related stuff such as the PF and PM saying "checked" when the GPWS calls 1000ft or the PM saying "outer marker altitude checked" when reaching the OM ... But I'm not quite sure if these SOP's are Airbus specific. But I still have some issues with my FO telling me when the LOC and G/S coming alive. Most times these callouts are very late (when I'm almost established). And today my FO told me my approach was stable at 13000ft ... Shouldn't this callout be made at 1000ft RA? He didn't call out Transition Level and Transition Altitude Maybe either. Maybe I made a mistake here ...?
  5. Same problem here. FS2crew doesn't recognize "select alitiude intervene". This can be an issue when flying online and working with initial climb altitudes. Maybe this can be fixed in V1.1 ...
  6. Hmm. If it's not related to the aircraft maybe it's a problem with the graphics card driver. @lucastng: Is your transparency multisampling disabled? What graphics card do you use? I use a GTX 660. Just found this thread: http://forum.avsim.net/topic/348928-stutter-on-landing-solved/ Maybe the solution is somewhere in there.
  7. Hi Everyone! I've got an issue with my 737 NGX. Everytime during my final approach when the GPWS calls out "20" and I want to begin flaring there's a single but quite long stutter. As you can image this ruins my landing nearly everytime. I just wonder if someone did notice this issue too and knows how to fix it. BTW: I disabled transparency multisampling via nVidia Inspector but this didn't help. A big thank you! I'm looking forward to your replies!
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